Disclaimer- I don't own Lost.

Sunset is my favorite time of day. When Kris and I were dating we'd go for walks in the forest at sunset. Even trapped here on this island, I still love sunset. I walk along the beach wondering what God wants from me. I look out to the sea. In a way this has been a blessing. I'm still not ready to face Kris.

I wonder if God wants me to save the lost souls here. There are so many that need saving. Jin, who is trying hard, but failing at keeping his marriage working, I can sympathize. Jack a man who can not seem to grasp that science and faith are not mutually exclusive. John, that man worries me more and more every day. Sawyer, a man so far gone that he may be irredeemable, and yet at times he does have his moments. He has an interesting past; he may be open to persuasion.

Then there's Jacey. When I first met her I did not know what to make of her. Now that I do know her a little better, I still do not know what to make of her. Her feelings for Sawyer are obvious, but she just as obviously has a past, and has trouble sharing or even understanding her own feelings. There is also Elizabeth. She has been a welcome distraction from all that I have had to deal with. I worry about the future of our little band of Gilligans. Both the immediate future, and the more important eternal future.

This island is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, inside a mystery. I've heard people say that the island is alive, that it thinks. And the Polar Bears? Where did they come from, and why does Walt's comic have an image of a polar bear on it? I don't believe in coincidences, especially when there are too many.

Yeah, everything does happen for a reason, but nobody seems to be asking the far more important question: For what reason is everything happening?

The answer to that question chills me to the bone.

I don't know.