The Ruler of All

Chapter 1

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He held his father's fang tightly in his hands and gazed upon all of its magnificent glory. He had craved its power for so long. Ever since he saw the mighty power of the lethal and legendary Tetsusaiga, he wanted it for himself. To kill one hundred demons with one stroke was something worthy of Sesshoumaru. He was only waiting for his father to pass it on to him. Now the day had come. His father had met his tragic end because of a filthy mortal woman, a woman that just bore a half demon child: Sesshoumaru's younger brother, who was not even a day old yet.

"At last," Sesshoumaru said to himself ",the Tetsusaiga is mine." It soon began to rain in the thick forest he was in. Lightening and thunder soon followed. It was not a simple drizzle, but the earth seemed to cry out, as if it already knew how dangerously close all of humanity was to ending. The sword that was once used to aid mankind was now in the hands of a demon who despised them. However, to end humanity was not his goal, but to rule over all was his main purpose. He would only destroy who was in his way, whether it be a mortal or a demon. "At last, I shall transform myself into a far greater power."

A small flea demon was watching Sesshoumaru from a distance. He had left the sword in a location where he knew Sesshoumaru would find it. It worried him though. 'The Tetsusaiga was once used to aid mankind, even though it was created from the fang of a demon. It seems strange that Sesshoumaru can even wield it.' He sighed. 'Ah, but his father's will is still alive and strong within the sword. If it is his will, than Sesshoumaru shall wield it, and he shall use its full potential as well.' Myouga, the tiny flea demon was very old and very wise. He did not share as much compassion for the human race as his former master, but he was still concerned with the new order of the world. 'I am not sure what will become of this land with Lord Sesshoumaru ruling with the Tetsusaiga. He shall rule it with an iron fist, but what shall be the ultimate fate of the world…'

"Now it shall begin," Sesshoumaru told himself. "Now my empire shall rise."

Many years later in a human village that was very successful and very prosperous, the villagers were under great stress. Their peaceful way of life was soon all going to end for everyone, at least that was what they all thought. There were whispers in the village that a demon was coming to the village, supposedly just passing by. It wasn't just any demon though. It was him. It was the demon that everyone feared. There really wasn't any human who didn't know his name. His legend was too great!

One villager had begun to speak to a large coward that had gathered together. "It is said that this demon is the greatest demon alive. He might come here to slay all of us."

Another villager began to speak. "I hear that his father was a great dog demon, the same father to Inuyasha, the half demon that resides here in this village."

"You mean Izayoi's child?"

"Yes, I mean that child."

"What if the demon Lord is coming here for the boy?" someone else asked. "What if he is coming here for Inuyasha?"

While they were conversing, the boy that they were conversing about, Inuyasha, was busy playing with his mother. He was young, appeared to only be the age of four. He didn't play much with the other children of the village. He usually only spent time with his mother and never really ran off on his own. He loved his mother dearly and truly only needed her company. She would much rather have him stay with her. "Mother!" he had a ball in his hand and ran to her, who was smiling happily.

They were together playing in the privacy of their garden. They were blessed with a nice home in a large village. It was peaceful and away from most of the wars and hadn't been yet touched by the hand of the demon parading around the lands beginning to take over territories. If they couldn't be happy around everyone else, then they would only be with each other forever. "Inuyasha!"

He threw the ball to her and she was able to catch it. Instead of Inuyasha waiting for his mother to throw it back, he ran to her and embraced. He began laughing with her as she held him dearly. He loved his mother and she loved him. They only had each other. "Mother," he asked her, "be with me forever?"

She didn't know quite what to say, so she just held him tighter. "Inuyasha, you are my dear son and you are not like everyone else in the village, nor like me. You can live much longer than I can, so I'll pass away one day."

"Don't mother! Do not leave me!"

"Don't fret, Inuyasha. As long as we hold each other in our hearts, we can be together forever. Keep me in your heart and I will keep you in mine. Then we can always be together."

"Yes, mother."

She let her son go once she looked beyond her garden and over a bridge to see the approaching villagers. "Inuyasha, keep behind me." She didn't wait for her son to move and gently pushed him behind her. Inuyasha looked up to see his mother's face with question. He knew something wasn't right. She looked very frightened.

"We have business to discuss Izayoi!" one villager shouted.

Inuyasha was frightened by the anger in the villager's voice and held on to his mother tightly. He wasn't about to let her go for the world. "Mother, why have the villagers come?" Inuyasha was so small, so innocent still. His mother had tried her best to keep him hidden away from the racism of the villagers and tried to keep him near her, especially with all of the danger. There was so much chaos around in the land that she just wanted to stay with her son and shelter him, but Inuyasha had realized that no one in the village seemed to like him and they had called him a name, a name that he didn't know what it meant. "Mother…"

"Inuyasha, please be quiet for me and let me handle this." She placed her hand on his head to comfort her son. She knew that pain was soon to follow. The villagers had been very cruel to Inuyasha, but no one had done anything to him specifically, but they had rather came to her instead. They would accuse him of stealing and other things like that when Inuyasha barely left his home grounds. The things they said were absurd, but that didn't stop them from accusing Inuyasha. "What is it?" she asked them, her voice shaking a little bit, even though she tried to remain calm for the sake of her son.

"That child," one man pointed out, "he is an abomination!"

Inuyasha flinched at the sound of his voice and held onto his mother tighter.

"Leave him be! He's just a boy! He hasn't done anything. He has been with me the whole day."

"It's not what he has done," another man said, "but it's what he's going to cause."

The first man began to speak again. "There have been whispers that the dog demon lord, the one called Sesshoumaru is passing through here. He will come through this land and devour us all!"

"Don't be so quick to judge. I am sure nothing wrong shall befall our village. If you are so concerned, then we should go. No one can stand against him."

"I suppose you would know." This time a woman spoke. She was disgusted with Izayoi and what she had done. "It is said that he is the son of the dog demon you conceived Inuyasha with."

"I have not seen Sesshoumaru and I am certain that he would not come seeking Inuyasha and I. You all despise my son and I am certain that his full blooded half demon brother would not care much for him either, and especially I. He isn't coming seeking Inuyasha and is probably merely passing through. He has been conquering lands and probably only wishes to do the same here. He might not even come through this way. If he does, I implore that everyone leaves before he arrives."

Everyone knew that bit of information was true. Sesshoumaru had been going around to different lands and started conquering. He would kill anyone in his way. Many feared him, but one fact everyone knew was that he didn't like mortals. There was no reason why he would come seeking Izayoi and Inuyasha. The only reason why the villagers would think so was the pure fact that they were afraid and Inuyasha was always the first to be blamed for everything. Paranoia and racism sometimes were hand and hand.

"If we find out that the half breed has anything to do with it, then he and you will pay dearly," said another villager. All of the villagers agreed and nodded their heads and mumbled some words, threats that Inuyasha should have never had to hear. He was so young.

"I assure you that this is not Inuyasha's fault." None of them believed her, but they left her and her son alone.

Inuyasha held on firmly to his mother until all of the villagers left out of their sight. When he and his mother were alone once again, he realized that his mother was shaking. "Mother…" he came to her front side, but still held onto her tightly, "what's a…half breed?" She tried to stop it and didn't mean for it to happen, but tears began to readily fall from her eyes. She bent down and hugged him. Inuyasha didn't understand why she was crying or why she was upset, so he hugged her back, hoping that she would feel better. He had never seen her cry before. He didn't understand, but he was afraid. "Mother…"

'This land…' his gentle feet touched the ground beneath him lightly as he made his way towards his destination. 'A dog demon.' He caught the whiff of an unfamiliar scent, but a scent that he knew he'd become acquainted with. 'A half dog demon…'

Sesshoumaru hadn't seen his little brother before, but he knew for sure that it had to be him. 'Interesting…' His curious nature set him off his course and to a detour.

"Mother," said Inuyasha, "you never answered me." They were in the safety of their home now. To calm her nerves and hopefully make Inuyasha forget about the villagers, they had begun painting after they had eaten their family meal together. Inuyasha wasn't very good at it. His small hands weren't as graceful as his mother's.

"Inuyasha…" she sighed and put her paint brush down. "Inuyasha, I told you that you were very different, very special from all other children. There aren't many like you, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha gave up on his picture and concentrated on what his mother was telling him. "Am I a half breed?"

"Yes, son, you are a half breed."

She didn't seem to go on, but his curiosity would not cease on the matter, so he continued on with questions. "Is that bad?"

"What?" She placed a look of shock and horror on her face. She was appalled that her son would think that about himself. She shook her head and pushed their paintings aside. "Inuyasha, it isn't bad to be different." She held him, the way she usually did. "Your father was different, but he was kind to me."

"My father?"


He had heard very little of his father and was curious to know what that had to do with being a half breed. "But mother, what does a half breed mean?"

She gently rested her chin upon her son and his doggy ears began to perk up, which she always thought was adorable. "Inuyasha, it means that your father was a demon and I am a human."

"A demon?" he had never actually seen one in person, but had heard of them. "He was a big scary monster?" Inuyasha was confused but on the borderline of disappointed. Everything he had heard about demons wasn't very good at all.

"He could be a monster sometimes. Your father was a dog demon, Inuyasha." Thinking about her love from long ago could only make her heart fill with supreme joy. "He was a demon, but unlike any demon I had heard of. His voice was strong, wise, and mature, but he looked so young and beautiful. He was kind to me and even though he was strong and had such rough hands, he could be so gentle when he would hold me. He protected me and you when you were only a baby and he treated me well. I had never seen him transformed, but I know he was a great and powerful demon. He wanted us to live together happy and safe. He'd do anything for you because he loved you and in the end, he proved it."

Inuyasha interlocked his fingers with his mother's. "Then my father was a good demon?"

"The best." She lifted her head and turned it over to his side and kissed him on the cheek. "Inuyasha, you are half demon and half human. Because you are a half demon, you will live longer than humans can and you will be much stronger than a human as well. That is why you look different, but you are still a good boy, Inuyasha, and nothing can change that."

His mother's words comforted him and he wasn't scared to be different at that moment. Hearing of his father made him proud. "And what about the villagers? They said a dog demon was on the way. They said-"

"It's your half brother, Lord Sesshoumaru."

Inuyasha noticed that his mother's hands began to become cold and was shaking once again. "Mother, what is the matter?"

"I wonder if we should leave this place. You and I could go somewhere together and we could live alone happily and long, just like your father wanted."

"Leave our home?"

"But we can be together Inuyasha. Being with you is the most important thing to me and I fear that something bad might happen. We should go."

"Bad? What do you mean by-" His words were stopped once his ears twitched, picking up the sound of footsteps and the voices of men. "I can smell fire."

"What?" Inuyasha stood to his feet in order for his mother to move. She got up in a panic and looked for a way out. "Are they here, Inuyasha?" He didn't have to answer, she could hear them herself, meaning that they were. "Why are they here?"

"Mother? What is going on?"

There was one way out, but the villagers were already at the door. "Inuyasha!" She pushed her son behind her and backed up against a wall. "Inuyasha, you mustn't speak at all. Let me speak, Inuyasha. If I tell you to do something, then you must."

He nodded and held onto her, like he did earlier once the villagers slide open her door and came inside. Some of them were dressed in armor and had spears and swords. Inuyasha's senses were right on, for they were carrying torches as well. They all looked hysterical and hysteria and paranoia were human emotions that always ended in tragedy. "Why have you come here? This is my home."

"It's that disgusting half breed! We all know he's leading the demon here, whether it be for good or bad purposes."

"No, that's insane! Sesshoumaru wouldn't come here for him. Why would he come to meet or kill him? He's known he's had a brother. If he wanted him dead then he'd be dead. Inuyasha didn't even know of his brother. He isn't in league with him."

"And what of you? You fell in love with a dog demon! You might be in league with them."

"That's not true. The only demon I ever got close to was Inuyasha's father. I have absolutely no other connections to them at all. Leave me and my son alone! We aren't doing anything wrong. We're not conspiring against you all. We just wish to live out our lives in peace, happy together."

"She's lying! The half breed should die!"

Izayoi had died before and she could remember the feeling of hopelessness before she was slain. All she wanted to do was see her beloved one more time, but he was dead and gone. He had brought her back from the depths of the Netherworld. There was nothing to save her now, but she didn't care about death. She just wanted her son to live. "I won't let you harm my son! I won't let you kill him!"

Inuyasha didn't say a word. He just continued to hold on to her, fearing what letting her go would cause.

"Leave Inuyasha alone! He's a good boy! He has not done anything wrong."

"Get out of our way!" One villager grabbed her arm and attempted to move her, but she had so much will and desire to protect her son that she would not allow herself to be thrown by his might. "Leave him be!"

"Mother!" Inuyasha cried. "I'm afraid!"

"I won't let them hurt you." She tried to resist them, but she was knocked down and thrown to the floor.

"Mother!" Inuyasha ran to his mother's side and tried to help her up. "Come on mother!"

"Inuyasha…" One villager picked him up by his hair. Inuyasha began to struggle and yell in pain, but the villager showed no regard for his life and threw him against the wall. Inuyasha was hurt from the impact of the landing. He hit his head on the floor. He might have been part demon, but he was only a small boy. "No!" Izayoi flung herself in front of her son in order for him to be protected from the villagers. She held him tight and faced her back to the villagers. "I won't let you be killed. I have to protect you, Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha looked up and saw a villager, the one who had talked the most and lead the men there, hold up his sword in the air. "Mother look out!" Inuyasha forced himself out of his mother's grasp and attempted to protect her, but she instead pushed him farther towards the wall. "Nooooo!" Her blood splattered on his face as the sword collided with her body, entering through her back and exiting through her stomach.

"Inuyasha…" The sword was pulled out of her body and she fell into her son's tiny hands.


"I am to die again?" she asked. She still smiled. "Be strong Inuyasha…I want you to live. Be strong…"

"Mother!" As the blood from the side of her mouth dripped on to his lap, he could feel a deep and strong rage overcome all of his sorrow. He didn't even have time to be afraid of mourn, for a new and horrible power suddenly overcame him. He could feel himself becoming powerful and dangerous. It scared him, but excited him at the same time.

"What is wrong with him?" All of the villagers backed away for but a moment. Seeing the boy suddenly begin to transform was startling. His eyes turned blue, but they were glowing red. His fangs that weren't even noticeable before grew large and vicious and his tiny claws grew large as well. He roared with fierceness, even though he was crying. He didn't seem to be mourning for his now dead mother. It was all rage.

"He is just a half breed child!" A man raised his sword to strike, but despite Inuyasha's age, his demon blood took over and he acted quickly and cut off the man's arm with his claws. The man yelled in agony and the other's backed away as well. "Let's burn it down with the demon inside!" They all began to run, but Inuyasha wasn't quite done.


His ears twitched, hearing the sound of her voice, but his blood was still rushing.


Inuyasha turned around to see that she was still alive, holding on by a thread. He forgot about everything that he had done and ran to his mother's side. He began to calm down and quickly returned to normal. He realized that he was crying, and he saw that she was as well. He tried to reach out to wipe away her tears, but once he saw his hands covered in blood, he sobbed harder. "Mother, I'm sorry!"

"Inuyasha…don't be. You're not a monster. You're my son, and I love you. I'll always be with you, in your heart." Her voice was withering away as Inuyasha's nose picked up the scent of smoke. "It's okay to be different…being different never stopped me from loving your father…and him loving me. He loved you too, and I love you too."

"Don't leave me!"

"Don't be scared, Inuyasha. Be strong, and live long. Live long…" she closed her eyes, and she let out the last bit of air in her body.

Inuyasha wanted to hold her, but he didn't want to stain her with blood. "I'm not gonna let you burn here!" He forced himself to stop crying and although she was dead, he forced her body on top of his small one. It was hard to lift her up, but he couldn't let her stay in that place alone while it burned to the ground. He didn't give a thought to the fact that the villagers would be outside waiting for him. He only wanted to do something for her, at least bury her right and proper. 'Mother, I love you…'

He was surprised that he didn't feel the heat of the flames. He managed somehow and got out of there safely. The villagers had all left and probably for a good reason. Inuyasha didn't care though. He didn't want to escape. He began to dig a place for his mother's body in the garden where they spent their good times. He dug it with his bare hands and worked through the night so hard that he forgot to be sad, but once he placed the body in and covered it once again, he collapsed on her grave crying and screaming, wishing that he wasn't alone anymore. "Mother no! Please come back! Please!" He cried, and he cried, and he cried himself right to sleep.


The morning had come, but Inuyasha was far too tired and weak to respond to the first call.

"Inuyasha." This time, it was much more forceful and impatient. Inuyasha had never heard this voice before.

His ears perked up and twitched. He was somehow able to rise to his feet. Once he turned around, he saw a sight unlike anything he had ever seen before.

"Inuyasha? That is your name, is it not?"

Inuyasha nodded wearily. "You look like me…" This stranger's hair was silver like Inuyasha's and his eyes were golden like his as well. He didn't have doggy ears, but his ears were different from any other human though. He also had strange markings on his body. He had a crescent moon on his head and lines on his face. He had claws that were much longer than Inuyasha's and he was so tall.

He seemed to be a bit insulted. "We are not all that much alike, I assure you."

Inuyasha realized that whoever this man was, he was looking at the grave. When Inuyasha looked back down on it, he wasn't sad anymore. He just felt a deep anger within himself. "They killed her. Those villagers killed my mother!"

He didn't sympathize, but seemed interested in Inuyasha. "Mortals are disgusting creatures."

Suddenly, it dawned on Inuyasha who this stranger might actually be. He had heard that his brother was coming and he obviously was not a human, since he thought they were disgusting and looked so different, and yet the same as Inuyasha. "You are my brother?"

"Half brother," he pointed out. Seeing Inuyasha up close and personal was odd indeed. He could now see his half breed brother that he held resentment to. He despised Inuyasha and his mother for how his father died. Now seeing Inuyasha so weak, lonely, and helpless was rather all anticlimactic now. Sure he was disgusted with him, but he didn't possess the hatred that he thought he would, especially since he now knew that his mother was dead.

"What is your name?"

Sesshoumaru decided that he wasn't going to kill his little brother, at least not right then, but what to do with him was the question. "Sesshoumaru."

To be continued…