1. Of Basketball and Football

Spoilers: Season 9 after "The Powers That Be" before "Beachhead"

A/N: As soon as I saw the looks that passed between Teal'c and Vala in "The Powers that Be" and continued during "Beachhead", I knew I had to write something about it. I orginally posted this as a stand alone story, but have since been inspired to make a series of short incidents of Teal'c teaching Vala about Earth customs. Any suggestions for ideas will be welcomed. Anything you'd like to see Teal'c teach Vala (already have an idea for him to teach her to Tango!)

Back at SGC, Teal'c approached Vala in the commissary. "Is this seat taken?"

Vala shook her head negatively, mouth full of apple pie.

"I wish to impart my deepest respect for your attempts to save the people on P8X-412." Teal'c nodded in her direction.

"It didn't work. I failed." Vala's usual upbeat demeanor was subdued and she seemed depressed.

"Never-the-less, you made a valiant attempt. I am impressed."

Vala gave the Jaffa a sideways, contemplating look. Pointing her fork at him, she asked, "Teal'c, do you play a game called basketball? Daniel taught me how to play."

"Indeed, the members of SG1 often included me in their pick-up games. Would you care to join me for a one-on-one game this afternoon?"

"I haven't anything better to do. I'd like that, Teal'c."


Teal'c was already shooting baskets when Vala entered the court. She was wearing black biking shorts and a tight, black tank-top. Teal'c raised one eyebrow and looked her up and down while she stood there, hand on hip, and flipped back her hair.

"Are you ready, Vala Mal Doran?"

"I am, Teal'c."

Teal'c tossed her the ball and began to guard the basket. Knowing she would never be able to throw over the tall man's head, Vala dove between his legs and slid several feet, before jumping up and hooking the ball into the basket.

"That's one for me!" Vala strutted over to Teal'c and turned her head quickly, throwing her hair across his chest.

Teal'c responded with a grin and a slight lifting of his head, acknowledging the challenge she had made. "I believe that was an illegal move called traveling. You must dribble the ball when you are moving."

Vala stuck her tongue out at the man and gave him an "innocent" smile.

Once again in possession of the ball, Teal'c easily was able to make a basket by arching the ball over her head despite her attempt to tackle him.

"I believe you are attempting to mix the game of football with basketball," he said to the bold woman hanging on to his waist.

"I thought Daniel told me it was foreplay, not football."

"Indeed. Football is a favorite game on Earth. Two teams of men dressed in tights attempt to gain possession of an elongated ball. They use the tactic you employed, called tackling, to bring their opponent to the ground."

"You mean that a bunch of men in tights jump on each other while a group of people watch?" Vala clearly did not believe that the Tau'ri would endorse such a public display of blatant suggestive behavior. Daniel must be an aberration of human male sexuality. "How many men?"

"Each team has eleven players."

"So, you're telling me, twenty-two, well muscled men in tights run and roll around together in public and this is legal?" Vala expressive eyes were shining with the erotic thoughts running through her mind. "Teal'c, do you have a television in your quarters?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you think we might find a game of this feetball on?"

"Football. I believe that it is on twenty-four hours a day."

Vala grabbed his large hand and began running for Teal'c's quarters. "There must be a real god somewhere in the universe. My prayers have been