Disclaimer: I don't own RK.

Title: Atae
Characters/Pairings: Aoshi, Aoshi/Megumi, Aoshi and Misao
Rating: K, for now.

Notes: Taking the themes from the lj community 100-leitmotifs to see if I can drabble them.

1. Sieve

Deep within his pockets lies an hourglass. It had been a gift, one of many he received from the treacherous coward who had been his employer. It is the only one he keeps.

One day, he uses it to time his kata. Faster, faster he must go, until each falling grain of sand becomes past, present, and future, frozen forever in place.

Fast -- but not fast enough. Furious with realization, he breaks the glass, letting the shards shred his hands into ribbons.

He watches the red sand trickle through his fingers, like everything else he ever tried to hold onto.

The theme for this one was "sand." 100 words, not including the title. You will have to wait to figure out what the leitmotif is (shouldn't be hard actually). :P