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Notes: Just want to clarify something, in response to one of my reviewers. I haven't actually read Akai Kitsune's "Kendo no Go", though I've heard of it. It didn't even occur to me until afterwards that some people might compare this with her fic. Other than the 100-stories thing going on though, what I'm trying to do is a bit different from what she did. (For one thing, I have a word limit for each piece XP.) From my understanding, she was parodying an actual novel, matching vignette for vignette, with an underlying storyline of sorts. These are just drabbles, somewhat interconnected by the characters/pairing/leitmotif, but any deeper underlying threads won't be apparent until all or at least more of them are completed. (And not all of them will take place in the same universe/continuity.) Now I'll stop blabbing before my notes become longer than the drabble (think they already are). :P

2. Sentinels

There was a time the stars watched over them. Before betrayal, before despair, before the Battousai came between them and tore them apart. It had been dark then, too, but familiar. Safe.

She had loved the stars. He had hated them, those cold glittering patterns dancing in the darkness. He had hated many things she loved, if only because she dared to hope when he no longer could.

In the end, he had given her a choice, thinking she would accept what he offered. He thinks, even now, that they could have joined each other among the stars at last, in death, as they could never have in life...

But she had refused. Perhaps she had known, even then, that for him the stars were forever dimmed. For if stars still shine in the inky darkness above, he does not know it, and they do not shine for him.

The theme for this one was "when the stars go blind." 150 words, including the title, making it a drabble and a half.

Thank you for reviewing: May, HANAYOME