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Chapter One: Virus

"Raven? Raven!" Beast Boy pounded impatiently on the telekinesis's door. "Come on out…we're having tofu for lunch!"

"Oh no we're not!" Cyborg stormed into the hall. "We're having real meat this time! I'm tired of that tasteless glop!"

"Tofu is not glop! Anyway, I might have known some of that meat!"

"Yeah, well…"


From inside her room, Raven listened in annoyance to the two boys argue. Pointless. Absolutely pointless.

A single candle burns low, casting a thin trickle of light across the floor. The room was never bright, though Raven often lit candles during meditation. It just wasn't the kind of room one wanted to see in a lot of light. But that was Raven.

Outside, two best friends when it came to everything but food, continued their heated, and loud, dispute.

The door slowly slid open, halfway, so one of her violet eye glared out from the shadows.

"What do you want?"

Cy and BB glanced over, surprised. "Uh, lunch time!" said the changeling.

"I'm not hungry."

"But we're having STEAK!"

"No we're not. We're having TOFU!"

Raven sighed and moved past the arguing superheroes into the main room. Robin was relaxing on the couch; his legs sprawled all over the place.

"Raven! Have you arrived to indulge in the tofu or the cooked cow?" Starfire raced up to the apathetic girl.
"Uh, no thanks. Just some herbal tea."

Robin glanced over at her. "Good choice. Cyborg overcooked the steak again, and I think tofu is supposed to be white, not green."

"Ugh. Thanks. That really helped my appetite."

Raven's cold eyes flicked over the room, taking in everything. Starfire hovered nearby, her emerald eyes sparkling with pure, simple benevolence. No matter how dark Raven acted, sweet, if naïve, Star could always find a little part of her heart and settle in.

Cyborg and Beast Boy had re-entered, still arguing fiercely. Neither backed down, no matter how completely idiotic the fight was.

"Would you two please be quiet? I'm trying to watch TV!" yells Robin over the persistently growing din. Raven glances over at the Boy Wonder. His hair seems messier then usual, and his brow more furrowed.

"TV? TV!" BB waves his arms around wildly. "This is a matter of food, Robin! FOOD!" Cyborg nods. "Yeah, what are ya watching, anyway?"

Robin eyes-hidden behind his mask-never left the screen. "News. Checking to see if anything strange has happened."
Raven, holding a steaming cup, took a seat beside him. On the TV, the reporter on Live! Channel 23 News was interviewing a man whose house had been broken in to.

"I d-don't know what happened! I mean, I was on the couch, I was kind of drowsy, and suddenly there was a crash in the kitchen. I don't know how they got past the burglar alarm, it's state-of-the art…anyway, suddenly I woke up feeling sick. I called the police right away, of course…"

Robin picked up the remote to turn off the TV. "Just a regular break-in." Starfire, who was now leaning over the back of the couch, said, "What about the man's unfortunate and sudden illness?"
"It's just trauma. Happens all the time."

But chills were prickling up Raven's spine. "No…wait." She grabbed the remote from Robin, eyes fixed on the screen. "What is it, Rae?"

Now the reporter picked up a large gold coin with an odd symbol on it.

Raven's heart began beating faster. No… she thought. NO!

"This object was found in the house, near the one thing that was stolen: An ancient necklace said to have 'dark powers'."

"Oh no…" Robin turned to Raven. "Oh no…it's…"
In the newscaster's hand, the coin began to shake. "That's odd…" he said. "Why is it…? Ahhhh!" The thing began glowing brightly, and vibrating so much, the man shook. Beside him, the man whose house had been broken into let out a harsh yell.

Raven let out a cry of pain, nausea stirring sickeningly in her stomach. Before she fell, Robin leapt foreword, catching her before she hit the floor. "Raven? What is it!" the girl was trembling all over. "The Akuba…it's back…