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Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Meeting


Raven was floating, a cool breeze washing over her face.

Wake up, will you?

Slowly, she opened her violet eyes. A dazzling burst of sunlight illuminated her pale face, throwing into relief an azure sky, gilded slightly with the light.

Finally. The voice, whoever's it was, was quite close, and getting impatient.

"Who's there?"

A face leaned over her, blocking out the sunlight. Raven strained to make out the features. The skin was extremely wrinkled, but the folds hid bright, purple eyes.

Took you long enough. The voice scolded. The telling-off, however, seemed only to float in her mind instead of coming in through her ears.

Really, granddaughter, I expected you to be up the moment I gave you the medicine.

Raven jerked up. The figure stepped back easily, as if it had foreseen the sudden motion.

She was an old, shriveled woman, with long dark hair and a frown plastered on her face. This frown was reversed when the girl's eyes met her own.

"There's my girl." She was now speaking clearly, her voice both brisk and brittle. "Hello, Raven. It's about time we met."

Raven stared at her grandmother. Perhaps if she had not been so shocked, she would have realized she was still floating, above the sands of an empty beach, freckled with stones glistening with seawater.

"You're my grandmother?" whispered Raven. To her humiliation, tears sprung to her eyes.

"Oh, don't go all weepy on me, child." Said the old woman. "You're just like Arella. Ah, well." Despite it, Raven was sure she saw a little drop slip out of the crinkled skin.

"I thought you were dead." The girl said, her voice still shaky. Then she looked around. "Where are we?"
"No idea." Said her grandmother. "I just thought a beach would be a nice place to finally meet you. And I am dead. Otherwise we wouldn't be floating."

Raven had just noticed this, too. "Does that mean…I'm dead, too?" she kept her voice emotionless, though the woman could seem to detect the hint of desperation and pain.

"No. What did you think I was talking about when I said 'medicine', eh?"

Raven looked away, feeling a pink tinge rise up her neck, flooding her cheeks. Now that she knew she was alive, she realized that this was her grandmother, someone she thought to be dead. She also noticed the presence her grandmother had—strong and assertive and wise.

"Now, I haven't got much time. I just brought you hear to meet you, and tell you something. Larel's gone, and—"

"Wait…Larel? My cousin?"
"Yes, that stupid boy with the Akooba whatsit. Rei killed him. Anyway, he's gone, but it's just gonna get harder from here."
The old woman thrust a small bag into Raven's hand. "I'll beat around the bush…what's in here is dangerous, DO NOT OPEN IT unless necessary, got it, missy?"

Raven looked blank. If she had expected a meeting with her dead grandmother, which she had not, it would be much more cryptic and wise then this. But she took the bag. Something squirmed inside it.


Raven covered her ears as Starfire's voice boomed from the sky. "What is that?"

"Oh, it's just magnified because your mind is small compared to that one's yelling capacity." Said her grandmother. "I suggest you go back to sleep. You'll wake up wherever your friends have taken you-I believe they'll want to see you."
Raven lay back down and closed her eyes.

If you ever need to talk, dear, just go to sleep…I'll be here when you need me.

When Raven next opened her eyes, she was not staring into the wrinkled face of her grandmother, but the masked one of Robin.