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Chapter 1

Heavy footfalls slapped against the sodden grass melodically, the sound ringing through the air. The noise was joined by the owners heavy panting as she ran relentlessly, ebony hair waving behind her as it begged to be let free from it's golden banded restraint. Rain engulfed the teen, mingling with the light sheen of sweat that covered her forehead.

But to the girl there was no rain. No grass. No sound.

Only her objective.

Adrenaline filled her veins, pumping through her very being as her destination came into sight. Fatigue filled her but she pushed herself on, going faster and faster until at last she reached her goal.

"Good job, Videl. Excellent time! I think we have ourselves a new record." Videl came to a halt, dragging up air in heavy breaths. She looked over to the coach who smiled at her from beneath a large black umbrella before noting down the time. "The others will probably be a while and since we still have some time left you may have a rest before heading back to the changing rooms."

Videl didn't bother replying with anything more than a curt nod before walking over to sit beneath a large oak tree, the wide spread leaves protecting her from the onslaught of rain.

"I despise cross-country!" Videl watched as a panting Erasa flopped down besides her, whipping a palm across her sweaty brow. The blond had been one of the last students to finish the run, leaving Videl to wait for a fair amount of time. "And in this rain? Seriously, if I get sick I am SO suing." She moaned as she leant back against the tree trunk.

"Well you will be happy to know that after this semester we shall no longer have to take gym ever again." The girls looked up as the muscle bound teen, know as Sharpener came and stood before them. Though he didn't sound particularly thrilled about the information, Erasa was on cloud nine.

"Aahh. No more running. No more embarrassing excursuses. And no more unflattering polyester shorts!" She sighed dreamily, before she could say anything else the last of the teens finished the run and the coach stood before them.

"Ok, you lot!" He called over the buzz of chatter, bringing an end to multiple conversations.

"Alright, now that you've all finished I can tell you what we will be doing for the remainder of the semest…" He was suddenly cut off by a high pitched ringing that filled the air.

"Erm… May I please be excused, sir?" Videl asked, finger hovering over the receive button on her watch.

"Oh course, Videl. Go ahead." He smiled at her before returning to his speech.

Videl stood up and walked to the other side of the tree before answering the call.

"Go ahead, Chief."

Meanwhile, round the other side of the thick trunk, a certain demi-saiyan strained his ears to hear the conversation.

"Videl, you have to come quickly!" He heard the bass voice of the police chief come through the speakers, panic blanketing his words. "Some thugs have broken into the Orange Star Research centre. They're demanding a muscle-enhancing drug of some kind. They're keeping several of the scientists hostage and we can't get in!"

"I'll be right there chief." Gohan heard Videl say before a light bleep signified that she had ended the call. He listened to her hurried footsteps beat the ground as she ran from the field, presumably to find somewhere to get out her 'copter.

I have to help her. The though ran through his mind before he turned his attention back to the class who, to his surprise, where getting to their feet and heading back into the rain towards the school building.

Seeing his chance, Gohan slipped behind the other side of the oak and pulled up his sleeve to reveal a bare wrist.

"Darn," He murmured under his breath "I took it off for gym. I'll have to go back to the changing rooms to get it." With that he ran towards after the rest of the group. I hope Videl will be alright until I can get there.

Videl peered down through the iron grate, watching intently as the man below paced back and forth, looking about himself edgily. He clutched the gun with shaking hands, an obvious first timer.

Carefully, she peeled the grate away, placing beside her in the air vent. Assuring that the man was directly below her, she dropped down from the vent with graceful ease, her foot connecting with his skull before he had chance to turn, sending his flying into a nearby wall and landing in a heap on the floor.

Skilfully, Videl slid into the shadows, hiding herself easily. She quickened her pace as she hurried down the corridor towards the main laboratory.

As she neared the room, the sound of voices grew louder and louder until she was stood outside the door, still immersed in darkness.

She listened to the raised voices with caution. According to the police briefing, there was around 7 men inside, all of them armed and pumped to the brim with testosterone induces, just waiting for a fight.

Videl smiled. Wouldn't have it any other way.

With that she stepped back into the light, allowing the automatic doors to open, revealing her to the men inside. With a cry she rushed into the room, ready to take down anyone who got in her way.

Gohan landed lightly on the concrete, orange cape sweeping down behind him. Casting his eyes around he looked from the startled gunmen that lined the laboratory steps, to the policemen behind him.

Aww man. If I weren't in such a hurry I could have made a real entrance. But never mind that now, Videl needs my help.

He moved so quickly that all the onlookers could see was a blur as The Great Saiyaman disappeared. The blur flashed past the gunmen and Saiyaman reappeared behind them. He stood confidently, facing away from them as they dropped to the floor with a clatter of guns as their body's fell against the hard steps.

Satisfied, Gohan began to run down the corridor, using Videl's ki to locate her in the large building.

Videl held her fighting position as she looked about the room. The man she had knocked out upon entering the room lay at her feet; his companions were now slowly surrounding her, a few weapons pointing in her direction.

"Well, lookie what we got here boys." A tall, muscular man boasted obnoxiously. Obviously the ringleader of the gang of thugs, stood over a group of five tied up scientists. "Little Miss Satan come to teach us the error of our ways." He smirked as his five remaining men cackled.

Videl growled in irritation. How she hated these pathetic scum. She didn't know what was worse, the odious leader or his pathetic sheep-like followers.

Letting out an enraged cry, she leapt forward at one of the men that stood in front of her. He made a clumsy swipe at her with a wooden baseball bat, clearly missing her as she ducked down and knocked his feet from under him, sending him crashing into the ground.

Pulling herself up, Videl twisted round just in time to catch a roundhouse to the face. With a growl she twisted the heavy weight of the man round, gripping tightly to his foot, flipping him before he was sent to the ground.

Her breath came in light pants and she moved her body back into her accustomed ready position. However, before she could form the stance, a large hand crashed down on her head and grabbed hold of a thick clump of black locks.

Videl cried out in pain as she was pulled off her feet, her hair being tugged relentlessly by the roots.

Tears itched at the back of her eyes as she grasped at the hand before her body was flung through the air.

Glass shattered against her skin as she flew across the counter top, breaking beakers and test tubes as her body went careening over the cold metal surface.

She finally came to a halt, breathing hard as she lay atop the table. Screwing her eyes up against the pain, Videl attempted to lift herself up, only to fall back again.

Her head spun and pain gripped her side as the remains of a glass beaker dug into her flesh, the cool liquid inside mingling with the sticky blood that seeped from the wound.

Through the thumping of blood in her ears, Videl heard a banging noise, like a door being thrown open with so much force it hit the wall behind it. Shouting. The sound of feet moving about the room. Bodies hitting the ground.

As her head cleared, Videl eased open her eyes, forcing herself to look at the room. As the whiteness that clouded her vision cleared, she watched as the men that she had been fighting moments before dropped like flies from blow after powerful blow.

Gohan flew about the room at a lighting pace. Each blow he delivered, every punch, every kick, was detached as anger pounded through his veins. His eyes clouded with animosity as the image of the raven-haired girl, glass smashing against her skin as she cried out in pain rang through his head in a constant siren.

As the last of the lackeys fell to the ground, Gohan stood up straight, fists balled by his side as he glared confidently at the last remaining man.

The leader of the small band of thugs was a tall man, a thick black jacket making him seem bulkier than he probably was. An ugly red scar trickled its way from the corner of his right eye to his jawbone, long silver hair brushing against it as it fought the restraint of its slack ponytail.

Gohan presumed that the man was usually the type to never be without his narcissistic ego, but now the strong man quivered as he stood under the teen's cold watch, fear radiating from his grey orbs as he gulped audibly.

"Listen man, it w-was just a-a joke, ya know what I'm sayin'? Never meant no harm or notin'. I swear down." His baritone voice seemed to drop a key after watching his men taken out by what seemed to be just a breath of wind to the boy before him.

Gohan gave a snarl or irritation, something entirely unaccustomed to his gentle nature. "You're not even worth my time." He spat before seemingly evaporating into the air, reappearing behind the startled man and swiftly hitting the back of his neck with his hand.

The leader's eyes rolled back in his head as he crumpled in a heap on the floor.

Gohan glanced down at him with disapproval before turning his attentions back to the body lying sprawled across the counter.

Only to find nothing but a few smashed beakers. Looking around the room hurriedly he soon caught sight of Videl.

Her small hands worked swiftly at the intricate knots that held the bundle of scientists captive, soon untying them completely.

"Videl, are you alright?" Gohan asked, worried about the dark red stain that marked the white shirt she still had on from gym class.

Videl huffed indignantly, pulling herself to her full height and withstanding the overwhelming urge to wince as pain screamed through the wound at her side.

"I didn't ask for you help, Saiyaman." She said his name mockingly "I could have handled them myself." Her blue eyes glared harshly at him as the pain ebbed slightly.

"Your hurt. You need to get that seen to." He said with worry, dismissing her remark. She huffed again.

"Listen. I told you, I don't need your help. I've never needed it before and I certainly don't need it now." With that she strode towards the doors, just as the police burst through, she pushed through them and disappeared from Gohan's sight.

"Well its about time. Where the heck did you bugger off to, nerd boy?" Sharpener remarked as Gohan slumped down into one of the many stiff-backed chairs that littered the classroom. Since lunch had been immediately after gym, he'd been safe from the teacher's wrath.

But apparently not that of his fellow student.

"Oh, I err… had to grab some stuff from town." He lied, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. The blond male raised one eyebrow.

"Aha." He mumbled sarcastically. Much to Gohan's relief, Erasa cut off any more talk of where he had been during lunch.

"Videl isn't back yet. Must be a big one." She said offhandedly, more to herself than to the boys on each side of her. Gohan blinked. She's not back yet? But… she left before me.

Gohan shock his head to clear his head as the teacher got the attention of the group of teens. She probably just went to get changed at home or something. Maybe she went to get that wound looked at.

With that thought, Gohan focused his attention on the lesson… well he focused his attentions on not tuning the lesson out at least.

Videl stumbled slightly, cringing as she her foot landed heavily on the ground, sending shooting pain through her side.

Pressing down on the bloody wound she walked on.

The inert rain beat down on her skin, hitting with burning iciness, and soaking her to the bone. She shivered and hugged her barely clad arms. The white shirt and navy blue sweatpants of her gym uniform did little to fight off the cold.

After finally managing to escape from the questioning police and irritating media, Videl had decided not to return straight to school, instead heading towards Satan Mansion (she couldn't call it home. Not anymore.) to clean her cuts and change before heading back to school.

Not that she wanted to go back. But she had to keep up appearances. She snorted at that thought as she walked through the damp, empty streets. That was all her father cared about. Appearances. Videl sometimes wondered if her father even knew he had a daughter, or just a live-in publicity stunt.

Videl shook her head angrily. No. She would not get upset over that. Not now.

Turning up a dark, narrow side street she used as a short cut, Videl wandered along; her sneaker clad feet making a squelching noise as they hit the damp ground.

Suddenly, an agonising pain shot up from her wounded side, spreading through her entire body. She cried out in anguish, falling to her knees and clutching her side in desperation.

Videl tried to open her eyes but the spinning of the world about her made her feel nauseous. She quickly closed them again.

The pain seemed to dim slightly, before it came back again, hitting her with its full force. Again and again it happened, ebbing and flowing like the tide. It seemed to go on for a lifetime, before darkness clamped down on her and everything else faded away.

Gohan's head shot up from where it had been lying on the desk.

Something wasn't right. What happened to Videl's ki? It was still there but it was… different somehow. She was still there, but all he could decipher was that she was on earth. He couldn't even pinpoint where she was.

His eyes flashed to the clock that stood on the wall beside the board. 2:23. School didn't finish for another hour, but he couldn't leave now. He was walking on ice as it was, what with his constantly running off halfway through a class all the time.

Gohan sighed. He would have to sit it out. As soon as school finishes, I'll go find her. He silently promised himself.

Gohan cast his eyes about the streets, looking through the rain for any sign of the raven-haired teenager that he was searching for.

Though it was hard due to the fact that the rain had washed a lot of it away, he had managed to get a hold of Videl's scent and had tracked it from the labs for several block now.

His sharp onyx orbs flashed unseeingly across the quiet city streets as he focused his attention on the faint scent that was simply, purely, Videl.

The smell of the light fabric-softener on her clothes. The sweet fragrance of her shampoo. Rain mingled with sweat. And, what disturbed Gohan the most, her blood.

He stopped abruptly as the scent changed direction, heading into a darkened back street. He turned, walking cautiously as he looked around the shadows.

Her scent is stronger. She was here not too long ago.

Gohan halted.

"It stopped." He murmured to the darkness. He frowned and continued to look about before something caught his eye lying on the floor.

Walking forward cautiously he bent down beside the bundle of white material. Brining one hand forward he moved it aside slightly and felt soft fur beneath his fingertips.

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