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This is the sequel to Code Lyoko meets Reboot, The Return of the past, The Core, and Code: Darkness.

Code: Fusion

Chapter 1


In the Desert Region of Lyoko Xana was in a tower working on his latest project. He knew the gang was looking for him and he had to be ready for them. This new project will bring the conflict in his favor and will give him the power to complete his programming. Xana could only imagine what horrors this new plan will unleash.

He had groups of monsters patrolling around the tower while he worked on his plan. The hunter was now the hunted, because the gang will be heading for him the moment they discover the activated tower. But like always Xana had a backup plan. The program was nearly ready, when he heard a blast.

He placed his hand on the computer and a view screen appeared. It was the Lyoko gang. They were fighting their way to the tower. It was too soon.

His project was not complete. He noticed that Jeremy was not with them, but if he wasn't with them then where was he. He heard someone enter the tower and looked down at the lower platform. It was Jeremy.

"Surprised to see me, Xana?" asked Jeremy,

"I should have known. The old diversion trick. It doesn't matter anyway. In a few minutes my new project will be ready . . . Until then." said Xana.

He unsheathed his sword and jumped of the platform. Jeremy blocked his attack with his staff and fought back. Xana swung his sword at Jeremy's head. He ducked and swung his staff.

Xana jumped as the staff swung and landed behind Jeremy. He swung his sword, but Jeremy managed to create a force field that blocked Xana's sword. Just as Jeremy prepared to attack Xana fired a red laser from his sword that blasted Jeremy's shield.

Jeremy used his staff to block another laser that was fired by Xana.

"Whatever you're planning, Xana, it won't work." said Jeremy,

"We'll see about that. You haven't seen it in action yet." said Xana.

Jeremy charged at him with his staff, but Xana was ready. He jumped on Jeremy and used him as a springboard. He catapulted across the platform and landed on his feet. Jeremy fired a blue laser from his staff, but Xana dodged it and landed in front of Jeremy.

Before Jeremy could move Xana blasted him in the face with a laser at close range. Jeremy hit the wall and landed onto the ground hard. Xana smirked as Jeremy tried to stand.

"You forgot about my upgraded Lyoko form, Xana. You were not able to beat it last time." said Jeremy,

"Who said I wasn't ready for it this time?" asked Xana.

A screen appeared on the centre of the platform and Xana placed his hand on it. Jeremy was confused, but decided to use his upgraded Lyoko form. His staff glowed for a second but then the light disappeared. Jeremy was shocked.

"Why haven't I been uploaded to my Lyoko form?" asked Jeremy,

"I knew that you kept your upgraded forms on a separate file so I created a barrier to stop you. Only Aelita could have chance of disarming it." said Xana, smiling.

Jeremy fired a blue laser, but Xana blocked it with his sword. Jeremy jumped at him, but Xana stepped aside and Jeremy hit the ground.

"You have been relying on your upgraded Lyoko forms too much. Feeling emotional, Jeremy?" asked Xana.

Jeremy swung his staff, but Xana dodged it.

"You're angry."

Jeremy charged at Xana, but he blocked every attack.


Xana kicked Jeremy in the stomach that sent him to the other side of the platform.


Jeremy tried to get up, but Xana raised his hand and Jeremy was in the air.

"Power is not every thing. Your emotions control your power and that is what will destroy you."

He dropped Jeremy in disgust and traveled to the upper platform. Suddenly he was hit in the back by something. It sent him flying into the wall and fell onto the lower platform. He looked and saw Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, and Aelita holding their weapons tightly.

"Aelita, deactivate the tower while we hold off Xana." said Yumi.

Aelita nodded and traveled to the upper platform. Ulrich charged at Xana with his sword, but a red glowing force field appeared around Xana and Ulrich was knocked back. Xana's shield vanished and he fired a red laser at Ulrich. Jeremy stepped in front of Ulrich and blocked the laser with his staff.

Odd fired his laser arrows; Xana dodged them and moved as Yumi's fan flew at him. Aelita landed on the upper platform and prepared to enter the Lyoko code. Xana knew he had to move fast or his new plan would be destroyed. He aimed his sword at the upper platform and fired a red laser.

The laser hit the platform as Aelita typed in the code. She fell off the platform. The code was only half complete.

"Warning, program error. Warning program error. System crash."

"What's happening?" shouted Aelita,

"It's a system crash!" shouted Xana.

Suddenly blue lightning struck Xana and he hit the wall. Lyoko's sky was now like the data stream as pieces of it disappeared pixel by pixel.

Somewhere else

Somewhere on another part of the world at a dark carnival in a haunted house sat a skeleton playing an eerie music on an organ. This was no ordinary skeleton. He wore grayish blue pants with a belt that had a small skull on the front, a green dress shirt, a blue coat that was torn at the bottom and yellow stripes at the end of the sleeves and a skull on both of his shoulders. He had blood red eyes and wore a blue had with a purple brim around it.

Next to him was a creature that looked like a fat frog attached to a long stick. He had red glowing eyes and had small arms that held a glass orb above his head. He moved with the music and stretched his frog like legs.

"Such blood curdling music my lord. And to think that you never ever took a lesson." said the staff in an Australian accent.

"You flatter me, my loyal staff." said the skeleton.

"It is even better that you destroyed Lady Illusion and Kilobyte, Lord Fear." said the staff,

"Wrong, my steady Staff Head." said Lord Fear.

"What?" asked Staff Head,

"My attacks only sent them back to the Sixth Dimension. If they return, however, I'll be ready." said Lord Fear.

"Boss, Boss!" shouted a voice.

In flew a rat with bat like wings on his back. He was dressed like a clown. A spotted shirt, a tie, long floppy shoes, and a red nose.

"What is it, Rat?" asked Lord Fear,

"There is something going on you should see." said Dirty Rat.

They walked out of the haunted house and saw the ground shaking up. Vines crawled out of the ground and cylinder like towers sprouted out of the ground. Some pieces of the ground were now floating islands.

"Could it be Kilobyte doing this?" asked Staff Head,

"No, not even he has that power." said Lord Fear.

The islands looked virtual and the towers glowed a blue aura.

"There is another force at work here." said Lord Fear.

Somewhere unknown

In another place or time was a village. Near a well sat six figures. One was a man clad in red with long whitish silver hair and golden yellow eyes and dog like ears on his head. A sword was sheathed around his waist.

There were two black haired women. One was a teenaged girl that wore a school uniform and the other wore a pinkish kimono with a large boomerang on her back. Another was a man with short black hair with a black and blue cloak and carried a long golden staff. One was a small boy that sat on the teenaged girl's shoulder had reddish brown hair, a long creamy fox tail, and emerald green eyes.

With the small boy was a cat with wide red eyes, whitish yellow fur with two tails.

"Can we go now?" asked the white haired man,

"I'll be ready in a few minutes. Can you please be patient, Inuyasha?" said the dark haired teenaged girl.

"There's no need to rush." said the dark haired man,

"Every second we waste Naraku finds more of the jewel shards." said the white haired man.

"There's has been no sign of him for now." said the woman.

Suddenly there was an earthquake. A fog covered the area and mountains floated in the sky.

"Kagome, what's happening?" asked the small boy, hiding behind the teenaged girl's head.

"I don't know, but I don't like it." said Kagome.

They were not the only one who noticed it. The entire country shook from the strange occurrence. In a dark castle sat a man with long black hair and purple eyes looked and saw as the floating pieces of rocks floated in the sky. His name was Naraku.

A girl with white hair, black eyes, and wore a white kimono walked into the room.

"What is going on?" asked the girl in an emotionless voice,

"I have no idea, but it is very interesting, Kanna." said Naraku, in a deep voice.

He was very interested by the strange floating rocks. They held towers on some of the islands.

"The towers on the floating islands might hold the answer to your question, Kanna. Get Kagura." said Naraku,

"Yes, Naraku." said Kanna.

Naraku watched the floating boulders moved through the sky.

Somewhere unknown

Inside a house at the basement a circular machine that green glowing energy glowed brighter than usual.

A door opened and in walked a teenaged boy with black spike hair and blue eyes. The green energy was now blue and in the centre was an eye that glowed crimson.

"What is going on? Is another ghost coming through?" asked the boy.

The symbol glowed brighter and pale blue lights that looked like lines of ones and zeros flew out. They flew into the sky and formed giant chucks of ice. On these floating chunks of ice was cylinder like towers that glowed blue.

"Whatever is going it can't be good." said the teen.

He started glowing white. His hair became white as snow, his eyes were glowing green, and his clothes turned into a black and white jumpsuit. He flew above the islands and looked down at it.

"I never seen anything like this before." said the teen as he looked down.

He noticed strange creatures on the island. Some looked like boxes with legs that had the same symbol he saw on the machine, some where large metallic red crabs with the symbol on their shells, some looked like back thumb with legs, and giant metal balls that opened their shells to reveal red vines holding its centre that had the symbol.

"They look like robots." said the teen.

Somewhere unknown

In an abandoned observatory a man sat on the roof. He wore silver chest armor with lighting bolts on it, a dark brown coat, grey leather pants, and black leather boots. He had messy blonde hair and blue eyes. Down below was a teenaged girl with red hair tied behind her head, freckles, and also had blue eyes.

She wore a black and blue turtle neck striped shirt which was partially obscured by the grey jacket she wore. She wore the same pants and boots as the man on the roof top.

"Come on Ace, it's not like she is gone forever. She could still be alive." said the girl,

"But what about Kilobyte and Fear?" asked Ace.

Suddenly they were shook by an earthquake. They looked out and saw giant trees sprouting from the ground and cylinder like towers glowed blue on a set of organic bridges.

"Kilobyte doesn't have the power to do this and neither does Fear." said Ace,

"Then who could do this?" asked the girl.

"I don't know, Sparx, but we have to stop them." said Ace.

Near Kadic Junior High

Ulrich opened his eyes to see him in the real world and in his Lyoko form. He saw the others unconscious and saw something that shocked him. They were on a piece of floating rock where he could see the entire city.

"Xana." said Ulrich, quietly.

He walked over and shook the others awake.

"Ulrich, what happened?" asked Jeremy,

"Xana stopped Aelita from completely entering the code and it caused some kind of crash in the system." said Ulrich.

"Where are we?" asked Aelita,

"I think you should look to answer your question." said Ulrich.

They looked and saw what Ulrich meant. Giant chunks of rocks floated above the city.

"Pieces have been brought into the real world." said Odd,

"Xana did this." said Yumi.

"Where do we find him?" asked Jeremy,

"We don't, Xana was struck by the corrupted programs so he has been weakened from it. He is probably hiding until he can regain his strength." said Aelita.

They looked at the floating rocks and wondered if they could return it to normal.

Another virtual world

In a dark place that looked a gigantic carnival a tall man watched as the world was changed. This man was muscular, he wore grey armor that looked organic, his fingernails were black, he was bald with ugly tattoos all over it, and his eyes were grey. His name was Kilobyte.

"How very interesting. Another world like the Sixth Dimension except it has more power. It can give mortals power than they never even dreamed of." said Kilobyte.

He turned and walked into a room where they were two cages. One held an ordinary human and the other held a woman. This woman was no mortal. She wore grayish green skin, she wore pink battle costume, her pants had lines like spider webs going to her waist, her eyes were dark brown, and her head was like a spider with legs.

"You two deserve to be destroyed after foiling my plan, but I will give you two a chance to redeem yourselves. Programmer, I need information one a world called Lyoko." said Kilobyte,

"I have heard of it, but I thought it was a rumor." said the man.

"It is no rumor and it can give me the strength to finally take hold of the mortal realm. You, Lady Illusion, would have been one of my best warriors if you did not fight for jealousy of Ace Lightening and Sparx. However, despite your love of Ace that allowed you to defy Lord Fear and myself I will make sure that your emotions will not control, but I will the one working the controls." said Kilobyte.

"Please, no, not that!" shouted the woman.

Four octopus tentacles emerged from Kilobyte's back and opened her cage. They wrapped around her waist and energy crackled around her. Her body glowed crimson and then returned to normal. Her eyes were emotionless but she was smiling evilly.

"You are the key to returning to the mortal realm and ridding the world of those weaklings." said Kilobyte.


In a mansion a man stood on a balcony watching the islands float in the sky. He wore a green tux, grey hair slicked back in a pony tail, a tiny beard, and his eyes were grey.

"I know that this no ghost work, but something else. I will have to check this out personally and these towers might hold the key." said the man.

He glowed and now looked like a vampire, he wore a purple and red cloak, and a black and white tux, his hair was shaped into a V formation and was black and grey. He flew to the islands and saw the metallic creatures that moved about the ground.

"Fascinating creatures, but I don't have time to for this." said the man.

He landed in front of a tower and walked towards it.

"There is no door, but then I have my powers." said the man.

However, when he placed his hand on the tower the wall exploded in a flash of light. He took his hand out and looked at it.

"That must be how you enter this tower." said the man.

He noticed a white light and saw Danny Phantom flying above the islands.

"How interesting, but I don't have time for old friends." said the man.

He walked into the tower. White light exploded around him and then he saw a platform with pale blue light glowing everywhere in the tower. There were data streams on the walls and the symbol on the platform glowed blue as he stepped in.

"Fascinating." said the man,

"Too bad you won't use this for yourself." said a voice.

He turned and saw Danny Phantom entering the tower.

"I am just trying to find out how this happened." said the man,

"Sorry if I don't believe you Vlad." said Danny.

Suddenly a computer screen appeared from behind Vlad and he looked to see. He looked at it with curiosity and placed his hand on it. Suddenly the screens and the data steams flew to them and they disappeared,

Futile Era

Inuyasha and his friends landed on one of the floating rocks near a tower.

"This tower might be the cause of it. I say we destroy it." said Inuyasha,

"That might not be the right choice. We need to find out what it is." said Miroku.

Kagome walked up to the tower with Shippo and Sango and placed her hand on it. Instead of touching something solid it exploded in a flash of light around her hand.

"I think I found a way in." said Kagome.

Little did they know, they were being watched. A woman with red eyes and pupils and black hair in a pony tail sat on a giant feather watching them enter. Near her two figures sat on a rocky platform. One wore a white baboon pelt with its skull over his face that hid his eyes and Kanna.

They were all covered in something that made them smell revolting so Inuyasha could not smell them.

"I should have known Inuyasha and his friends would have noticed this, but it doesn't matter. They can probably help me get the answers I want then I'll take the shards and kill them all." said Naraku.

Suddenly a flash of red light fired as they entered the tower. Inuyasha, his friends, and Naraku's group looked and saw crab like creatures and cubes with legs charge at them.

"You guys picked the wrong day to look for a fight." said Inuyasha.

He unsheathed his sword that instantly changed into a much larger sword and jumped into the air. The creatures fired at him, but they missed. He shouted "Wind scar!" as his sword hit the ground. The entire platform shook as energy blasted thought ground and towards the creatures.

The blocks moved aside as the crabs ran through. The blast sent them flying, but as the monsters flew over the edge their legs plunged into the rock and climbed back up.

"Damn, it didn't work." said Inuyasha,

"Is clear that they don't want us to enter the tower." said Miroku.

"You think?" asked Inuyasha, sarcastically.

Suddenly a tornado appeared in the distance heading for them.

"I know that scent." said Inuyasha, with venom in his voice.

The tornado appeared between Inuyasha and the monsters. It disappeared and in its place stood a man with long black hair tied behind his head.

"I should have you would have shown up here, mutt." said the man,

"I don't have time for this, wolf." said Inuyasha.

The monsters opened fire at them. Koga jumped into the air and kicked a crab. It flipped in the air, but it landed back on its feet.

"What? There's no way that thing could have withstood a kick like that!" said Koga,

"Maybe you're just losing it, not that I'm surprised." said Inuyasha.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared and the monsters were sliced in half. They exploded. In the light's place was Sesshomaru.

"So you are here, too." said Sesshomaru, looking at his 'dear' brother.

"I don't time for you." said Inuyasha.

They walked into the tower. A flash of white light and they stood on a platform with pale blue lights glowing everywhere. Naraku watched as they vanished into the tower. He turned Kanna and they appeared on her mirror.

Kagome looked and saw a blue square appear on the centre of the platform.

"What is that, Kagome?" asked Shippo,

"I don't know." said Kagome.

She placed her hand on it and images appeared everywhere. They looked and saw three fighting kids the same monsters they saw outside. They noticed there was a pink haired girl hiding.

"Everyone listen to me." said a voice.

They watched as the boy with pointy blonde hair blasted a creature that looked like a roach.

"I found the bug and I think the super calculator was infected with a virus." said the voice,

"That's crazy, why would Xana infect himself?" asked the boy.

"You never what thought enters Xana's head until he uses it, but it is clear that he is trying to change the rules on Lyoko." said the voice.

"Lyoko? Must be the name of the place where these towers and islands came from. But I don't know who this Xana person is." said Miroku,

"I might know how to find out." said Kagome.

Suddenly the images vanished and so did the lights. They all fell into a black void. Naraku watched as they vanished.

"Lyoko and Xana." he said under his breath.

He gestured Kagura and Kanna to follow him and they entered the tower. They walked onto the platform as the lights glowed around him. The same thing that happened to the others happened to them. They flew through a tunnel of blue light.

The Carnival

Lord Fear and his henchman walked towards a tower that glowed blue. They looked in awe as they noticed Lord Fear stretch his hand onto the wall and passed right through and white light glowed around it.

"What a tower, my lord." said Staff Head,

"Indeed my staff." said Lord Fear.

Suddenly the blue lights pulled them into a black void.

Near Kadic Junior High

Ulrich and the others landed on the ground. Suddenly Xana's monsters appeared out of the shadows. They noticed a new monster. It was a metallic spider (the one that appears in Season two).

"Looking for me?" asked a voice.

Xana appeared from behind the monsters.

"What have you done, Xana?" asked Aelita,

"Don't you mean what have we done?" asked Xana.

"You mean we all are responsible for this?" asked Odd,

"Your not as dumb as you look, Odd." said Xana.

The monsters opened fire as Xana walked away. Nearby Inuyasha and the others appeared out of a tower. They looked and saw the same kids they saw before fighting monsters. The monsters fired laser and Ulrich blocked them with his sword as the others moved.

Odd jumped as a Megatank fired at it. He landed on the back and blasted it. Aelita blocked the Block's lasers and swung her sword into their symbol.

"Look the monsters were destroyed when they stabbed those eyes." said Shippo,

"That is probably why we couldn't destroy them before." said Sango.

They watched as the Lyoko warriors fought the monsters. At another tower Naraku and his servants walked out of it. He saw the Lyoko warriors and chuckled. He noticed something else. The Lyoko warriors nearly destroyed them all, until they heard a voice.

"Wow, looks the accident didn't affect you, but even after that blast I'll still take you down." said a boy, nearby.

"We'll see about that, Xana." said Jeremy,

"Xana?" said Inuyasha.

"That must be the one who caused the occurrences back at the Futile Era." said Kagome.

Xana formed his arms into an X and then brought them to his side. As he spread his arms they glowed red. They fired red lasers at the Lyoko gang. They jumped and avoided Xana's attacks.

Ulrich moved at great speed Xana did not have time to react. Xana was knocked back. He growled at them.

"This was just a setback." said Xana.

He vanished into a puff of black smoke. They noticed several figures watching them and stood on a defensive stand.

"Who's there?" asked Ulrich,

"It's okay we are not enemies." said Kagome.

"Not all of us." said Inuyasha,

"Jeremy, do humans normally have dog ears?" asked Aelita.

Inuyasha got mad and took a step forward. Yumi and Ulrich stepped in front of him.

"Don't worry about him. He has a temper problem." said Kagome.

Inuyasha turned around and growled.

"My name is Kagome, and you are?" asked Kagome,

"My name is Yumi, this Ulrich that is Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita." said Yumi.

Kagome introduced the others and asked about Lyoko.

"It's some kind of alternate universe. We go there because a powerful being named Xana uses it to try to take over the world. We tried to stop him from his latest plan, but something happened and Xana was weakened from it. We were in Lyoko and now we are here." said Ulrich,

"And Lyoko was sent to our world too." said Miroku.

"Then it is a good thing that Xana was weakened from the accident or he could have controlled it and used it to take over." said Aelita,

"So how do we change it back?" asked Sango.

"Only Xana knows how to do that." said Jeremy,

"Then we find him and force him to tell us." said Inuyasha.

Naraku watched and listened with interest.

"So, this Xana controls Lyoko and has been weakened. This is getting interesting." said Naraku.