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The bandit is clean despite his profession, priding his looks and his skills, both as a warrior and manipulator, smiling as he leaves the brothel, his desires sated for now.

The women watch him with calculating eyes, not knowing he is nothing but desire. The men watch him closely, as if he can show them why he is so much better off than they. Only the children stay away from him, as if they can sense what lies beneath.

The hanyou is dirty and underfed, and keeps his head low, a scowl on his face. He is an orphan now, alone in a world full of hate and cold.

The women back in fear, whispering amongst themselves, while the men raise their fists and grumble, wanting to hit, to hurt the boy for being different. Neither one even thinks to pity the boy.

The children shriek and insult, laughing at his loneliness, his pain, his orphan status.

That is the cruelest thing of all.

The hanyou bumps the bandit, and destiny is born.

The bandit growls and kicks the boy away, snarling and spitting, full of hate.

The hanyou narrows his eyes and wants to tear with his claws, but fears the villager's reprisal. Instead he tried to fight with fists, trying to hide what he is.

His blows are strong, and the bandit wheezes, his new armor scratched and dented from the force of the boy's rage.

But the man is still a man, even if the boy is a hanyou.

With contempt, the man punches the boy in the face.

The hanyou falls to the floor, pride and body injured.

With a laugh, the bandit steps on the boy's clenched fist, and walks away.

It will not be the last time he leaves the hanyou wounded and angry.

For a moment, the hanyou wants to follow, to rip the man's throat out.

Destiny skips a beat. Crossroads form.

The moment passes, and the bandit is too far away.

It will not be the last time the bandit escapes the hanyou's grasp.

The hanyou scowls and walks the other way.

The bandit has won this day.

Not for the last time either.

The bandit will be much more than a mere bandit the next time they meet.

The hanyou will have much more hate in him the next time they meet.

But the battle will remain the same.