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Stupid Tuesdays
Rogue thought while at her locker. There's nothing special about them. You can hate Mondays because they're the start of the week. Wednesday's 'Hump Day,' and Thursday is almost Friday. Slamming the metal door, she turned around and headed towards the exit. Once outside, the bright sun pained her eyes. Great. Now I'm gonna melt as I walk home. Sighing, she began her half hour walk back to the mansion. Once, she paused and looked around her, thinking she heard someone behind her. Seeing no one, she continued onward.

Half way through her walk, however, a car pulled up next to her. Stopping, the doors opened and out walked Duncan Matthews and six of his football buddies. Sizing up her odds, Rouge figured she could take them all on; however there was sure to be absorption and a lot of pain on her part. Duncan walked up to her, his fellow athletes right behind him. "Hey there, Mutie."

"Get away, Duncan. I'm not in the mood for you and your idiot cronies."

"Aww, ya hear that, guys? Little Roguey's in a bad mood. I think we all know a way to make her feel better." Duncan winked at the other troublemakers.

"What are you talking about?"

"Can't tell ya. That'd ruin our surprise." Before she could react, a stocky blond boy kneed Rogue in the stomach. Doubled over, she looked up to see Duncan's shoe kick her in the face. Now on the ground, she only then comprehended the situation. However, before she could think of a smart battle plan, Duncan whipped out a sliver collar. Silver collar! Rogue screamed in her head. As fast as Pietro, he had the collar around Rogue's neck. Instantly, her head became groggy, and she couldn't really think straight. The last thing she remembered was being struck at the base of her skull, rendering her unconscious.

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