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"C'mon Kim! Stop pulling! I'm coming!" Ron Stoppable whined to his girlfriend, Kim Possible, as she was pulling him harshly out of the doorway while he was trying to take off his shoes. "You're gonna make me fall!"

"Aww. Poor baby," she mocked, sticking out her lower lip before she laughed.

He finally kicked off his shoe, and with a yank from Kim fell on his face, much to her amusement. "See what you made me do? That could've left a bruise."

In between giggles she managed out, "Yeah – right."

Setting his jaw and appearing angry Ron said, "Well your Mom did just clean – I didn't want to make a mess." Having gained composure Kim managed to roll her eyes. Ron saw her, and a sudden idea came to him. He charged at her unexpectedly, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. Yelling profanities, threats, and the usual, Kim was carried at top speed all through the empty house. Empty living room, empty kitchen, empty bedroom, there's the kitchen again, empty bedroom, empty downstairs, empty upstairs.

Finally Ron halted in the living room, plopping Kim on the couch, and then lying on top of her. "You're mean," she pouted.

"No I'm not."

"Then what the hell was that?"

Smiling he said, "Retaliation."

"I wasn't that bad."


"Then why'd you do it?"

"It was fun." Kim rolled her eyes again at his idea of 'fun', carrying her all around her empty house unexpectedly. All of a sudden, Kim noticed that Ron's head was resting on her chest, and lower she noticed she was feeling parts of Ron she had never before, and it had an odd effect on her. At first she was freaked out, and then she felt a little bit awkward, but by the end of five seconds there was a feeling filling her body up that had never truly been there before.

Ron, lying on Kim, noticed these things too, and had almost the same reaction; except he hid his reactions a little more by pretending to be half-sleeping, half catching his breath. Seemingly instantaneous both locked eyes and then mouths together. Becoming lost in each other, neither noticed as Kim somehow ended up lying on Ron as they were on the floor next to the couch instead of on top of the couch. After a while Ron noticed his hand was up Kim's shirt and her hand was up his.

To save them from awkwardness when Ron broke their kissing spree; on a whim he picked up Kim again and ran her around the house much as before, except they both were laughing and he was going full speed. Stopping this time at the base of Kim's stairs, Ron dropped her gently on her feet.

Just then, Ron's pants crumpled to his feet. Yet before he could moan out the standard, 'Aww man.' Kim spoke up. "Leave 'em."

"What?" he asked, bewildered.

"C'mon." She took his hands and started to pull him upwards. Looking relatively lost, he started to climb after her, but after two slow steps it suddenly dawned on him. Replacing his befuddled expression was one of concern – which Kim returned with a reassuring smile, nodding and saying, "Just wait until you see what's in the drawer."

Ron never did get to moan his standard, 'Aww man.' Instead, both he and Kim did a whole different type of moaning that night. "Yep," they'd say, "three months is an incredible anniversary."

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