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It was finally the end of the school year and summer vacation had already started and most kids were sleeping in and enjoying the warm summer days.

In the run down part of Gotham City a black raven could be seen flying through the window of an old shabby apartment building.

The raven flew into a dark room, small and plain, the only items that were small drawer with a mirror on top of it, bookshelves and a small bed. It gracefully made it's way to the bed where there was a sleeping figure. It hopped to the top of her head before it started to softly peck her cheeks and ears. The raven started to peck harder before the sleeping figure started to stir. "Not now Spero it's to early," she said as she rolled over. The raven made its way to her face again and started to peck some more. She grunted to herself as she got up from her bed and went toward her drawer.

As she took out her clothes she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was just like any fifteen-year-old teenage girl, except for her short purple hair and her pale skin, which were the reasons she received looks from everyone and her lack of friends. Her cold personality also made it a lot harder to find friends. And being named after the dark bird, Raven also attracted more attention. Okay, so she wasn't your typical teenager.

She changed into a pair of black jeans with chains hanging down from them and a black hooded sweater and quickly brushed her hair. The raven flew toward her and landed gracefully on her hand. As she was petting the raven's head it bit her index finger causing a cut, nothing serious but it still hurt. "What's wrong with you today?" she asked as she exited her room and went towards the kitchen.

The apartment she lived in was not the biggest or the most elegant but it was home. Two rooms, a bathroom, and a small kitchen were all that it consisted off. In the kitchen there was a table that seated two people. On one of the chairs was an elderly woman slowly sipping her tea, you could tell just by looking at her that she was very old and fragile. And her eyes were filled with wisdom. This was Azar, Raven's guardian.

Raven reached the table and sat on the chair. They were seated in silence until Azar finally spoke up. "Raven I need you to go to the store, to buy shampoo, tissues, and some tea," she said as she made her way to the sink and put the mug down. "You will need them later." She went to the cupboard and took out a small jar filled with dollar bills. She got out a twenty-dollar bill and gave it to Raven, "That should be enough," Raven accepted the money and nodded and made the short distance to the door. "Oh and Raven," she turned around to see Azar sitting at the table again, "be careful." The way she said it made Raven nervous, never had she heard that fear in Azar. "I will, don't worry," she said reassuringly before opening the door, "I'll be back soon," she said before heading out the hall and closing the door. Leaving Azar alone inside fidgeting with a napkin on the table.

Raven made her way to the end of the hall where the stairs were located. She went down the four flights of stairs and went outside. As she went outside there was a man in a dark jacket and a hat covering his hair and most of his face went inside the building. Although his face was covered she could make out a scar along the side of his. She had never seen him before, but since she hardly knew any of her neighbors thought nothing of it.

Forty-five minutes had passed and she slowly walked back home with a plastic bag in one hand. Since the store was only a couple of blocks down there was no need to take a car or bus.

As she walked she kicked a crushed aluminum can. That was something very common on this side of Gotham, trash. Trash on the streets, people being killed and mugged at least once a week. It was something you got used to living in Gotham.

She kept walking until she was a block away and the old shabby apartment building was in view. Parked outside of the building there were police cars and an ambulance was beginning to drive away. She hastened her pace and made her way to the apartment building. She quickly started climbing some of the stairs and reached her apartment. She quickly dropped the plastic bag on the floor at what she saw.

Inside the apartment almost everything was covered in blood, there was blood on the floor, the table, the walls, everywhere.

One of the policemen in the room saw Raven's enter the room and quickly approached her.

"What happened?" she asked urgently as he approached her, she had a pretty good idea of what happened she was just afraid to accept the truth.

"Someone broke in, we are not sure who, but they killed your guardian. I am sorry for your loss." As he said these words she closed her eyes as she felt the tears forming around her eyes and fall slowly. "By the looks of it he didn't want any money since nothing looks like it's missing. She had these when we found her we thought you might want them" he gently dropped two golden rings, they looked similar to wedding bands, and both of them had an inscription on them in a different language. She never knew what they meant, but the words always brought comfort to her, Azerath Metrion Zinthos. She held them, looking at them before slipping them on both her index fingers.

"Do you have any relatives?" another man in a suit and a briefcase asked breaking her out of her trance, she looked at him before slowly shaking her head. "I am going to have to take you to the orphanage since you have no one to take you," he stated simply with no emotion in his voice. She started to walk down the hall towards her room before he heard him shout, "Hurry it up too."

She quickly packed her few possessions and let Spero fly out the window knowing he would be able to fly to her new home.

She quietly walked out of the apartment and picked up the plastic bag that she had dropped. She's right I am going to need them. They went outside and she got in a black car. He started the engine and started driving, as the car kept going further and further she watched her home disappear from sight.

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