Raven awoke the nexit morning to yelling and clattering from downstairs. She looked across the room and saw Kori's bed empty and made. She went over to the closet and withdrew her clothes for the day. She quietly opened the door and made sure no one was in the hall before quietly heading to the bathroom. She was grateful that no one was in the bathroom either and took a quick shower.

After she was done with her shower she went back to her room and closed the door. She really hated that the doors did not have locks on them so she locked it the only way she knew how. She moved her small twin bed, which was not that hard since the ends had wheels on them, and used it to block the door. It may not have been the best way to lock the door but it would keep the others from bothering her so it was good enough for her. She sat on her bed with her back leaning against the wall, brought her knee to her chest and started to think.


Everyone one was downstairs eating breakfast. The table was filled with a variety of foods. There were food items from cereal to bacon to orange juice to soymilk. Everyone was sitting around the large table reaching out for the things they wanted to eat and talking among themselves. That is until Gar decided to speak out. "Hey where's the new girl?" Everyone fell silent and looked around.

"She's probably still upstairs I'm sure she'll come down later." Assured Vic.

A few hours later…

It was about six o'clock and everyone was in the living room, the boys were playing video games while the girls watched them play and talked among themselves.

"The new girl hadn't come out all day shouldn't we start worrying?" asked Gar as he viciously pressing the buttons of the controller.

"I believe Gar is correct, perhaps we could ask her to join us in the 'girl talk'." said Kori as she headed upstairs. "Here, I'll come with." Terra said as she caught up with her.

Moments later…

"So how'd it go?" asked Vic as Kori and Terra returned.

"Not very good I'm afraid," said Kori as she took a seat on the couch.

"What happened?" asked Vic as he paused the video game.

"Well, we knocked once," started Kori.

"She didn't answer." Continued Terra.

"Then we tried a second time,"

"And she still didn't answer,"

"So we decide to try again,"

"And she still doesn't answer."

"So we decide to try once more but then she tells us, um…I think you should say it Terra."

"She says that if we bang on the door one more time she'll bang our heads together and see how we like it." Finished Terra.

"Well she seems friendly." says Wally as he eats potato chips.

"Yeah, a ball of sunshine if you ask me," says Vic.

"Well you can't blame her we were all pretty ticked when we arrived here," said Richard as everyone nodded in agreement.

As Vic gets off the couch he asks Gar, "Why don't we try to get her out." So he and Gar head up the stairs. Soon Roy follows them up the stairs, "No one can resist me," he says as he fixes his hair. At this both Vic and Gar start snickering.

Moments Later…

"Did you guys have better luck?" asks Richard as he sees the guys approaching.

"Nope," Vic takes a seat "we asked her if she wanted to play stankball or if she wanted to referee. She said no and then called us immature pinheads."

"Yeah and to make it worse Roy tells her that if she were to come out she would get the chance of a lifetime…getting a date with him." As Gar said this the whole room broke out in laughter. "And then she calls him a man whore" Gar finished as everyone laughed even harder as Roy tried to ignore them.

"Please what is this 'man whore' of which you speak of?" asked a confused Kori.

"I'll explain it later" assures Richard.

"Just one question." Starts Bee, "If we don't even play stankball with you what would make you think that she'd want too?"

"I don't know I just thought it might get her out." Says and irritated Vic.

"Well, if she said no to girl talks and stankball maybe she'll accept a bribe for food," said Jinx as she made her way upstairs.

Moments later…

"So did you have any luck?" asks Wally as he continues to eat chips.

"Nope, apparently she's not hungry, which I highly doubt since she hasn't eaten anything since yesterday." Said Jinx.

"Well," says Vic with an evil smile on his face, "if she won't come out we'll just have to go in." He went to the kitchen while the others followed, he opened a door, which led to the back yard.

The back yard was fairly large. In the corner was a large oak tree, under the tree was a doghouse reading Soto as a green mutt slept in it.

Vic went to the garage and took out a long ladder, long enough to reach the second floor window and set it up.

"Okay so wants to go up there?" asked Vic excitedly. Everyone stayed silent until all eyes stopped on Gar.

"What! Why me?" Gar yelled.

"Well let's see, you were the first one who decided to get her out." Started Vic.

"She doesn't want any girl talks so that leaves us out" continued Terra.

"I doubt she wants to see me," continues Roy.

"I gotta finish these chips," says Wally lamely looking for an excuse not to go.

"It be way funnier seeing you go." Finished Richard with a smirk.

"So good luck." Vic says as he pushes Gar towards the ladder.

"I hate you guys so much right now," he says as he starts climbing the ladder. When he gets to the second floor window of Raven's room he came face to face with Spero. "Uh...nice birdie." He stammers before Spero starts clawing at his face and hands. "Ow...Ow...a little help here please," he cries as Spero continues to claw at him while Raven just looks in amusement.

She lets out a soft whistle and automatically Spero comes flying towards her hand.

"Hey," he says gaining back his composure "can I come in?"

"No, now go away." She says while petting Spero.

He came in anyway knowing he would get in a lot of trouble.

"Look, we probably started off on the wrong foot, you know with us bothering you and all, so lets start over, hi I'm Gar." He said as he outstretched his hand.

She just stared at it as if it was some foreign object.

"Here it looks like your new at this meeting part, so let me help you," he said as he approached her and took her hand in his own and started to shake it slowly. "and now you say your name."

She rolled her eyes at his childishness, "Raven."

"See now that wasn't so bad" he said as he let go of her hand and gave a goofy grin.

She just kept on glaring at him.

"So…" he started "will you tell me why you locked yourself up?"

She took a deep sigh knowing he wouldn't leave till she told him, "I just really need to think."

"You want to talk about it" he asked as he stuffed his hands in his pocket.

She shook her head.

"Ya know it helps when you talk about it," he said as he sat near the edge of her bed.

"I know…but if you want to help me you'll leave me alone at least until tomorrow."

"Okay, but promise tomorrow you'll actually come out of your room tomorrow."


"I'm not leaving until you promise."

"Fine I promise." She said in an annoyed voice.

"Good well…goodnight" he said as he started to climb down the stairs.

Maybe it won't be so bad here.

"Ouch" she heard Gar cry and hurried to the window to see him lying on his back.

"I'm okay," he said as he got up and hurried inside trying to hide his blushing.

"He's a weird one isn't he?" she whispered to Spero.

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