Ch. 20 Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday Isabel!" shouted the 4 year old's Rittenhouse family.

"How old are you Isabel?" Lana asked.

"I'm four years old today!" the beautiful little girl said as she held up four fingers to prove it.

"Wow! You're a big girl now!" Kayla said.

The little girl smiled. Her big brown eyes glowed with excitement. She was an absolute spitting image of Lu. Her brown hair was curled into little curls that hung just over her shoulders. Everyone was always telling Lu what a beautiful little girl she was growing up to be.

"Mommy, can we have some cake now?"

"Of course you can! What kind of a birthday would this be without cake?" Lu said as she proceeded to cut Isabel's Barbie cake.

"Mommy, can Alex have some cake too?" Isabel asked, referring to her 3 month old baby brother. He was sleeping peacefully in his dad's arms.

"Maybe next year. He's still too young. Okay?"

"Okay." said the little girl, who by now was starting to dunk her finger into the cake frosting.

"Hey everyone!" Andy called from the doorway. "Sorry we're late!"

"What took you so long? We were getting worried!" Peter said sarcastically.

"So what did the test say Andy?" Lu asked.

"We're having a boy!" Milo exclaimed.

"Congratulations!" everyone cheered.

Andy and Milo had been married for a little over a year, and were now expecting their first child.

"Alright everyone! It's time for Isabel to open her presents," Jonas said, as he handed Isabel her first present.

She got a variety of dolls, and even an Easy Bake Oven.

Everyone enjoyed themselves at the party. They all remembered back to the day that this beautiful little girl came into their lives. By the end of the party, Isabel was sound asleep in her mother's arms. The party adjourned and everyone left the clinic.

As Lu and Jonas were driving home, Jonas kept going on and on.

"I can't believe that she's four years old already."

"I know. But you know, we do have yet another fourth birthday." Lu smiled as she turned around and checked on the two small children sleeping in the back.

"Yeah. We've had a great four years." Jonas said as they pulled into the drive.