The Odyssey, between Season 2, final and Seaosn 3, beginning...

Unfornately, we never did get to see Jay wake up from his coma. Well, maybe we sorta of did, but we never saw the actual thing. So what about....

Secret Episode1: Brad's Tales

DOWNWORLD: Macro continued to search around in the pyramid. Angry and fustrated. He turned around to face Fractal and Finger who both were searching too.
"He can't have disappeared! .... there IS no other exit from this pyramid! Especially not the dad! He CAN'T have either! We HAD a deal!" Macro continued searching. Alpha, Flash, and Medea only smiled. Flash nodded his head, but then.... realized, Jay's gone. But... nothing was happening.
"Hey! There's no earthquakes,.. or storms! Or stuff!" Flash announced. Everyone was surprised by the fact and started to notice this too. Jay had come into their world as the "Wrecker" as Medea announced long ago, when she was of the Tower scheme. She tried to rid of him, but THAT was what made him the wrecker. He was only the wrecker if he LEFT the world. So she tried to keep him in.
"Well," Fractal said cleaning his lenses as he stepped out from the pyramid. He put his glasses back on, smiled and waled down the steps behind Flash and Alpha. "You see, I have this theory called relatives. I'm thinking, perhaps because Jay and his father is connected somehow, and only Jay left, and his father is still here.... well. Let me put this in a simple way."
"Please." said Macro walking out. Fractal gulped.
"Jay and his father are connected somehow. If one leaves, the world is fine as long as one of them stays back. So you see, my theory is that the dad is still here. He musn't have gone far. I mean, how can a dad who's really tall escape from there?" Macro sighed and walked up to Fractal and lifted him up by the collar of his shirt. Marco pushed him againest a wall and breathed on his neck.
"Look Fractal, I want the dad NOW!" Macro realeased him and grunted, then went to his throne room. Finger followed and snapped his fingers. Two monitors came down and waited beside the stair rails.
Only then did Flash, Alpha, and Medea start to help Fractal search for the dad.

UPWORLD: Val looked at Max. Angry at him for giving Jay that needle. Without her permission. She hated for her son to be in the coma any longer than he is supposed to be n it. She felt lonely, she had to admit. But angry for this. She wanted Jay back awake as soon as he could be.
Max sighed.
"It was the only thing I could do for Jay Val... and you know it. If I didn;t, he might've hurt himself and break loose of the straps."
"Are you calling my son a maniac?"
"Well, Val, no, but I-"
Val was steaming. Max was a good doctor, but right now, he was the rival. She stood up and walked over to him and pointed her finger at his chest. And looked him in the eyes with furious, angry eyes starring coldly at him.
"Look Max, I don't see MY son being a maniac..." she panted for a couple seconds before speaking again. Her voice was raised. "Now realease those straps!..." she waited as Max just shook his head in confusion. Val pointed at the bed. "NOW! DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?" Max shook his head and grabbed Val's shoulders. He starred into her eyes.
"Val.. I'm doing this to prevent Jay from hurting himself.. now why don't you leave? I'll call you if anything comes up." he said. Val only starred and shrugged off his hands. She proceeded to the door, took one last look at the doctor, and slammed the wooden door shut on him.

DOWNWORLD: Fractal gave up after 15 minutes of non-stop searching. He walked over to the monitors and told them something. They followed him upstairs into Macro's throne.
Alpha sighed and looked around and rose her arms into the air.
"They can't be in here!" she shouted. Flash sighed as Medea and Alpha started to walk outside when Flash took one last look at the inside sturture. It was cold, dark, and appeared wet, but wasn't. The lights let up the place, the bed surrounding it- Hey...
Alpha turned back to see Flash going back in. She let out a big sigh. "FLASH! Get back here! We HAVE to go!... ARGH! Boys!" she followed him inside. Medea shook her head, she though she'd regret this, but hurried inside as well.
Flash looked inside the bed. Under the blankets was something moving. He quickly removed it. A hand grasped at his throat. Flash had a deep breathe take in. It was Jay's dad who had grasped him. He's strong, thought Flash silently. The dad sighed and let go. Flash's muscles relaxed as the others came in, mouths wide open, jaws flat onto the ground.
"You kids are full of it! All stubborn!" Jay's dad said in fustration. Keith put his hand on the dad's shoulder. Jay's father looked at it, then slowly inched his head towards Keith's face. Giving him the "what now?" face.
"Where's Jay?"

UPWORLD: Max sighed and starred at Jay. He looked so calm and peacful in his bed. While the nurse told him Jay was acting real strange earlier. He saw it too. It's just that Val didn't understand how Jay was acting. That's all.
"Um, Max?" Max turned around to look at his nurse, straight in the face. His white shirt was following his turn.
"So what are you going to do? Jay's mom isn't happy about this. She's going to be alone even longer..."
"Well, what choice did we HAVE?" asked Max raising his voice. Donna and Keith, who just walked in hurried to Jay's side. Donna nearly tripping, but she made it. They looked at Jay, all strapped down to the bed. Keith looked at the scene strangely. Strapping down a coma boy to the bed? These doctors ARE paranoia, Keith thought. Donna shook her head and looked at Max. Keith looked too and did the talking for the both of them.
"Why'd you do this?" Max sighed. Keith looked at him. He MUST be getting annoyed. What'd I say? Oh. Why'd you do this? I mean, come on! Why strap up a boy who's in a DEEP SLEEP? Keith was snapped back to reality by Max's fingers.
"Will you kids PLEASE leave? I think I want Jay to be at rest. I'll take off the straps.. BUT! NO questions asked." Max waited as the hestitaing two stood at the bedside. Max got annoyed and started to raise his voice, now adding a shooing action.
"Well? Scram! Scram!" The two left immediatly. Max sighed and looked at the nurse. She shrugged and put down the clipboard to help Max release the straps. They put it to the side and left, closing the door behind them.

DOWNWORLD: Jay's dad glared at them and gave them the hands down signal. Flash reluctently sat down between Alpha and Medea. Brad got up and out of the bed and walked onto the floor, the hard rock floor the monitors had made. Flash was eager to know, he was the most trustworthy of Jay... his best friend. At least, that's what Flash beleived and thought he knew.
"Look, Jay is back at home. Where HE belongs. In the other world. I don't BELONG there anymore. NOW DO I?" he said stubbornly. Flash stayed calm. His fist was about to knock him off his socks, but he stayed cooled.
"Look, Jay belongs there. I'm his dad. I can't go back."
"Oh? Why not? Is it impossible to?" said Keith talking back. Alpha was more amazed by the fact and spoke up.
"Why not? We saw pictures... pictures of a mom, and me, and Flash, but different looking... Jay was lying in a bed. Sleeping. But the real question is, if Jay's is there, why can't a dad be there too?"
"Why, dad's can live there."
"Then why not you? Scared?" asked Flash fooling around. Medea elbowed him and heard a flinch. It always worked.
"Yes. That world is a world shared by both the adults and the kids. Why, all of us were kids, or are kids. But all of us will become adults someday, if not already." Brad said.
"Why are you scared? Jay needs you. He's been looking all over for you and now you sent him home. Are all father's so cruel? Or is it just YOU!" Flash said. Alpha looked at him angrily.
"Flash!" she said angry at him. Brad calmed them down.
"No, it's alright Alpha. Flash, I'm not cruel.. it's just... I can't go back for personal reasons. I really wish to be with Jay, and the mom as you call her..... I never wanted to leave them." Alpha stood up.
"Jay always says every adult we see is HIS mom and dad... do.. do..-"
"Do we have moms and dads too?" Flash said ending her sentence. Brad smiled.
"Of course. Everyone has a mom and dad. Ha, even I do!"
"I wonder how tall the big lug is." Flash whispered to Medea.
"Imagine his strength!"
"Whoa! Think of his age!"
But Alpha was thinking harder than ever.
"But.. if your Jay's dad. And that mom who spoke to Jay is HIS mom... Who's our mom and dad? Are they in Jay's world, scared to come here? On the other side of the wall?" Brad put his arms to his hips and sighed. Then he opened them wide and shrugged while smiling at them. We walked to Alpha and put a hand on her shoulder.
"I don't know Alpha. Maybe in the other world, you'll know."
"Jay's home? That.. that scary place?"
"What's so scary about it?" Brad asked Alpha confused.
"Well... well, in those images we saw.. well.. well" she felt like crying, but she held it in. Alpha didn't want to cry, especially in front of a dad. "There was this thing on my.. weird self.. it was wrapped around my leg... and and.... I'm scared of it." she said. Brad sighed.
"Oh come on, that's nothing Alpha. It's probably something to help you walk."
"Why? Can't she already?" asked Medea.
"Well, you'd understand more if you were there... now don't cry Alpha." Alpha had already shed some tears. Brad grabbed a kleenex from his pocket and wiped her eyes. He put it inside Alpha's purse, slapped it and stood up smiling.
"Well gang, that's all I can say. The rest is MY secret. Not for any of you to know." Except for Jay, Brad said silently in his head. Flash stood up.
"Ahem, we need some answers. Where's our mom and dad? How can we get to your world to find Jay? We need answers from you. A dad. Or do you not have brains?"
"Flash!" Alpha said again. Brad calmed her down and put a reassuring hand on Flash. Flash sat as Brad's hand pushed him down.
"Okay Flash, boy, your sure stubborn." he said. The dad took a step forward, not looking at anything in particular, as if frozen in time. He stopped and starred at the ground. He missed Jay, and his wife. Why couldn't he go back home?
"Oh, uh, sorry. But Flash, those questions I don't really know the answers to! For all I know, your mom and dad might be in Honalulu!"
"Honalulu?" Medea asked confused. She never heard of such a strange named place.
"It's a place." Brad said. "To get into Jay's world? Well... that, I can't answer."
"Then how does Jay do it? He disappears and then reappears in weird places." Flash said.
"You must get to Jay's world by yourself. I can't help you there. Now I must leave before Macro finds me again." Brad said. He waved goodbye and slowly inched at the door. Medea stopped him and glanced outside. She saw no monitors whatsoever. She signaled them.
Flash, Alpha, Brad, and Medea quickly escaped. They ran from the pyramid and ran up the stairs. Flash grabbed a chair and threw it through the window. Glass shattered everywhere and the alarms sounded. Brad went first and jumped out of the window. He landed on a huge pile of grass. Then he looked both ways and ran. Flash wasn't done with him just yet.
"Hey! Get back here!" he jumped next, but slipped on the wall. Brad turned around to see Flash fall onto the soft, grass. He sighed and continued to run, into the forest. Alpha went next and Medea quickly followed after her as a monitor nearly caught her.
They dusted themselves off and looked at each other.
"That was close." Alpha said. Medea nodded as they ran after Flash and Brad into the forest.

UPWORLD: Jay's mind returned to conciousness. He opened his eyes surprsed, expecting his dad. Jay wanted so badly to talk to his dad, or just to see him. After all those years, Brad was alive. And Jay was determined to ask him more. He missed him. His visit yesterday night was treasured deep within Jay's heart.
Jay's eyes darted to the right. The window lay opened. The wind blew at the white curtains. There was a machine there, with straps on top of it. Jay just looked at them. Glaring at them. They were off of him. Jay couldn't smile yet. He did yesterday when he saw Brad... but now... he didn't. Jay then turned his head slowly to the left. The bedroom end table. A mirror, a closet, lots of items. Hey! He said silently to himself. That's my King Arthur book!
He sighed and lay his head straight. It was that poster! Wait... she looks like Medea! Jay said silently to himself. Oh, why did dad run away? When will we ever become a family again?


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