The Odyssey, between Season 2, final and Seaosn 3, beginning...

Unfornately, we never did get to see Jay wake up from his coma. Well, maybe we sorta of did, but we never saw the actual thing. So what about....

Secret Episode5: Is This Home?

UPWORLD: "Jay can you hear me?" Sierra repeated. Jay looked at her, she seemed worried, and lonely. He didn't want to reply yet, so he just blinked at her. The famous actor worried about Jay? THAT was funny.
"ANSWER ME!" she said. Then Donna put a hand on her shoulder.
"Wait, maybe Jay doesn't know who we are.. and I think one blink means yes, right Jay?" Jay blinked once. How come they were acting strange? I don't know who they are? Are they nuts or something? OF COURSE I know who they are! Sierra Jones, Keith, and Donna, what's so hard about that? Jay thought.
Just then, Keith kneeled beside Medea. He looked at Jay with a "Gosh.." face.
"Can't you move Jay? What's wrong with you? Come on! You told us all about home! It's great! But why aren't you doing something?" Jay looked at them, confused. He didn't understand. What are they talking about?
"Jay, it's us!" Jay looked at Donna, who was talking to him. What DO they mean? I don't get it you guys. I know it's you Donna! What's so different abot you guys today? What is it? You guys know I am in a coma, possibly getting out of one, and I can't move! What? don't you remember? I have trouble talking already, let alone move!
Keith grabbed Jay's arm and tried to make him get up, but Jay felt pain surging through his body! He mumbled, then it turned into...
"NO!!!!" Keith let go, as Jay tried to put his arm back where it was. He glared at Keith, then to the others. Jerk! Why didn't you stop him? Jay pretended to say to them. Donna looked at Jay. Medea held Jay's hand in hers. She grasped them tightly, not too tight though. She looked at Jay, even more worried.
"Jay.. it's Medea! Flash and Alpha are here with me, don't you remember?" Jay's mind flashed! How could they get here? he asked himself over and over. Sierra hugged Jay and kneeled down again. Keith sighed.
"Maybe in this world he can't talk."
"Nonsense! Everyone else can!" Donna said disagreeing with Keith. Keith sighed and looked down. He focused on nothing. Sierra looked at Jay, who looked at her. Unmoving eyes.
"Jay... are you okay? PLEASE speak to us." Jay thought for a moment, this would hurt. But why were they here? Why should he talk to them. He thought, and then formed this into one simple word. He slowly opened his mouth, it would hurt to speak, so early in the morning.
"W-w-w-w-whhhyyy-y-y-y?" he asked. The gang looked at poor Jay. His voice sounded so sweet in this world, Sierra said to herself. He even smelled beautiful.
Jay didn't know if they understood him, but he just hoped they did. This was certainly odd. How COULD they have got here? Certainly strange, bizzare, out of this world. Jay was hungry, VERY hungry. When would the nurse come in? But wait... he had to focus on these important matters.
"Wow, does it hurt to talk?" Donna asked. Jay blinked once.
"Oh.. I'm sorry I made you talk Jay." Sierra said, aka. Medea. Jay showed a faint smile. The gang only smiled back at him. This was a great, confusing day. Then the door opened, it was the nurse with the lunch meal. Now Jay was fed by the nurse, who cared for lots of patients before. But this was the same, chubby one who opened his morning curtains.
She put the tray on the bedstand to Jay's left. The kdis watched her fix up Jay's blanket. He turned towards her. Yay! I'm starving! The other kids sighed and back out of the room. The nurse dipped the spoon into the chicken noodle soup and lifted it out. She put her hand under the spoon and told Jay to open his mouth. He opened it as she put it in. He swallowed it happily. Tasted nice, warm, and fresh, like always. His mom sent the care center food for Jay sometimes, this Chicken Noodle Soup was once of them. Jay loved his mom's cooking! Tasted the best and always got his tummy full!
"Yummy Chicken Noodle Soup from mom, ain't it Jay?" she said. Jay blinked once and drank the next spoon of soup.

Keith, Donna, and Sierra now sat outside on the porch, waiting to go in. They all had a hearty meal for breakfast,and were getting a bit hungry. But not THAT hungry enough to go out yet. Keith found a yo-yo in his pocket and learned how to play with it. Donna was practicing to walk with the leg brace, and other types of movements she could do. Sierra looked at the sun and imagined tall people inhabiting the other world. Or the wall broken.
HONK HONK! They all turned their heads over to see someone step out from a car. She was a mom, and pretty tall and nice looking. Just then, Keith remembered her from the picture in the crystal! Jay's mom! Wow!
She walked up to the door, waved and walked in. They all turned their heads back to what they were doing before. Keith wondered, what's a coma? A deep sleep or something? Donna wondered, it's great here, but when can I walk without these?!?!?! And Sierra?
If the wall broke down, then the world back there would combine with this one? Nah. Too cheesy. How about, if the sun dissolved, both worlds would team up together? Nah, just as cheesy.

After feedng time, the group came back in. Jay WISHED he could have rolled his eyes, but instead, he tried to grunt. It sort of worked, but REALLY hurt himself. Keith sat on a chair in the corner with the yo-yo in hand. Donna and Sierra talking to Jay.
"Jay, we like it here. Can we stay here too?" Donna asked. Jay was taken back by this. How can you guys stay? This is your OTHER HALF side! I unfornately am a whole myslef,.. I think. But you guys can't possilby stay here.
So Jay blinked twice. Donna gave a humph in disgust. Sierra placed a hand on Jay's stomach. He didn't bother do anything about that. Oh, now they probably don't trust me because of a measely no answer!
"Why not Jay?" asked Sierra. You honestly THINK I can even ANSWER the question, don't you? Well, I can't. And you can't stay because this if your OTHER HALFS HOME! I live here, this is my home.. you guys.... Jay just blinked, naturally.
"Yes, WHY Jay? We want to hear WHY?" Sierra asked. Jay would've smacked himself for that. WHY did he HAVE to blink at that time when natural instincts took over for a couple seconds? Jay sighed to himself. He couldn't talk, maybe one of them was smart enough to know that.
"Hey, you guys, remember Jay has a hard time talking? Give him a break." Keith said fromm the corner. Jay was releived and looked at Keith. He blinked once. Then inside himself, he said THANK YOU!!!!!!
Sierra looked at Jay. Her face so sad, the reflection of the sunshine was so bright on her cheek. Jay looked at her, he did miss her. But his mom comforted him, not the way she did. But his mom IS more trustworthy. Even though Jay did like Medea.
"So... I guess we don't belong here huh? BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD! I like it here. But I guess until adults cooperate with kids,.... we must be seperate." Medea kissed Jay on the forehead, and left the room with the others. Jay was sad for them to leave, company, but he knew it was the right thing for them to do.

DOWNWORLD: Wanted posters were planted on trees, and buildings everywhere! Huge rewards for the four. The biggest waiting for Jay. Macro wanted them back, he wanted to tease them, and needed to brag to them. But the most important reason was the upset of balance. If kids keep on going to the other world, this world will become unbalanced. So they scared kids and ordered them to find them in this world. Scared them that the other world contained adults and kids combined! And lots of other meanful things to say.
A small, brown haired kid called Weasel slinked into the forest, searching for Jay, Flash, Alpha, and Medea. He looked under every tree, IN every tree, but no hope.
Then he arrived into the clearing. His eyes darted about. Where the heck? A whole hearty meal! ARGH! I am hungry! Where are those people? Weasel wasn't the smartest kid around, but he was smart! He was sneaky, and worked for no one but himself. His best friend was his partner, but he was searching on the other side, he was Rockster. But Weasel was too busy right now.
"Hey! I think this is a foot track!" he said excitedly. Weasel set down his little magnifying glass he stole from Fractal's lab when he was younger and a small shopping bag. Inside he had some books, a bone, a headband, two pairs of dirty, grimey socks, birch bark with ink on it, and some ink in a container, nearly all out.
Weasel took one of the three books in there called "Tracking Kids Down!". Weasel flipped through the pages and got to Jay, but then the wind flipped the pages wildly to the Brad. Weasel held his arm againest his face, but then the Brad page flew off. Weasel put down the book and chased the page. It landed right beside the foot tracks (footprints, but these kids know it as foot tracks). Weasel dived to grab it, but then halted it with his hand. With his free hand, he grabbed the magnifying glass.
"AH!" he yelled. These tracks were identical to Brad's nearly! Who could they be? Well, Weasel put that page back into the book and turned to "Jay". He ripped it out and put it beside the track. He identified it again and sat back stunned.
"How can THIS be?.. Oh man, I can imagine a DOUBLE feast if I catch this one!" he snickered and rubbed his hands together.
BONK! Weasel fell back unconcious onto the forest floor. Brad came out fromm the trees and put down the mace he had created out of wood. He looked down at the tracks and quickly swished them away with his shoes. He looked up and smiled.
"Jay, that was a close one son. I'll be looking out for you." he said. Brad simled and walked away, hands in pockets.

UPWORLD: Keith biked to the right side of the road, accompanied by Sierra and Donna. They talked about the nice day, and how wonderful their homes were. But it was Sierra who started them up about how to get back to their place.
"Well," Keith started, "We could find that Lafe of Quest again, but this time in THIS world. And we do it's quest and go home." Keith said poudly of himself.
"But what if we don't know what the item is?"
"Ask Jay Donna!" Keith said to her. Sierra shrugged.
"That's a start. Plan B."
"Plan B? Why not A?" Keith asked.
"Too long and complicated. What if we can't find the lake? Or if we do, what is he isn't there? If we do find the lake and he is there, what if he won't give us a riddle?" Sierra sked. Keith sighed and rolled his eyes, then looked at the sun for a brief moment.
"So for Plan A, how about going back to sleep where we were and hope we can get back to our home? That IS how we got here, isn't it?" Donna asked. Keith shrugged, looking back at them.
"I guess... WHOA!" he got out of control on the bike, but quickly regained control.
"Yes... I guess that's what Jay does. But I don't know about the dad's though. How does HE get back from the other world to here? Pretty wild isn't it?" Sierra asked them. They shrugged as Sierra got to her home. She left them, and they seperated, going to try plan A.

Will their plan work? Who knows? Me obviously. Well, that's episode 5, pretty much shorter than the others. But I guess that has to be. Hey Katy, here's your little challenge inside my fic. AH! Gotta go type more fics! Thanks for R&R!

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