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Chapter 1: Orchardfield City


"There it is, Orchardfield City," May said, still holding his PokeNavi.

Ash, May, Max, and Brock arrived in Orchardfield City. The city seemed big. It had a lot of houses, but mostly buildings. All of the houses were different colored and the buildings were a steel color with multiple windows. From where Ash and the others were, they could see the contest hall in the center of the city which excited May a lot.

"And there's where I'll get my next ribbon," May proudly said, pointing at the big hall. It did seem pretty big. With a big sign saying Pokémon Contest. May seemed pretty determined to win. She had 3 ribbons with her. She worked hard to earn them. Leading her closer to the Grand Festival. But she needed to win his contest to get her fourth ribbon.

"I know you'll win May," Ash smiled and Pikachu smiled too wishing her luck as well.

"Yeah I know you'll win," Max added.

"Go for it," Brock also added.

"Thanks you guys," May turned back to them with a smile and then turned back to the contest hall. They all stood there and watched the city with the sun hitting it, making it shine. Though everything seemed like autumn colors. Even though it was autumn. Leaves kept falling down but it didn't bother the gang so much. But night was approaching and they had to get to a Pokémon Center to sleep, but they didn't seem tired. Then they starting heading to the big city. They were excited, especially May. She wanted this ribbon so badly that she couldn't wait for the contest to come.


Ash and the others entered through the automatic glass door into the Pokémon Center. The lobby seemed big. It was also filled with coordinators ready for the contest. Each had their Pokémon out to groom, pet or just play with them. May felt both excited and nervous. But she had to be more determined in order to win.

"Hey you guys, I'm going to look around the city," May suggested and starting heading to the door.

"Be safe May," Ash said. May turned and smiled then walked out and the automatic door closed. Ash turned back and saw only Max standing there.

"Where Brock?" he asked Max. Max looked around, then spotted him flirting with Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy," Brock said with happiness filled in his mind, "You just made my day better than ever."

Nurse Joy just looked at him confused.

"Come on," Max said really annoyed and pulled Brock away from Nurse Joy, "You can make her day better by leaving."

Ash watched Brock et pulled away by Max then back to Nurse Joy.

"Sorry about Brock Nurse Joy."

"Its ok," she replied, "So are you participating in the contest?"

"No I'm not, I'm just cheering for my friend," Ash said.

"He's just scared of losing since he has no style in both appeals and battles," said a familiar voice. Ash turned back only to see May's rival, Drew standing there with his hand in his pocket and sneering at Ash. Ash glared at him.

"Yes I do, and I can defeat you anytime, anywhere," Ash yelled at Drew but he just flicked his hair.

"Oh really?" he teased Ash.

"Yeah!" Ash started acting like a child. Max and Brock came to them and wondered what was going on.

"I don't think so," Drew finished and starting walking away from them. Ash pulled him back by grabbing his arm.

"How about a battle right now?" Ash suggested in a mad, yelling, and annoyed voice.

"Just a waste of time," Drew pulled his arm back, "You're a waste of time."

Ash gritted his teeth and seemed very angry, "So you're scared I'll beat you?"

Drew laughed for a second and then turned back to them. "If you want to get humiliated by your friends, then I'll accept."

"You're the one will be humiliated when I defeat you," Ash said with determination.

"Pika," Pikachu said also with determination.


It was still the night. With the navy blue sky and less stars appearing from the city's light. But in the city, May was exploring around the city's stores and everything connected to it. There was a lot of stores for May to shop which made her feel happy. There was a lot of people. Most of them were coordinators but that didn't matter to May because she only cared about winning the ribbon and defeating the coordinators in the second round. She suddenly didn't feel nervous anymore. But she felt like if she had a chance of winning.

"Wow a lot of shops," she said admiring them. But she then stopped to a Pokeblock shop. She looked into the window and saw a purple, short haired girl at a counter. May went inside the shop happily and approached the girl.

"Kelly!" she yelled happily, very excited to see her friend.

"Oh hi May," Kelly left the counter and went to May, "How are you?"

"Fine," May answered, "Just waiting for the contest."

"You're entering the contest too?" Kelly asked in a surprised voice.

"Yeah and I'll win the ribbon too," May said with excitement filling her mind.

"Don't forget, I might win the ribbon," Kelly said, also with determination.

"Maybe," May looked around the shop and saw millions of bottles full of Pokeblocks, "Wow this shop is so cool."

"Thanks May, I came here and opened a shop to sell Pokeblocks to coordinators. And I got a lot of money today," Kelly cried cheerfully. May smiled and was very happy to see one of her friends.

"So how many ribbons do you have so far? Kelly asked wanting to see them.

"Well here they are," May showed Kelly her ribbon case and it had three ribbons. One was red and blue, another was green and yellow, and the last one was pink and orange.

"Wow they're beautiful May," Kelly couldn't stop staring at them.

"Thanks. I worked hard to earn these ribbons with my Pokémon and we did earn them," May said happily but then she made a sad face, "But I'm not sure if I'll win this contest."

"Don't worry May," Kelly comforted her, "You'll win. Just try your best."

"Thanks, well I better go practice then if I want to win," May said being her determined self again and headed to the door of the shop.

"Okay good luck on the contest," Kelly said smiling and handed May a couple of Pokeblocks before she left.

"Thanks, good luck to you too," May said and left from the door and back into the streets again.


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