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Chapter 4 - Fights and Advice

Two days remained until the contest began. Coordinators seemed to rush out early to prepare for the competition. May came back close to three in the morning. Exhausted from all the help Kelly gave. She decided to sleep all day while Ash and the rest watched Misty practice.

"Alright, Politoed," Misty threw the Pokémon into the air. A happy-go-lucky green and yellow frog came out. Standing on its two back legs and clapped its hands cheerfully.

"Politoed!" it cried, continuing to hop and clap.

"Wow, Misty. You're Politoed looks so cool," Max's eyes gleamed, amazed to ever see one.

"Thank you Max. It's my star Pokémon for contest," Misty said, "Alright Politoed. Double Team!"

Knowing what Misty wanted, Politoed obeyed and created multiple clones of itself. All round up in a circle.

"Water Gun!" Misty added. All of the Politoed shot out a line of water. Since they were in a circle, the line of water ceased when it crashed onto the other. Making it look like a water fountain. It gently feel down, splashing softly on the ground like droplets of rain.

"That appeal was so awesome, Misty," Ash complimented and Brock agreed. The three boys clapped.

"But that's just a small part of the appeal. If you loved that, then you'll love the rest. I hope I win. Or at least have a great time.

"Well you could win. I mean you're a great coordinator." Max said. Misty smiled.

"I'm sure the judges will love your performance," Brock added.

"Oh please. You're all too kind," Misty made a small blush.

"They're right, somehow," said a voice that called them to turn. It was Drew. With a hand in his pocket, he walked up to them, paying no attention to Ash, Brock or Max.

"Oh hi Drew," Misty greeted. Somehow a bit happy to see him. Ash looked at Drew with a face of anger.

"Hi," Drew replied and turned to the three boys who, no intension, looked back at him. "I see you're friends with May."

"May's not here so you can just go," Max cried, wanting Drew to leave them.

Drew and Max glared at each other for a moment. Misty and Brock seemed confused. Ash was just angry.

"I still want a rematch," he said, getting up. Pikachu looked up at Ash as if he was crazy.

"Rematch? For what?" Misty turned to Drew who only gave a shrug.

"Just some battle yesterday," Drew said, "But not like I would have a rematch. It's a waste of time and you would lose again, anyways."

"What!" Ash snapped, almost scaring the lights out of Brock and Max. "You were just lucky."

Drew shook his head. "Again? Some trainer you are."

"Why I ought to—" Ash went to attack Drew but Brock and Max grabbed him, causing him to fall back. Drew snickered a little and turned back to Misty.

"Uh yeah. See you at the contest, Misty." Drew walked off. Misty seemed confused even more.

"What was all that about?" Misty asked, a bit disappointed of Ash's behavior.

"Nothing," Ash answered as he jumped up. "I'm going to go somewhere."

"Where are you going?" Max asked.

"Just somewhere," Ash walked off, angry and confused as well. Pikachu had no choice but to follow.

"Ash seems different today," Misty informed. Max and Brock agreed. Politoed began clapping which caught their attention. Misty looked up at the Pokémon Center. Feeling that Ash had something hidden that she did not know.


Drew walked along the path, watching all the coordinators practice for the appeals.

"Use Swift, Espeon," ordered a girl with long, straight, black hair. The elegant purple Pokémon obeyed and shot out small white stars from it's mouth.

"Vulpix, Fire Spin," cried a boy with blue hair. Loads of coordinators called out attacks for their Pokémon to appeal. Drew shook his head, a bit disappointed at them all.

"This contest is going to be a piece of cake," Drew whispered as he ran a hand through his green hair.

"Drew, honey!" called out a voice which surprised Drew. Yet, he knew who it was. It was Harley. He ran up to him, breathless.

"I've been looking all over for you," Harley cried and grabbed Drew, giving him a deadly hug. Drew tried to get Harley off, but he refused and continued squeezing his chest.

"I missed you so much," Harley added and finally released Drew, letting him drop to the ground. "Oh yeah. Did I tell you that May's here. I mean she was thinking about you when I saw her."

Drew hesitated but came up from the floor, brushing his purple jacket with his hand. He glared at Harley the second he shifted his position.

"What do you want?" he asked, although Drew didn't care of what he was here or what he wanted.

"Nothing, nothing," Harley replied, waving his arms, "I just wanted to talk to you and—"

"Save the crap for someone who cares," Drew scowled, scaring Harley, "You just want something to do with May. Leave her alone already."

"Oh my god," Harley couldn't take being Mr. Nice Guy anymore. "You think you can tell me what to do? You think you're so great... but you're really not. So why don't you just run along with that girlfriend of yours, May, and leave the contests to the real coordinators."

Drew didn't say anything but began to walk off. Harley kept where he was and folded his arms with a big glare on his face.

"That's it! Just walk away!" Harley called after him. When Drew was completely gone, Harley began to walk away too only in another direction. "I'll show him. No one messes with me."


"So where are we going again?" Misty asked, still un aware of where May was taking her.

"You said you were entering the contest. So I was thinking maybe we can both go and make Pokeblocks." May explained while dragging Misty by her arm.

"Um sure," Misty answered. Both of them kept walking into the afternoon streets of Orchardfield City. People stood out, talking or shopping as the day before. Both girls ignored the people and continued on. Store after store, the girls were fascinated by all the wonderful clothes and jewelry that they laid eyes on.

"Where are we making Pokeblocks?" Misty asked.

"There," May pointed to the Pokeblock shop that stood in between two other stores. It seemed empty unlike all the other stores that were packing with customers. Both May and Misty came up the stairs into the wooden porch of the store. They both peaked in the window near the door and saw Kelly sleeping, standing up but her face and hands on the counter.

"Kelly?" May said the second both girls walked in from the door into the store.

"Ah! I didn't do it!" Kelly cried as she woke up. She noticed May and Misty and felt embarrassed. "Oh hi May."

"Hi Kelly," May greeted. "This is Misty." May turned to Misty who smiled and waved. "She's entering the contest too."

"Awesome," Kelly cried with joy. "Please to meet you Misty."

"Same," Misty replied.

"Anyways, we were thinking if we could make Pokeblocks," May added.

"Sure," Kelly obliged. "There's barely any people coming in so I got plenty of time."

All three girls entered the room from which May and Kelly were yesterday night. The room was the same as before. Blue walls, multiple tables with Berry Blender machines on each.

"So many Berry Blenders," Misty said.

"Yeah. It's all for a lot of people who just come in to make their own Pokeblocks," Kelly replied and went to the same closet, retrieving baskets full of different berries.

"Hey May," Kelly said as she placed the baskets on the tables. She turned to May after then. "Do you think your Pokeblock skills improved?"

May nodded. "Just watch me!"

Misty and Kelly watched as May took a couple of berries and dropped them into the blender. Closing the lid, she pressed one of the four triangular buttons which began the blending.

"I just know it's going to be great!" May cried happily.

"The contest is tomorrow. So I guess the shop will be closed right?" Misty looked at Kelly who approved with a nod.

"If I win, then it's just a few steps away from the Grand Festival," Kelly said and opened up a lid from a random Berry Blender. "But if I end up losing, it's okay. At least trying to win is the best of all."

"I know what you mean," May said but kept all her concentration on the spinning of the Blender. It stopped spinning a few seconds later. "It's done!" May cried. A couple of red cubes rolled down from a slot underneath the Blender. May took one of them and ate it. Seconds later, it gave a unpleasant taste of bitterness and spice.

"It was... okay," May said and swallowed the block slowly. She had never tasted something more horrible than that.

"I guess making Pokeblocks aren't your best talent, May," Misty came to test out May's Pokeblocks. Unfortunately, she got the same taste as May did.

"I will never make a good Pokeblock enough for people to enjoy it," May sighed and looked down at the white marble floor.

"Relax, May," Kelly came besides her and patted her back. Hoping it would at least cheer her up. "Pokeblocks aren't what make the Pokémon appeal great."

"Really?" Misty and May wondered at the same time.

"Yeah," Kelly sat down on a chair next to her. She offered the other two chairs to May and Misty. They sat down. "I mean sure the Pokeblocks raise your Pokémon's coolness, cuteness, beauty, toughness and smartness— but think about it. Would it be worth to win by feeding your food to win a contest? Instead of trusting your Pokémon from your heart and giving all you got. Pokeblocks may be great for mostly anything. But what you believe in your Pokémon is even greater than everything else. It's probably how the best coordinators win."

"Makes sense," Misty said. May thought of all the coordinators that would possibly win with or without Pokeblocks on them. Robert— who won mostly every Grand Festival with Milotic or Claydol. And a few other coordinators who worked hard to gain a lot of ribbons. She wondered if that was one of the strategies that Drew would use. She didn't care about anything of his. Yet something was forcing her to.

"Yet Pokeblocks are made to support the Pokémon. To tell them to work hard. So why don't we begin making some Pokeblocks. I'll help both of you two and you'll be great in no time.

"Okay," Misty and May settled and they took out baskets of berries from the closet and settled them on the tables. They knew they had to at least do a good job. May knew that being with Kelly would make her whole confidence boost up to the maximum.

"I am so winning the contest," May thought and placed a few berries into the blender. It would be a long day.


Only one more day stood from the contest. May and Misty went back to Kelly's Pokeblock shop to create more Pokeblocks. Leaving early in the morning, it left the three boys alone for the day. They decided to stay in the lobby and chill out, watching coordinators.

"Wow. So many coordinators," Ash said. Max and Pikachu agreed.

"At this rate, it may be a hard competition for May and Misty," Max sighed and returned to the book he was reading through."

"Where's Brock anyways?" Ash asked and searched through the large crowd of coordinators.

"Take a wild guess," Max replied with his glasses gleaming against the light of the room and pointed to a guy who was trying to flirt with the girl in front of him.

"I'd say with your looks, you'll definitely win the contest. But how's about a perfect outdoor lunch just for two?" Brock suggested. The woman with short, blue hair looked at him, stunned. Brock looked as he were placed into a love trance until he felt his ear being tugged.

"Come on, Brock," Max said and dragged him off. Ash watched them with a sweat drop.

"Pika!" cried Pikachu, who was pointing at a boy with green hair coming out of the staircase that led to upstairs.

"Drew," Ash muttered and stood up from his seat, walking towards him.

"Hey, Drew," Ash called to him who turned to see Ash with an angry face.

"Oh, it's you," Drew said and continued walking.

"You still owe me a rematch," Ash scowled and grabbed Drew's arm, causing him to stop.

"I don't owe you anything," Drew said, restraining himself from getting angry at Ash. "Besides, why are you so eager to have one? I defeated you fair and square didn't I? Or do you seem to be embarrassed to be beaten by someone as great as me?"

"Stop acting so selfish," Ash cried. Drew pulled back his arm and brushed off the spot where Ash had touched him. Max and Brock saw them and came up behind Ash.

"Wait a minute, I see what this is about," Drew flicked his green hair. Ash looked confused. "You don't want to be embarrassed in front of May, don't you?" Drew finished.

Hearing those words, Ash flipped.

"What? Why you—" Ash stopped and grabbed Drew, pushing him onto the wall with all the strength he had. Max and Brock panicked a bit and grabbed Ash by his arms before he would do anything else to Drew.

"Let me go," Ash begged. People turned to see the commotion that was happening.

"What's going on?" Nurse Joy asked as she came out of the crowd. She took glances at Ash, Drew, Max and Brock.

"Nothing, nothing, Nurse Joy," Max cried, hoping that they wouldn't get into trouble.

"Yeah, nothing's wrong when you're here," Brock released Ash and ran up to her, going into a love trance again. Ash realized he was half free and felt like attacking Drew, but found out it would kick him and the others out from the Pokémon Center. Drew, who's back was still on the wall, exchanged glares with Ash. A moment later, Drew walked off to the exit of the lobby to outside, pretending nothing happened.

"I... have... to—" Ash said but was then paused by Max, who kept pulling him back.

"Chill, Ash," Max said. "You gotten in enough trouble already."

Pikachu ran up to Ash's shoulder. Ash kept his eyes on the door in which Drew left from.

"One day," He whispered, "One day—I will beat him. No matter what."

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