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"Together We're Not Alone..."


"In today's news, there was a severe fire located near the east side of Manhattan, New York. The fire spread throughout a 5 miles radius and firemen are still in the process of extinguishing it. It is believed that the fire originated from 717 Jean Street and for some reason, water has no effect on the flames. Scientists suspects that an uncertain substance was applied in the area nearby the house. It's been two days since the fire began and investigators, with the information gathered from surrounding neighbors, has assumed that the residents of the house, the Tenji Family, are dead. Please turn in tomorrow for the follow-up story. This is Raymond Kay, thank you for watching KBBS News at 10."

A/N: If you're wondering where I got the names from, I have no clue too. It just popped in my head. Hmm…I wonder what KBBS can mean. Please keep reading, it might seem not that good now, but I haven't gotten into the story yet! Keep going and click the next page button! Also, sorry to say, that you won't get to know what the prologue is about till Chapter 2.