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Chapter 2: Not The Only One…

Tokiya's POV

The night was quiet. The only sounds that can be heard were the motor of the car and the deep breathing from the unconscious woman sitting beside me. From time to time, I would steal a glance at her and instantly direct it back to the road. I can't help but replay all of tonight's events in my head again and again as I drive. Only god knows why I met her tonight.


"(Sigh) Now I know to run whenever I see a drunken monkey. Oi! At least tell me where you live!" But the sleeping beauty did not answer. I sat idly on the cold cement for a few minutes considering the options I had. Hotel? No, going to a hotel with an unconscious woman would be fatal to my hard-earned reputation. Yanagi-san's house? Even a bigger no, Recca and the mob of monkeys would never let me live it down. (Sigh) Guess the only location that's proper is my own place.

Her head hanged down with my arm supporting her neck. We were lying down on the floor as the wind blew past us. The moon was still high up in the sky and reflected enough light for me to see her face clearly. Seconds passed along with minutes. Then what happened later made me wonder if I was drunk at the moment.

My hand slowly moved on its own and I slightly touched her cheek with the back of my fingers. Her face was soft, yet cold and pale, but what really bothered me was her expression. It had some sort of troubled look to it. I felt her shivering a little and at that moment, I realized that half of her chest was still exposed from the incident. My face suddenly turned warm and there was a definite need to yank my eyes away from the burning sight of pink smooth flesh. I began to turn my head around till I noticed bloody scars on her skin.

"Must have gotten there when she fought those slugs," I thought to myself as I gently laid her down to the floor. Being the gentleman I am, I took off my black blazer and wrapped it around her to keep her warm. I placed the Fuujin master into my arms, lifted her, and walked to the car.

After putting her in the passenger's seat, I started to help her into her seatbelt. My body temperature increased all of a sudden. It was then I realized that the distance between our two bodies were merely two inches, and her breathing was directly centered on my neck. I saw her mouth moved slightly muttering something, but her voice was too soft for me to interpret what she was saying. Curiosity caught my mind so I leaned in closer to increase the listening range.


Something must have been really wrong with me because my whole body started to tingle and before I knew it, my heart was beating rapidly. I instinctively moved up and tried to get out of the car. Little did I know that the back of my head would hit the side of the car.

End of Flashback

Regular POV

He rubbed the back of his head trying to ease the throbbing pain. He looked over to his side and there Fuuko was, sleeping like an angel. He slowly stopped his car into his garage and walked over to the other side to get her. He lifted her into his arms, locked his car, and walked upstairs to his guest bedroom.

"Thank god I have two bedrooms!" Tokiya thought to himself. He was extremely relieved to think that Fuuko did not have to sleep in his bedroom. He softly rested her on the bed, pulled the covers up to her shoulders and breathed a sigh. Just when he was about to turn around and leave, a tiny cold hand circled his wrist. Tokiya looked back and there Fuuko was, sitting up on the bed. Her head dipped down with shiny purple locks concealing her face.

"(Sigh) Since it's this late at night, I'll allow you to sleep here. No need to thank me about earlier. Just leave as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning and don't tell the other monkeys about this." He turned around and started walking towards the door. But the grasp on his wrist grew tighter making him fall backwards.

"What the hell do you want, monkey!" Tokiya said coldly, but Fuuko still didn't answer. She simply sat there looking down on the blanket.

Getting frustrated, Tokiya snorted, "Fine, it's not like I care!" and stood up, aiming for the door once again. This time, Fuuko grabbed his wrist with both hands causing him to fall on top of her. The Ensui wielder immediately sat up and just when he was about to scream at her, she shrieked.

"Ie!...Onegai….Don't leave me alone…..onegai….." Next, Tokiya saw something he had never seen or ever expected from Fuuko.

Glistening teardrops were slowing gliding down her face. His rage earlier was completely turned into shock. He knew there was something horribly wrong, but he didn't know what it was. If she didn't cry when she was about to get raped, why is she crying now? Is it because he yelled at her? Is it because the wounds on her shoulder hurt that badly? Or is it……Millions of questions was popping in his head. Unfortunately, he couldn't conjure up the courage to ask her any one of them.

Minutes passed as they sat on the bed silently. The ticking sound of the clock in the room was driving Tokiya nuts. Finally, he couldn't handle the curiosity and the stillness anymore, and decided to ask her straight-on.


"Nee…..Mi-chan," interrupted Fuuko, she paused for a while and kept going. "Did you know that I had a family who cares about me a lot?" Her voice was soft and vulnerable as her head remained facing down on the bed.

"I had a little brother named Jin and a mother and a father. They loved me as the only daughter they knew. No matter what I did, they would always forgive me……………They were the best family I could ever ask for."

Tokiya saw a tiny smile on her face, but instead of feeling relieved, he was beginning to get concerned. He had no clue where the conversation was heading and that left his stomach feeling sicker by the minute.

"Demo ne…….they're…all gone now….forever…and …ever…." More and more tears plunged down her face as she carried on. "They went on vacation to New York visiting my aunt Tenji and her family. I was supposed to go with them, but since I needed to make up the school-work missed for the UBS, I stayed. And now…now…." She looked up and stared at Tokiya. For a brief moment, his heart had stopped beating.

"THEY ALL DIED IN THE FIRE AND LEFT ME HERE ALL ALONE MI-CHAN! I'M ALL ALONE AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" Fuuko cried as she grabbed Tokiya's arm firmly and rested her head on his shoulder. "Why? Why did god decide to let me live? I should've went with them and die with them."

His eyes grew wide open when he learned the true reason why she was crying.

"Mi-chan, (sniff) onegai…don't leave me alone any more than I am now, I beg you."

"Don't worry, I won't leave.…." were the only words Tokiya could utter out of his mouth. He surrounded her back with his arms and slightly hugged her hoping it would ease her pain. There was nothing else he could do or say. He heard of the Tenji family fire in New York on the news before, he just didn't know that her family was there too.

He looked down to Fuuko's aching face and his heart began to split in pieces as he remembered the pain he suffered when his sister died. He knew exactly how it felt, to lose those you treasure the most, to live life with nothing but loneliness. In fact, he too had once asked god why he didn't die with his sister. Fuuko is now going through that same exact torture he went through years ago.


Snapped out of his grieving memories, he looked down and found Fuuko's swollen eyelids slowly descending. Minute by minute, she began to doze off into sleep on his warm shoulder, muttering the same verse again and again.


Tokiya sat still on the bed silently for about another half an hour to make sure she was fully asleep. He then slowly set her back down on the bed and pulled the covers up. Gently swiping her bangs to the side, he looked at her face contently. As soon as he realized his hand was caressing her face, he swiftly withdrew his hand and walked out of the room.

While he was closing the door, he took one last look at the sleeping wind goddess.

"Onee-chan, I guess I'm not the only one in this world who is alone……………"

And he shut the door.

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