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Her Morbid Fairytale…

It would seem so demented and cruel this story, yes you would think so but she had no regrets at all. Her name is Raven… Raven Roth, she was considered as a normal young girl to an innocent bystander. But not to the very few who know her, this teenaged girl had a very dark past that no one knew about until the day she committed a mass murder in the Jump City subway station.

Yes, she is a very smart teenaged girl but this was obviously not intelligent as you can tell. But as you see, she has had a psychotic disorder as a young child and was hospitalized when she was merely ten years old. So now you know some of her story… but now you will see that there is much more to it than anyone will ever know.

…Jump City Subway, 12:03 am…

The crowd's hustle and bustle through the station was not as someone would suspect a subway to be. It was tame and quiet, even though their was many people shoving at every which way, it was the dead silence that caused some people to become quite nervous at the extreme silence excluding the subway trains screeching against the metallic rails. Somehow their was something that filled the air, a sense of a dramatic force, it seemed almost evil.

Then came walking down the stairway, she seemed to walk as if she were stalking someone. A young teenaged girl about the age of sixteen. She wore all black, a black corset, and practically matching tight black pants with black leather, steel toe combat boots that consumed her calf's reaching just below her knee caps. She had short jet black hair with obvious violet roots beginning to show on top. She was also wearing a black leather trench coat that reached to her ankles.

She walked towards the center of the subway's waiting line and began to laugh maniacally laugh causing even more of a silence than before, all eyes were now on her. She stopped when a voice announced from the crowd.

"What in hell is that woman's problem?" She glanced to the right of her with cold vicious eyes, to find a young boy about her age with short spiky green tipped hair and shocking emerald eyes. She gave him a smile… not one that is neither warm nor caring, but that was full of malicious insanity.

The boy's eyes widened in pure shock, he said nothing else. She began to quickly pace towards him and he shuddered not knowing what to do. She pulled out a pocket knife and slashed at his face. The boy fell down groaning through his teeth, holding his cheek. The entire crowd scrambled about , screaming trying to escape and find the nearest exit out of the subway.

"Garfield? Garfield! Where are you?" Another boy with black spiky hair wearing a red long sleeve t-shirt with faded dark jeans, yelled pushing against the crowd trying to find his friend.

The girl flicked her wrist throwing the blade aimlessly to the crowd hitting precisely in the back of an older mans neck. The woman next to the man screamed and fainted onto the cold tile floor, another man aided to her and picked her up from the stampeding crowd.

"Oh my god, Gar!" the boy that was screaming searching for his friend finally relieved to see him on the floor holding his right cheek. The girl began randomly attacking people, she stopped when an older teenaged African American boy, quite large in muscles…wearing a jock football jacket, cracked his knuckles in front of her.

"Looks like you got a problem miss… do you mind if I take care of it?" he stood up to her.

"First of all fucker, my name is Raven and no… I don't need your help." She put away her knife inside her trench coats inside pocket.

"And by the way my name isn't 'fucker', its Victor… You won't remember that for long though." He began to close in on her.

"Oh, really? And why is that may I ask?" she smiled, taunting him.

"Because your going down little missy." He threw his fist at Raven. There was something incredible he was about to find out.

She smiled and caught his punch and pulled it aside and twisted it making a snapping noise. She yanked him towards him and kneed his stomach, he groaned gasping for air. But she didn't stop at that, she grabbed his throat tightly with one hand and lifted him at least five inches above the floor. He choked while she chuckled.

"Like I said, my name is Raven." She laughed again as he squirmed trying to pull away from the asphyxiation in which she was putting him through. "And I don't need your help."

"No! What you need is a fucking shrink!" the boy that aided Garfield shouted, pulling his arm around his neck, trying his best to stand him up. "Shut the hell up Tim, let's just get the hell out of here!" he tried to convince his friend.

She continued to menacingly laugh and powerfully shoved Victor upwards and ended up crashing onto a girl with long red hair and tanned skin. They both violently collided and hit the floor, sliding to the wall.

"Who the fuck are you… no wait let me rephrase that, what the fuck are you?" Tim addressed helping Garfield with his wound, covering his cheek with a ripped part of his sleeve. "Tim are you as crazy as that bitch? Let's go already so we won't get in this deeper than it already is!" Tim realized he was right and nodded.

"Don't you want me to answer your question?" she slowly paced towards them.

Victor began to cough uncontrollably and that caught Tim's and Garfield's attentions but not Ravens, she continued. "My name is Raven Roth… and I'm your savior." Both Garfield and Tim slowly turned their heads back to her. 'You've got to be kidding me?'

Gar thought to himself, or at least that's what he thought. "I do not joke." She stared straight into his eyes, she seemed to be looking right through him. He shuddered.

The girl that was beneath Victor sat her upper body as far as she could and her eyes fluttered open, they observed her situation. And Victor rubbed his throat and looked towards the girl. Now the subway was completely deserted besides the four teenagers that had there complete attention to Raven.

"I am to all of you, your own last resort to surviving." She spoke loud and seriously.

"And you are…..crazy?" The girl underneath Victor spoke up. "Sure call it insanity if it pleases you, but I think of it as a way of life. All of you are connected … none of you know it yet but…soon. Soon."

The evil grin returned to her face but quickly dissipated. She fell down to the ground clutching the sides of her head, screaming in agony… a horrible scream that awoke every ones fear even more to an extant than it already was. She curled on her side into a ball and began to convulse very violently, blood and saliva dripping at the corners of her mouth. All of a sudden her body stopped twisting and jerking in such an inhumane way that she just put on display. She seemed to be unconscious and closed her eyes.

They all looked at each other with great confusion, "So… what's your name?" Garfield asked Victor, breaking the silence.

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