Hi, I'm Deathless, and I'm doing the Fuuma/Kamui pairing for the 30smirks livejournal community. Therefore, there will be about 30+ ficlets centered around the various themes. I'm also hoping to have a quote for every ficlet.

"Can you see me? Floating above your head as you lay in bed thinking about everything that you did not do…And at night, when you sleep, do you dream I would be there, just for a minute or two, do you?" –from Maroon 5's 'Through with You'

Night Chill

Kamui was restless in the midst of his sleep, the troubles from his days disturbing his nights. It was the time of year when the warm, late days of summer were beginning to turn into icy twilight, the chill sinking deep into his bones and remaining wrapped around him like a shadow.

He went through the motions of being alive, but he couldn't really feel anything anymore; he was living underwater, the surrounding city blurred and rapidly darkening as he drowned.

Clicking off his bedside light, he was paralyzed for a moment by the blackened room, certain that his demons were waiting for him in the corners of the angular room, and that he surely wouldn't be waking up tomorrow.

He had left his window open as he crawled beneath the cool sheets, shivering until they warmed and became soothing. It was during this time, when darkness silenced the rest of the world and everything was quiet, that the memories he tried so hard to repress lifted up from the depths of his mind to the surface; they whispered about all the things he'd lost, without knowing how much he was going to miss them.

It was during this time that Fuuma spoke to him, no longer the best friend he had loved. Instead, he was the cruel, tormenting enemy that beyond all pain and reason, Kamui still loved.

Fuuma had never said much- that was one thing about his character that hadn't changed. But his eyes, the warmth that was ever-present now extinguished, and all that was left was his cold smirk, the pupils glittering hard like diamonds, like ice. His predator's gaze followed him all the time, tracing his movements as he struggled through this half-life.

Softly, a voice reached inside his sleepy dream state. "We were fated to be this way, you know, it was destined; I am as constant as the northern star, but you, my twin, are already fading away...Are you really giving up so soon, so that I won't even have a playmate to keep company with? You see, Kamui, you're my favorite toy…"

He was there now, the sudden presence filling his room so strongly that the curtains billowed, settling gently back into place. He brushed back Kamui's hair, running his fingers across the long eyelashes.

Fuuma watched him stir before he vanished as abruptly as he had appeared. When his star woke, the reflections of his dreams and nightmares would already have rippled away as easily as lake water.

The cool breeze from the window passed over him, flowing over his skin as ghosts do. And Kamui slept on, pulling his blankets tighter.


" I am as constant as the northern star...", from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act III.

Written for livejournal's 30smirks and tempsmort communities. Theme #15, Ice and the Shakespeare Challenge.

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