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Summary: Lacus thought he died. She saw everything that night. But after two years of trying to move on without him, he comes back. But his name is Shawn Summers, not Kira Yamato. And he doesn't know Lacus Clyne.

Prologue: The night she was broken

April 10 CE 75 9:30 pm

"Tomorrow's the day," Athrun Zala said with a smile on his face. "We can finally be free from school."

"Finally," Cagalli Yula Attha said. "I thought I'd never get out of there."

Both of them were lying down on Cagalli's bed, thinking of what could happen during tomorrow's ceremony, and what would happen to them after.

"Wanna fool around a little? You know, like a pre-graduation thing."

Cagalli gave him a glare and sat up. "No way, Zala. Not now."

"Come on," Athrun pleaded with her, "Please?"

Cagalli sighed. Geez, I can never resist the guy, she thought.

"Well if you don't want to, I-,"

He was cut off by Cagalli's kiss. They both fell back on the bed.

"There. Happy?" Cagalli said after she broke off from him.

"Nope," Athrun whispered, kissing her this time.

9:31 pm

Meanwhile, Kira and Lacus were in the Clyne mansion, just looking at the night sky.

"Isn't it great, Kira?" Lacus mused. "We're going to graduate already."

"Yeah," her boyfriend said, "And you know what else is great?"


"Well, I'm with you," Kira answered. Lacus giggled a little.

"It's true," he said, a little defensively.

"I know, it's just that… I'm glad you haven't changed," Lacus admitted.

"I'm glad you haven't, either," Kira said, locking his hand with hers. "I love you."

"I love you too, Kira."

April 11 CE 75 7:03 am

The next day, everyone in ORB was busy. Busy preparing for work, some already busy at work, and some…

"Cagalli," Uzumi Nara Attha said, walking over to where her daughter was.

"What is it, Father?" Cagalli answered with a grumble. Her morning was obviously ruined. Why? Because she was being forced by Mana, her nanny since she was in diapers, to put on some makeup.

"You really should put on some makeup," he advised.

"Not you too," Cagalli groaned. "I am not putting on any makeup. And that's final."

Minutes later, though, Cagalli was being driven to school with her toga on. And she was wearing makeup.

8:10 am

"All I can say is, never leave the ones you love," Kira said in his speech. "Even though we can all move on and have our own lives, we shouldn't ever forget those people who helped us become what we are."

"Well, you gotta hand it to our student body president," Athrun said, having already delivered his own speech.

"Your lines were sappy, Athrun," Cagalli remarked.

"Give me some credit. I was thinking about you when I wrote that."

"You won't get anything from flattering me."

"You weren't listening were you?" Kira said, sitting beside Lacus.

"I listened. A little," Athrun answered.

"Kira," Lacus said, smiling like she always did. This time though, her smile faded quickly. "I have to tell you something."

"Me too," he replied, not noticing. "Can we meet later somewhere? I have to tell you this in private."

"Okay," Lacus said, nodding. I have to tell him this in private, too, she thought.


April 10 CE 75 10: 09 pm

"Lacus, Athrun," Siegel Clyne said that night, almost immediately after Kira left. "You're both getting married as soon as you graduate from college."

"But Father-," Lacus began.

"This was arranged when you were both born," Patrick Zala interrupted. "To merge both Clyne enterprises and Zala Corporation."

"Father, please," Athrun said, "Can't you just-,"

"You know me Athrun. What's done is done."

Kira, I'm sorry, Lacus thought, looking down on the floor. If there were ants there, they'd probably think it was raining, and Lacus' tears were just water.

7: 52 pm

Kira and Lacus were on a bridge which connected Onogoro Island to the rest of ORB. Not many cars passed by though, since there was a newer and wider bridge built recently. So they were alone, more or less.



They both said each other's names at the same time.

"Um, you go first," Lacus said, not wanting to tell him what she was going to say.

"Okay," Kira said. "But close your eyes first."

Lacus hesitated, but she did what Kira said.

"Now," Kira mouthed. Athrun released the balloon he was holding. A small pink box was tied to the rope.

Kira caught the box. "Okay, Lacus, open your eyes."

Lacus' eyes opened. She saw Kira holding a blue balloon with a pink box.

What could that be? She wondered.

"Oh wait, hang on," Kira muttered. The balloon slipped from his grasp. He climbed on the bridge, trying to catch it.


Lacus saw Kira lose his footing. He fell from the bridge, heading towards the water which was hundreds of feet away.


"KIRA!" Lacus screamed.

"Kira!" Athrun yelled, running to the bridge.

They both saw Kira land with a splash not many could see.

"We have to call the coast guard," Athrun said, quickly rummaging in his pocket for his mobile phone.

Lacus saw the balloon. She caught it, and held the rope-and the box-tightly. She seemed to lose her focus and couldn't think of anything else than Kira's safety.

10:43 pm

Later, Athrun broke the news to her. Kira was dead. His body was nowhere to be found.

He's dead, Lacus… Athrun's words echoed in her head.

Lacus locked herself in her room. She wept silently.

He was dead.

And I never even got to tell him about me and Athrun, she thought guiltily, which made her cry more.

She looked at the balloon. She never let go of it. Finally she opened the pink box.

It was a small golden ring. She slipped it on her finger.

There was also a piece of paper in the box. It read:

You know I'm not a good speaker right? So I'm doing this instead.

This ring, it's something that I want you to keep forever. Half of my love for you is in that ring. The other half is with me, and will always be.

Happy graduation day. And happy anniversary.

Lacus closed her eyes, but that didn't stop the tears. Nothing could, not even Lacus herself.

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