I'm not sure if this story will live up to it's ratings, I just did it to be sure because it's a master/slave story I'll warn you when something dirty comes up!

Burning fire


'Duo!' His father looked up, surprised as his son came barging into his room. The slave he got for his birthday obediently following him. 'What in the world is wrong?' He father demanded, he didn't have time for his son right now, he had more important things to worry about, like warfare.

'I don't like this slave!' Duo said, pointing accusingly at the poor excuse of a human sitting on the ground, staring into thing air.

His father looked up from the papers in front of him on his desk and let his eyes wonder to the fragile slave sitting at Duo's feet. 'Now what is wrong with this one?' He asked, annoyed. It was a tradition in this country that the son of the king would receive a slave as his twentieth birthday present and he had decided to follow that tradition. As if the shock of his son wanting a male slave wasn't large enough he was very picky. None of the five slaves offered to him thus far pleased him and each and every time he came to his father to complain. 'I don't see anything wrong with him, he is beautiful and he is willing.' He turned to his work again but Duo slammed his hand on the dark hardwood desk, trying desperately to keep his fathers attention with him.

King Maxwell looked up, angry.

'He is TO willing!'

His father rolled his eyes 'We have discussed this already, I don't want you taking a disobedient slave, okay? You will never be able to handle a slave like that, something like that takes discipline, something you have a shortage of.'

'I thank you for your faith in me father.' Duo sarcastically and looked down at his slave, sighing. 'I don't want some mindless slave. You can't really call them humans. Their is no fire in their eyes. Actually, they have no emotion at all!'

'How long are you going to keep nagging about this?'

'Till you cave.'

His father sighed, shook his head and went back to work. But as soon as he did his son continued talking and complaining in all kinds of irritating voices. For someone his age he sure was childish. He tried to concentrate, but it was futile, their was no way he could think sensibly with Duo standing there, now starting to sing an annoying song. He hated it when Duo did these things, forcing him like this. He cursed his dead wife, may she rest in peace, for giving him such a troublesome son.

'OKAY!' He screamed finally, his hands in hair.

Duo fell silent and looked at him hopefully.

'I'll let Commander Chang go down to the port tomorrow to get you another slave.' He could not believe he caved in... again!

'No.' Duo said determined.

'No! Now what is wrong this time! Didn't I gave you enough already you ungrateful brat!' He stood and slammed his hands on the desk with such strength that the wood actually creaked and moaned under the force.

'Father, please, if you let WuFei go he'll pick a slave just like this one. Let me go with him. Let me pick a slave myself.' Duo stared his father in the eye for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally: 'Okay... but if someone assassinates you on the slave market, it is not my fault.'

Duo smiled 'Thanks dad!'

He sighed, he will regret this greatly. Not only was a disobedient slave dangerous, as they could kill you in your sleep, they were just simply hard to handle. Rest will leave this castle for good, he was sure of that.

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