The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Epilogue: Five Christmas's later

"How do I tell him? I don't even know what to do! I mean…we…it…ahg!" Sam yelled, falling face first into a pillow in Dr. Jasmine Fenton's office.

"Sam," Jazz started, "It'll be fine…it's not like he's going to say no or anything, he loves you."

"Muh, fine…but I'm not even going to bring the subject up for awhile." Sam sat up and gave Jazz a hug, "Thanks Jazz, I'll see you on Friday. Until then, Merry Christmas."

"Yes, I'll see you Friday. Bye!"

With a heavy sigh, Sam walked out into the cold December afternoon; the sky had already begun to darken. 'Winter Solstice…' she thought silently while wrapping her jacket tightly around her small frame. Then glancing at her watch, she stifled a gasp, realizing she was supposed to be home an hour and a half ago.

"You seem to be causing problems already." She said to what seemed like the air.

Then her cell phone went off, cursing, she pulled it out, "Hello…"

"Is…everything…okay?" Came the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

"Yes, sorry Danny. I've been caught up with Jazz in her office. I'm on my way home."

"Why did you walk?"

"It wasn't snowing when I left."

"Just…Sam. What's going on? What were you doing at Jazz's?"

"Its fine Danny, I'm fine…I'll be home in like ten minutes."

"Want me to come get you?"

"No I'm good. See ya in a bit." She said and turned off the phone, then began to whistle a Christmas song from long ago.

"And the song…someone sings…once upon a December…"

"What is up with you?" Danny asked Sam as she came out of the bathroom dressed in some of his night clothes.

"What'd you mean?" She asked quietly, settling herself down next to him on the bed they shared.

He began rubbing the back of her neck, elaborating on his question, "You've been so…secluded for the past week…Not letting me see you naked-"

"Excuse me, I don't recall you asking."

"Well…I never had to ask before…and you're wearing my PJ's…I know perfectly well that you have your own. I've taken them off-."

Sam patted him on the cheek, "I'm fine, Danny. Good night." She said lying down and flicking the night stand light off.

"Not even a kiss goodnight? Sam would you mind telling me what's going on?" Danny once again questioned, pulling stray strands of hair out of her face.

"I'm fine. Just…not in much of a mood."

He kissed her cheek and sighed, "I love you."

"Good night."

Sam woke up, as usual, at six in the morning, cranky, and ready to kill the first person who dared to show their face, which was usually Danny, who would show up in the kitchen in approximately fifteen minutes after her.

She yawned as he entered with a jolly, "Good morning, Sam!"

"Mhm…how funny."

"What's funny?" He asked wrapping his arms around her from behind.

"This paper says that theirs a baby sale at Robinson's CO."

Danny blinked, "Oh…kay…Uh…I guess that's cool."

"So they must have babies for sale…Ha…"

"Oh…haha…You're so funny Sam." He smiled, rolling his eyes and finger-combing her hair, "So very funny."

"I know," She said standing up and turning to face her husband, kissing him sweetly, like nothing had happened the night before.

This got Danny going, his hands tracing her sides, but Sam broke away before he could reach any further.

"Sammy…I'm hungry."

"Awe, does the baby need a bottle?" She asked, kissing him once more, "Because I'm not cooking today."

"So I've got to starve?"

"No, since your not working for the next to weeks, neither am I, so for just about the first time, let's go out for breakfast."

"Where are you taking me now?" Danny whined as Sam bustled through heavy traffic.

"I've got a doctors appointment."

"Why do I have to go?"

"Because I said so."

"Okay mother…" Danny said sticking his tongue out at Sam, "Why do you need to go to the doctor? Are they going to take blood, because if they do, I'm defiantly not going to be there?"

Sam shook her head, "You know, for someone who fights ghosts, you sure are squeamish."

"Sam, ghosts don't have blood. They're dead." He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"No, I'm not going to give blood, and you're coming with me whether you like it or not."

Danny groaned as Sam put the pedal to the medal.

"Sam…Is this serious?"

She sighed and squeezed his hand, "It will change my life…and yours."

He hugged her tightly, "What's going on?"

Sam untangled Danny's arms from her neck, "Danny…We've been married for three years now. We have had a lot of time alone."

He nodded, not sure where she was going as the nurse came in and lifted up her hospital gown, where laid a small lump, that Danny noticed immediately and his eyes grew wide.

"…I've got an early Christmas present for you Danny. It's not really something you asked for, but it's something that I think you've wanted."

The doctor entered the room and hooked up a chord from Sam's stomach to a small TV screen. A minute later, a very small fuzzy picture appeared.

The doctor smiled and pointed to a little peanut shaped creature in the picture, "This is the first picture of your baby."

Danny inhaled quickly, and erupted a small squeak.

Sam laughed and grabbed him around his neck, pulling his body close to hers, "Do you like it?"

"Best present ever." He said smothering her face in kisses.

"You know what this means don't you? You're no longer Danny, and I'm no longer Sam."


"We're mommy and daddy now."

Maddie smiled as she opened the card that was for her and Jack. She smiled and read aloud the first line on the front of the card, written in Sam's writing.

"Merry Christmas Nana and Papa…Oh my god…" She gasped, putting a hand to her mouth, quiet for a minute, then opened the card and read the inside, "Dear Nana and Papa, Merry Christmas! You do not know me yet, but that is because I'm still the size of a peanut! But do not worry, because the doctor said that by August twenty-first, you should meet me! I'm really excited, see you then! Lots and lots of love, baby Fenton."

Maddie looked up misty eyes, "When did you find out?"

Sam blushed, "I found out two weeks ago…Danny did yesterday."

Jack smirked and congratulated his son and daughter-in-law.

"The only thing is…" Danny sighed, "It's going to have quarter ghost genes."

"That doesn't matter now," Sam said hugging him tightly, "We'll deal with that when the time comes."

"Beside, dear, we don't know if a quarter could be enough to have any power at all."

"Oh well…Merry Christmas, mom, dad…Sam and I have some things to do…see you tomorrow!"


"Sam, I'm not going to tell you. I'm not good with-"

"For the love of…Danny, there's a fifty percent chance you're right, and a fifty percent chance that you're not."

"Okay…" Danny groaned and closed his eyes, then whispered something into Sam's ear.

She smirked evilly and showed Danny the fresh ultrasound she had a few hours previously.

"There's more than one."

His eyes grew wide, "How many is more than one?"

"There are three."





"Sam…" He fell backwards onto the couch, "Damn, where are we going to put them all?"

Sam laughed and kissed his forehead, "Space isn't a problem, and we've got the money. It's how we're going to take care of them. One infant is hard enough, we learned that freshman year with flour sacks, remember?"

He nodded, "Mmm, yeah. They smelled like beans."

"Yes, well they're going to smell like more than beans."

"Three kids? Sammy, how the hell did that happen?"

She sighed, "Well, about two months ago, we were sitting here on this very couch when you leaned forward and-"

"It was a rhetorical question, Sam. It's not like I'm angry…but this is going to be hard."

"Yeah it is. But Danny, we can do it. You're always up for a challenge."

Danny pulled Sam down on top of him and began to rub her ever-growing stomach, "We can do it."

Danny smiled at his four sleeping beauties.

Sam, a baby in each arm, and one on her chest.

With a chuckle, he took a picture using his camera phone and sent it to Tucker.

When one began to whine, he picked her up and placed her head gently in the crook of his arm, swaying lightly, "Hello there," He said as her green eyes opened, "Silly girl…"

She yawned and snuggled close to his body to keep her warm. Danny shook his head and kissed the top of hers, "Go to sleep, sweetheart."

"Danny…" Sam muttered opening one eye, "Where's…oh…" She laughed, "Never mind."

The baby cooed, Danny 'awed'.

"This is just the beginning you know," Sam said, "There's a long way to go."

"I know. Plenty of time."

They remained quiet for several minutes, until Sam broke into a huge smile, "So when are we going to have another one?"

Danny's eyes grew wide, she laughed once more, and "I'm kidding Danny. We've got enough to keep us busy."

"They don't keep us busy, Sammy. They keep us sane."

"Something like that…" She spoke drozily, "I'm going to put these two in their cradles, and then I'm going to bed."

"Alright…I love you, Sam."

"I love you too, Danny."


Final notes from author:

First, my sincerest apologies for this taking three months, it was not on my to do list, but should have been.

Second, all the other chapters have been edited, and in some parts rewritten.

Third, for those of you, who also read my Teen Titans fan fiction, "Battle Cry", please continue to bear with me for the next update. (Chapter sixteen) It's coming along; just very slowly. I haven't forgotten or dismissed the story, I'm working with it. Expect an update around the week of March thirteenth. (It's my winter break, also Avatar: The Last Airbender season II. I'm going to need to find something to keep me sane until eight o'clock Friday, so that'll be my project.)

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Thanks so much, everyone!