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BANG! BANG! BANG! There was a violent knocking on the O'Connell door. Rick sighed loudly out of annoyance. He was trying to finish sharpening a knife, but he keeps getting distracted somehow. Rick got up from the seat he had been sitting on and slowly walked towards to door, wich was still being banged on violently, to open it.

As he opened the door, the man that had been knocking quickly ran inside, closed the door behind him, and looked at Rick dead straight in his eyes with a worried look. Just by that, Rick knew something was going wrong, something was going to happen.

"Not more mummies?" Rick asked almost instantly.

"No, my friend, not more mummies. Yet, anyway." Answered the man nervously.

"Ardeth, why are you here? Aren't you suppost to be-" Rick got cut off by the sound of someone else's knocking on the door.

"Don't answer that. Is your wife and son here?" Asked Ardeth in a rush.

"Yeah, their upstairs... Why?" Asked Rick slowly and tottaly confused. Why was Ardeth here? Why did he want to know where his wife and son was? Why didn't he want Rick to open the door?

The knocking continued, and both Rick and Ardeth heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Rick, if you're not going to answer that, I'm going to!" Anounced Evy.

"She musn't open the door!" Said Ardeth under his breath as he left the O'Connell's fancy kitchen to run towards the door. As he had feared, he saw Evy reaching out for the doorknob.

"Evy, don't!" Yelled Ardeth, catching Evy's attention. This distracted her from opening the door, wondering why Ardeth was here. He wasn't suppost to be there. Or, was he?

"Ardeth, why are you here?" Asked Evy slowly, taking her time.

"Evy, go get Alex, head out the back door with Rick and leave! There's no time to explain, just go!" Shouted Ardeth as Evy began running up the stairs.

Ardeth ran back into the kitchen, noticing that Rick hasn't moved. He had this confussed look on his face just glaring at Ardeth.

"And why do we have to go out by the back door?" Asked Rick, not taking his eyes off Ardeth.

They both heard more footsteps coming down the stairs. This, of course, was just Evy and Alex. They ran towards the kitchen and stopped running at the sight of Rick.

"Rick, we need to get out. Now. People are about to burn this place down. NOW!" Yelled Evy, worried and confussed at the same time. Many questions were popping in her head, sweat of worry quickly began to drip down her face.

Rick got up and all three of the O'Connell's left the house quickly, as was Ardeth, not far behind. Making sure no one was following him.

Rick was shocked and frightened when he noticed half the houses on that street were burning in flames. They kept running forward, running into the woods. It was a good thing they lived right infront of the woods, or they's probobly have no place to actually hide. Suddenly, Ardeth stopped running.

"Doesn't Jonathon live with you guys?" Shouted Ardeth, making all three of the O'Connells stop in their tracs.

"Not any more. He moved away from here a few weeks ago." Answerred Rick.

Ardeth nodded and began running, and the O'Connell's started to run again as well.

Soon after they where in the middle of the woods and out of breath, so the stopped running. As soon as they stopped, Rick walked up towards Ardeth and grabbed the collar of Ardeth's shirt and pushed him against a tree.

"Why are you here? WHY IS MY HOUSE UP IN FLAMES?" Asked Rick in pure anger and rage.

"First, let me go." Said Ardeth, viciously.

Rick pushed Ardeth harder against the tree, than slowly let him go. Ardeth collapsed on the ground, against the tree. He just saved Rick, Evy amd Alex's lives, isn't that enouth? I mean, the main reason all those houses were burning in flames was mostly because of the O'Connells.

"So, why exacly are you here?" Asked Rick in a calmer tone, quickly glancing at Evy and Alex.

"Their after you. You three and Jonathan. And me." Finally replied Ardeth, doing nothing but confussing Rick even more. Why would be after them?

"Why are they after us? Why is my house burning in flames? Answer." Asked Rick, not satisfied with what Ardeth just told him.

"They know Jonathan has that thing from the top of the pyramid. They want it. They need it." Answered Ardeth.