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Part one of chapter 10 - Rick and Evy...

There was a sudden noise that caught both Rick and Evy's attention. They both froze for a second, then ran out of the room of the stones. As they left the room, they both realised that the door in which locked them inside the little area was lifting. When the trap door finished lifting, they saw a new face standing behind where the trap door use to be. A face of whom they've never seen before. All they could really see of this person was it's eyes, they couldn't really see who it was, because this person wore a scarf around it's face. This person also wore the uniform that was ever so pupolar in this area. Both Rick and Evyguessed it most have been one of Io'Seer's men. Beside this new person stood Alex, their son. Rick quickly took out his gun and pointed it towards this new person.

"WHO ARE YOU?" shouted Rick in a threatning tone of voice. The new person slowly began taking it's scarf that was wrapped around it's face, slowly revealing what shocked both Rick and Evy. Behind the scarf that hid her face was a woman with Medjai markings.

"I am Nemalie Des. I am simply here to assure you that both Jonathan and Ardeth should be arriving here anytime soon. Amal, a man Ardeth knows very well, is just explaining a bit to Jonathan what is going on, and what he will need to do," answered Nemalie, explaining a bit of what was going on at the same time, "I do not think you will need that gun anytime soon, Rick, you should put it down and stop pointing it towards me."

"Dad, she isn't lying. She and Ardeth know each other somehow... They both got me out of this room Io'Seer tied me up in..." added Alex. He knew that Nemalie was good, and not bad. He knew that his father would listen to him. He did not want his over-protectif father to kill someone who could bloody help them save the world, again. She knew alot of what was going on. With that, Rick slowly lowered his gun.

"Who is Amal? When will my brother and Ardeth arive? Where is Io'Seer?" asked Evy. She didn't know what was going on anymore. She doesn't know how long they've been trapped in that room, or what time of day it was even. She had many questions flying threw her mind. She quickly shook her head, and added, "we found the room they've been looking for," before Nemalie could answer to any of her questions.

"Amal is an other medjai. He came along with me to help me. I do not know much about him," replied Nemalie. She lied. Not about him coming to help, or him being a medjai, but simply of her not knowing much about him. The truth was, she actually knew alot about Amal. She's known Amal since a long time. Soon after, she added, "now, please show me to the room you've found." To that, Evy nodded, and showed Nemalie to the room.

"Alex, I thought you were suppost to be guarding the car?" suddenly said Rick, stoping Alex from following Evy and Nemalie. If Io'Seer had gotten to the car, then he might have gotten to 'Laura'. But wasn't Alex suppost to have a gun? Was he sleeping?

"I kinda left the car, and then I kinda headed towards the pyramid, then I kinda found out that they could run just a little faster then I could," explained Alex. He hopped to god that Io'Seer didn't get to the car. He then remembered Nemalie finding the stone of life and the stone of death, so he added "Nemalie found the two other stones in the room I was tied up in. Ardeth has them."

"Okay, that's good... But does he have 'Laura'? Is it still in the car?" asked Rick. Rick guessed it was still in his car, since Alex didn't answer him. Alex didn't even nod or shake his head. Rick gaveAlex a face that basically toldhim that he could go see the room where all three stones were suppost to be in, and Alex did just that. Rick sighed and dicided to wait there incase some of Io'Seer's stupid men came, or if Jonathan, Ardeth, and that new guy came.

Part two of chapter 10 - Ardeth, Jonathan, and Amal...

"We should go find Rick and Evelyn. We have not got all day. The faster we will get to them, the faster this will be over and done with," said Amal. He wandered if Nemalie was still out distracting the men, or if she was inside of the pyramid somewhere. He then began walking away from where he stood as he was talking to Jonathan, and Jonathan followed Amal right behind. Ardeth just stood there, though. He wasn't following Jonathan and Amal.

"Amal, may I ask you something before we continue?" asked Ardeth, almost shouting. He wanted to ask Amal something that beggining to get on his nerves. Both Amal and Jonathan stopped walking then and there. Then, they both turned their head towards Ardeth, to hear what he had to say. Ardeth then continued once he got both Jonathan and Amal's attention, "again, may I ask, how do you and Nemalie know each other?"

Amal just sighed and looked Ardeth straight in the eyes, then answered, "I am afraid we do not have much time to speak of that subject at the moment. We will speak of this subject when we have a bit more spare time. I give you my word." answered Amal. He thought it would be best to wait for the perfect moment. It's not like they had all the time of the world at the moment. Ardeth nodded to what Amal had said, and then started following Amal and Jonathan. Soon later, they arrived to where Rick and Evelyn were suppost to be. They relised the trap door was open...

Part three of chapter 10 - All together again...

Ardeth, Jonathan, and Amal all noticed that the trap door was gone. Amal knew that Nemalie must have gotten there before, or something. Soon after, they saw someone, and noticed it was Rick. Jonathan ran up to him, while Ardeth and Amal just kept on walking towards Rick, instead of running. They weren't in that much of a rush.

"Rick, Rick!" exclaimed Jonathan as he ran up towards Rick, "The room Io'Seer needs to find is suppost to be somewhere around here!" finished Jonathan. Rick started shaking his head a little.

"We already know that, Jonathan," began Rick, "Evy found the room soon after we were trapped in the room. She said something about pushing some sort of button." Soon after Rick said that, Evelyn and Alex came out of the room which Io'Seer wanted to find, and they both walked towards Rick and Jonathan. Evy, Alex, Jonathan, and Rick all looked towards Ardeth and Amal, and after everyone turned their heads towards Nemalie, who just came out of the room.

"Amal, have you explained to Jonathan what he must do?" asked Nemalie, walking towards all of them, glancing at each and every person that was staring at her. Ardeth quickly shook his head. How did she get inside of the pyramid without all of Io'Seer's men following her? She must have been an excape artist of some sort... Unless she killed all the men. But how?

"How did you get back inside of the pyramid? Did you kill of those men, or did you simply just sneak inside?" asked Ardeth, curiously. He had many questions about her. Why didn't they want to say how they knew each-other? Did Amal get Nemalie to help him? And finally, how would they have known that everyone was here?

"Those men, Ardeth, never learn. They were all together as they ran around the pyramid. All I had to do was wait until they were on the other side, sneak inside the building to get Alex out, since he hid there after, then sneak back in when they weren't around," explained Nemalie, not in a hurry, just taking her time. She spoke in a rather high tone, though. Ardeth just nodded his head in reply.

Part four of chapter 10 - Ardeth and Rick talk...

Everyone walked away, they all went inside of the room to explore it a bit more. Everyone, but Rick and Ardeth, of course. Rick was leaning against the cold, hard pyramid wall. Ardeth headed closer towards Rick O'Connell to talk to him.

"You know Rick, I never imagined myself telling you this, but I am happy I did not shoot you, and you survived that desert," said Ardeth, smilling. He thought of the time Rick was walking in the desert, leaving the place of which the medjai guarded. He didn't think he would end up saving the world from insane dead guys and their sad followers 3 times in a year with Rick.

"Yes, thanks for that. And I'm thankful that you didn't shoot me, either. Because if you did, I wouldn't have to go on these wonderful adventures, saving the world from dead mummy things," said Rick a bit sarcastically. Then Rick smilled and slowly added, "but obviously, I don't want to die, or else I wouldn't have convinced Evy to save me. So I'm thankful." Rick then slowly, and ment it, then he sat down.

"Rick you were never forced to do anything. You wanted to so you could live. If you have never convinced Evelyn, well, you would have nothing that you have now, and Evelyn would not be as happy," replied Ardeth, to Rick's first comment.

"I guess you're right, Ardeth," said Rick. He sighed, then soon added, "Ardeth, I've been wondering, who are the two other people? Nemalie and Amal?" asked Rick, quite curiously. If there were to be people trying to save the world with them, Rick at least wanted to have a bit of information about them. What if Nemalie wanted to kill Jonathan and take the 'power' for herself? What if that's what both Amal and Nemalie wanted? Rick personally didn't care if they'd kill Jonathan. Rick didn't hate Jonathan, no. He just didn't want Alex to turn out like Jonathan, so Rick kicked him out of the house. Evy didn't talk to Rick for about 2 weeks, but it was worth taking out a percentage of the chances of Alex living home until his parents were dead, drinking while playing poker every saturday night.

"Amal, he is a good, respectable medjai. But I have never even heard of Nemalie's name before coming here. Andtwo amalsoquite curious about their relationship," replied Ardeth. Rick nodded slowly in as if to say 'I know what you mean, and I two am quite curious about those two.' Then, Rick walked away and headed for the room to see how everyone else was doing, and Ardeth did the same.

What will happen? Will they FINALLY find out more about Nemalie and Amal? What about Io'Seer? It's fun having having lost of information about the bad guys. Also, Nefertiti and Anck Su Namun were actually real people. Nefertiti was a pharaoh and Anck Su Namun was somehow related to Nefertiti. I don't know much about them, but my father was watching some weird television show talking about Nefertiti... o0