Amy's Passion

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It was a bright, sunny day at the park. Everyone was cheerful, and everything was wonderful. Well, almost everything. Amy was crying on a wooden park bench, hiding in the shade. All she had ever done was try to be nice, and look where she had ended up. Now, everyone would be enjoying themselves somewhere, especially Vinny, who would be taping whatever, Kai, who would never miss a chance to get Shadow, and Jayln, who would never miss a chance to fight Kai to get Shadow. There was a voice from above her.

"Amy...what happened?" Kai asked, sitting down next to her. Kai watched with sadness as tears poured from Amy's eyes.

"Sonic...he told me" Amy started, but she was so upset she couldn't finish her sentence. Kai gasped in shock. Although Sonic had never exactly been the nicest of people to her, it was hard to see him do this! There was rustling in the trees, and Jayln jumped down.

"Where are Shadow and Vinny? I'm sure he would have come." Kai asked. Jayln rolled her eyes, seeming somewhat angrily.

"He had to go somewhere, I think..." Jayln explained. Kai closed her eyes and shook her head, annoyed.

"Just when we needed him, too. He seems to know more about these types of situations then we do..." Kai said. There was a cry of anger and a loud smash as Vinny fell from the three right above Amy. He hit the ground with a thud,

"Well excuse me, Princess, but I'm not an expert on this type of thing. However, my guess it that we need to punish Sonic, yet comfort Amy." Vinny said. Jayln and Kai looked at each other.

"We call Sonic!" They yelled, running off. Vinny sighed. He turned to Amy, who was still crying.

"Amy, look, even though..." Vinny started. Amy looked up, even though tears were still falling.

Jayln and Kai were having loads of fun. They had a piñata at the party, with Sonic as the piñata; they played stuff the stupid blue hedgehog into the punch bowl, and see how long Sonic can breathe with Big sitting on him.

"That was fun! I never knew Sonic was made of candy!" Tails exclaimed, beating an imaginary Sonic with a piece of wood with a rusty nail sticking out.

"You call that fun? I liked forcing him into the punch bowl..." Kai said, a grin on her face.

"Yeah, that was awesome!" Jayln exclaimed. The two of them looked at each other with happiness, but realized with horror something.

"We forgot to tell him about Amy!" they both exclaimed in unison. They ran back through the door, and lifted Big of Sonic, which wasn't an easy task.

"Sonic, I think it's fair you know why we did this.." Kai said. Sonic got up off the floor, a butt print on his back.

"Yeah, no kidding! You guys gave me a harder time then Shadow does!" Sonic exclaimed, but with a slight smile.

"Although I'm pretty sure you know why." Jayln said. Sonic gave her a puzzled look

"It's because of earlier...what you did to Amy..." Kai explained. Sonic blinked in realization and nodded.

"You need to know this: Amy is a nice girl. All she wanted was you, but you stay away from her. Just give her a chance..." pleaded Kai. Sonic sighed, and looked down to the ground. He seemed to be upset.

"Even if I did, it wouldn't end well...she'd be a perfect target for Eggman. If something happened to her, I'd never be able to forgive myself." Sonic said. He looked down to the ground and looked back at the small hole that he had been lying in. He then looked at the punch bowl, which had several holes in it. Sonic looked at his skin, and saw deep scratches where several rusted nails had sliced him.

"Why won't she ever realize...she makes my life so...unbearable?" Sonic said, deliberately choosing his words. Amy had just walked in the door, smiling, but gasped when she heard that.

"Sonic, I..." Amy said quietly. Sonic looked up to see Amy standing in the middle of the room. Kai and Jayln looked back, and saw Amy drop the bag in her hand. Kai froze, completely horror-struck. Vinny walked in, looking rather upset and embarrassed at the same time.

"...uh oh..." Vinny muttered, wide-eyed. Jayln conspicuously took Kai's arm and started to walk out of the room, anything to get away from Amy. Vinny turned around to leave, but hid on the other side of the door instead. Jayln looked at Vinny.

"What did she have you do Vinny?" Jayln asked. Vinny sweatdropped, and laughed nervously.

"I don't wish to talk about it. I found it rather...embarrassing. I wish I never told Amy some of my secrets..." Vinny mumbled. Jayln looked at Kai, who removed the nail gun from her pocket.

"You'll find that we can be very...persuasive." Kai said. Vinny looked at the nail gun and cursed rather loudly.

"Look, she asked whether I had any experiences like this, and I said yes! And she made me go deep into my past. We were sitting on the bench, and it started raining." Vinny said. Kai then noticed that Amy's clothes looked as though they were quickly blow-dried,while Vinny's cloak was clinking to his back.

"HUMPH! If Sonic wants me now, he'll have to wait!" Amy exclaimed as she walked out of the room, her hammer over her shoulder. Kai shrugged, and followed Jayln as they ran to catch up to Amy. That left a dying Sonic, and an embarrassed Vinny with a short-circuiting camcorder.

"Look out!" Sonic exclaimed. Vinny looked at the camcorder, and it exploded. There was a huge smoke cover, and everything was hidden. Only voices were heard.

"I can't see! What is this?" Sonic said. Vinny gasped, and punched Sonic. There was a loud bang as Sonic hit the ground.

"That's my hand, and no, you can't hold it, weirdo!" Vinny exclaimed. There was coughing as Sonic stood up.

"Seriously, what happened between you and Amy?" Sonic asked, a sassy tone in his voice. Vinny sat on the table.

"I always find it easier to talk to males then females. Well, here we go." Vinny said. Sonic went to jump up onto the table, but missed and smashed into the punch bowl.

Jayln and Kai were running trying to catch up to Amy. They finally saw her going into her room. She threw a dart, and it hit Sonic square in the throat.

"She really needs to set her priorities...I mean have Sonic love her." Kai said, with a bit of either laughter or shellshock on her voice. Jayln twitched at the thought. Helping Sonic would be like cutting her arm and offering it to a shark: she would never do it. Jayln sighed, and decided to help, making a mental note to have a shark rip off her arm.

"I never knew that she was that good at darts..." Jayln muttered as Amy threw a handful of poisoned darts behind her head, all of them striking Sonic's eyes and throat.

"This may be harder then we thought..." Kai said, gulping. Amy looked over and saw the two hanging off of the tree branch, and picked up a handful of the poison darts.

"On the count of three, jump down. One...Two...screw this, I'm jumping." Kai said as she jumped off the branch, realizing she was ten stories above the ground.

"Ugh, it was really creepy when I woke up. I never wish to experience that again..." Vinny said. The smoke was starting to clear, but the only thing visible was the pile of ash that was the camcorder.

"I remember offering my cloak to her because she was cold, and I never get cold. So she wrapped herself, and (I hope) inadvertently me in the cloak. I fainted from lack of oxygen. I woke up to see her head on my chest, arms around my neck, and my arms were around her waist. I never wish to have that happen ever, ever again. It was so creepy...with her big hammer of DOOM! At least, it was on the bench..." Vinny said. He looked over, and saw a strange outline. He walked over to it and put his hand on a surface.

"OUCH! Dang it, who left the stove on! Hey wait a second..." Vinny said, pulling his burnt hand off the stove. He pushed a button, hitting it on his twelfth try. There was a loud vacuum noise, and the smoke started going into the blower. When the smoke cleared, he saw Sonic, unconscious, lying in the punch bowl. Then he saw a camera in the corner of the room, which was a two-way. On the other end, he saw Amy throwing darts at a Sonic picture.

"SONIC! I hate you. Man, I hope she didn't hear what I said..." Vinny said. Amy didn't. Kai and Jayln did.

Kai was freefalling through the air, falling at roughly 50 miles per hour. She managed to grab onto the windowsill of a window on the third floor, and climbed down. She scurried back up the tree, and followed Jayln as they jumped into Amy's room. They saw a camera, and heard Vinny's voice coming from it.

"At least, it was on the bench..." his voice said. Kai and Jayln snickered. They heard the whole thing, and were ready to blackmail Vinny, just for the fun of it! They turned to Amy, who was hyperventilating.

"That was completely inaccurate! He seemed to enjoy it! And more importantly, the look in his eyes, it was..." Amy trailed off, calming down. She looked in surprise at nothing in particular. She gasped, and ran out the door.

"I think I missed something." Jayln said. Kai nodded, a confused look on her face. She looked out the window to see a pink blur race by.

Vinny sighed in relief as he walked away from the camera. He looked at Sonic, who had his head in the punch bowl, a shocked expression on his face. He was standing up, and his torso was leaning forward. Amy walked in casually, and walked up to Vinny.

"Hiya, Vinny!" Amy exclaimed. Vinny took a step back in surprise. His mouth was slightly hanging, and he was sweating.

"Umm...hi, Amy." Vinny said. Amy stood next to him, making Vinny sweat all the more. She gently took hold of his hand.

"Here, I'll show you a really cool place." Amy said. Vinny looked into her enchanting emerald eyes, and started to sweat even more. She started pulling his hand, and he obeyed the gentle touch, allowing it to lead him. Amy broke off into a run, which Vinny matched easily. They ran past Kai and Jayln, who were walking towards the park, as to examine what Vinny and Amy did. They were wearing identical black suits with sunglasses. They walked in a march-like fashion, and in synch.

"They look like Agents K and J from Men in Black..." Vinny thought as they ran by. He looked to see Amy looking up into the stars. He looked up.

"It's beautiful..." Amy said. Vinny nodded, as he saw the Big Dipper, and then Sagittarius. He looked, and saw Amy looking at him. He felt himself blush slightly, as he ran forward.

"Did you witness anything happening between these two hedgehogs?" Jayln roughly asked a random person who was strolling in the park. He backed away.

"Yeah, they were sleeping right next to each other!" The man exclaimed. Jayln took out a pen, and made sure both her's and Kai's sunglasses were on. She pressed the button on the top of the button, and there was a flash of red light. The man looked at Jayln and Kai.

"I know you! You're Shadow's girlfriends, Kai and Jayln!" He exclaimed. Kai and Jayln exchanged glances.

"It's working perfectly." Kai said, removing her sunglasses. Jayln grinned.
They examined the bench, and found another camera. Kai showed it to Jayln, and they watched. Jayln laughed after she saw the camera.

"That's a little...awkward." Kai said, sweatdropping. She wondered where Amy was bringing Vinny, and got an idea. She started running, Jayln right behind her. They saw a blue blur run past, and they recognized it as Sonic, only he was holding a beautiful bouquet made from multiple flowers.

Amy stopped at the beach. She laid a towel down and sat down on it, motioning for Vinny to sit. Just has he was sitting down, the sun began to rise. Brilliant reds, purples, and oranges were etched across the sky, shining brightly. Vinny gasped.

"It's...beautiful..." Vinny said. Amy looked at him, smiling. Vinny looked at her, and then noticed something shifting in the leaves behind him.

"So are you..." Amy said, tackling him to the ground. Their faces were millimeters apart. Just as they began to bring their faces closer, Sonic jumped out of the bushes.

"Hey, Amy! I'm just here to...wait, what?" Sonic exclaimed. Vinny and Amy looked over to see Sonic standing in front of a bush, a bouquet in his hand. Inside were lilies, roses, tulips, and something...metal? Sonic pulled out a gun, and pointed it at Vinny's head.

"Sorry, Vinny, but I will do anything to make Amy love me, even if it means killing you." Sonic said. Just before he pulled the trigger, someone grabbed the side of his head, and slammed their knee into his unprotected neck. There was a loud snap as Sonic fell to the ground. Kai stepped out of the trees, calling 911 with her cell phone before snapping it shut.

"No one is to mention that I did this. And by the way, I advise going to that spot over there. I planned on bringing Shadow over there; it's really romantic when the sun sets there." Kai said, pointing to a rock by the edge of the shore. A walkie-talkie fell from the bouquet.

"SONIC! I'm losing contact. I've successfully tracked your coordinates, and I'll be there as fast as I can! Hang on; it'll only take me a few seconds!" Tails' voice echoed from the device. Vinny grabbed Kai and Jayln's ankle, and used Chaos Control. The four of them disappeared, but left the towel behind. Tails arrived just as the emerald light disappeared. He saw Sonic, dead, and he saw Amy's favorite towel lying on the ground.

"Amy did this?!?" Tails exclaimed, just as the ambulance and cop cars showed up. They gasped when they saw Sonic, but heard Tails' statement, and clarified it as a witnessed murder. They took Tails into the car, and left the CSI agents to deal with Sonic. They rode away into the night, believing Amy was the murderer.

There was a streak of jade light, and the four of them reappeared in Amy's bedroom. Amy sighed in relief, and fell onto the bed. She managed to grab the edge of Vinny's cloak, and pull him down too.

"Yeah, we'll turn around now." Kai said, turning around. Vinny gasped and jumped off. Jayln quickly turned around to cover her laughter.

"We're not...we aren't...huh?" Vinny said as someone pounded on the door. The door fell down, and police officers came in, guns at the ready.

"Can't we talk about this like proper gentlemen and ladies?" Jayln inquired, eyes on the guns. The Commander shook his head.

"We can't. We're not paid enough to even talk." The leader said, before clipping handcuffs onto the four of them. Amy went willingly, but the other three attacked. They had to be stunned by a tranquilizer dart; otherwise the few remaining officers would have been killed. Shadow yawned as he walked into the room.

"Hey, wha-"Shadow was quickly cut off as an officer put his hand over his mouth, and handcuffed him. The five of them were walked out, and thrown into cop cars. Sonic smiled as he stood on the roof of the building, having appeared there after taking out the CSI agents.

"So, even though I'm not dead, they're being arrested for killing me. With any luck, I'll turn this around and reclaim Amy in no time!" Sonic exclaimed. He watched as the squad car drove away, and laughed.

My new story's first chapter comes to a close. And for the record, this was more or less a very...awkward idea I came up with. By the way, it would be appreciated if this story got some reviews. Later!