Love in Odd Forms

by tenshi noyo Ryu Taiga

disclaimer- me no own

It was the day after the battle. Well, not the battle. Just the usual end-of-the-year battles between Voldemort and Harry. This time though, Voldemort killed the Dursleys and ended up badly wounded from the fight with The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry was sitting by the Great Lake just thinking.

'I can't believe he killed Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Dudley. I know they abused me and were incredibly mean and well, basically made me their house elf, but they didn't deserve...' Harry thought about his years when he was younger. Of Petunia making him burn his own hand, just to cook for her "little Duddykins" at the age of five. When Dudley and his gang all took turns beating him up. Of Vernon punching him everytime he "missed a spot" while cleaning.

'Hmmm, I wonder..." Harry trailed off before leaving the lake and walking into the castle. He had an idea.

The next day, we find Voldemort in bed nursing his wounds in the comfort of black and green silk. Suddenly, the Dark Lord hears an annoying tapping sound that can only come from...

"Owl Post" Voldmort growled out before climbing out of bed and limping over to his bedside window. There stood an average brown owl. Tom took the letter off the bird's leg and watched as the owl flew away.

'Guess he doesn't need a response' He thought before cautiously looking at the letter. Who would mail him? Everyone he needed to talk to was easily able to come to him, should he summon them and all his DeathEaters know that Owl Post wasn't very reliable.

Voldemort looked at the address.

Dark Lord Voldemort

Evil Castle

Somewhere in this Continent

Well, that's... odd.

Voldemort carefully inspected the letter, using all different kinds of spells before gently breaking the seal.

Voldemort shut his eyes, fully expecting an exlposion. None came. He peeked out a little. Nothing was wrong.

He carefully slid a card out from the envelope. The card was dark green and had a silver lining. In big, bold, black and silver letters it clearly stated:


'Is this a joke?' Voldemort wondered, shocked. Who would send him a 'Get Well Soon' card?

Tom opened the card to read what was inside before dropping the card in shock.

Inside lay a picture of a smiling and waving Harry Potter with the words:

Get well soon. Thanks for killing those abusive fucks formerly known as the Dursleys. Remind me to get you a birthday and Christmas present. See you soon!


Harry Potter

"Bloody Hell," Tom groaned before collapsing on the bed. A few minutes later he got up and went to fetch something from a box in the back of his closet. He found what he needed and came back and knelt to grab the card. He took out the picture of Harry before putting it into the frame he went to get and set it on his bedside night table. He also put the card next to it before smirking at the picture and whispering, "There's a first time for everything." Before shaking out of it and taking a shower and getting dressed, readying himself for the day all the while thinking:

'Does he know that I love him?'