It began right after Dumbledore's funeral was over.

Harry was getting ready to climb aboard the Hogwarts Express. He knew that he had a big mission ahead of him. And he knew that it would be dangerous. Very dangerous. But by now, Harry was used to this. Everything he did was dangerous. Yes, it was. He was Harry Potter after all.

The Boy Who Lived. The One Who Survived the Killing Curse. The Chosen One. The Title That Was Stolen from Anakin Skywalker. Harry was all of these things.

Harry was about to go back to the Dursleys. Why? He wasn't sure. After all, they hated him, and with Voldemort somewhere out there, killing all that he could, he didn't exactly have time for this sort of thing. But he was going back to live with the Dursleys. Until his birthday, when he would turn 17 years old. He would be an adult then, and the time would come for him to destroy the Dark Lord, a name which was, of course, stolen from "Lord of the Rings".

But first, Harry would have to do a few things. He'd have to go to Fleur Delacour's wedding, because she was being married to on of Ron's older brothers. Which one? He couldn't remember, but he was certain that it was either Bill or Charlie.

Then Harry would have to go in search of up to four Horocruxs, the locked safes of Voldemort's soul. Once he found all of these, he would take them to Mordor, and he would toss them into the depths of Mount Doom, which was a stupid name for a volcano, and the world would be saved from evil's wrath.

Okay, so he wasn't going to Mordor, but he was going to destroy those Horocrux-thingys, even though he had no idea where they were.

It was then when the owl came.

The owl was one which Harry had never seen before. In its mouth was a letter, which was wrapped in red ribbon, and it was heading straight for him.

But the owl would never reach Harry. For at that moment, to Harry's horror, he heard these words.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The owl looked like a baseball had conked him on the head. Then, spinning like a falling model airplane, the bird fell to the ground. A cloaked person ran over to the poor animal. Harry instantly knew that it was a Death Eater.

"Oh, yes!", shouted the Death Eater. He snatched up the letter, unwrapped the red rippon, and looked at it. He giggled madly. "Hooray! This note was being sent to none other than Harry Potter! It was sent to him by none other than Dumbledore's most trusted agent. And it says exactly where I can find those other Horocrux thingys. Well, I'll go off to find them and protect them! The the Dark Lord will reward me!".

At this, the Death Eater jumped in the air, and ran off in the direction of the Black Forrest.

"Oh, no, you don't!", Harry growled. He pulled out his wand.

"Acio Firebolt!"

Seconds later, Harry's broom zoomed up to him. He jumped on and flew after the Death Eater at top speed.

The running Death Eater looked up. "Oh, no", he moaned. "It's Harry Potter, flying on his amazingly fast Firebolt. He's going to try and take the note from me. Or worse, the camera may abruptly pause on an eerie still of his face and the movie will end".

These thoughts seemed to motivate the Death Eater, who started running faster and deeper into the Black Forrest.

Harry tried to pick up the speed on his Firebolt, but he was already moving at top speed. And he was losing the Death Eater.

"I know what I will do", said Harry. "I will fly lower so that it will be easier for me to grab the note from that dude when I'm close enough to him".

And so the boy who had never said "Dude" before in his life flew lower and deeper into the Black Forrest. Now he was able to soar much faster through the trees and branches. Soon, he wasn't too far away from the Death Eater.

"Crikey", yelled the Death Eater. "How did you catch up with me so fast".

But Harry didn't answer him. He just continued his chase. He was only a few feet away from his enemy now.

But then, he suddenly put on the brakes on his broom (however you do that), for he found that he was in an area of the forrest that was deadly.

"Oh, good", said the Death Eater, looking back as he ran. "He gave up".

"Hagrid", sang a deep voice. "Is that you? Because if it is, you just becaame breakfast".

"Yesssss", hissed another voice. "Ever since our father died, you are no longer anything but a snack to us".

The Death Eater screamed in terror as he was surrouned by about 200 gigantic spiders.

"Awwwwww", whined one of the little spiders. "It's not Hagrid".

"It still looks like food to me", said another. Seeming to agree on this, they all closed in to devour their meal.

"AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH--", the Death Eater yelled, but his cry was cut off by the sound of several mouths crunching food at the same time, followed by the sound of paper tearing.

"Gee", said one of the spiders. "That bloke was carrying some kind of note".

"Too bad you ate it", said another. "It might have been a check".

But as Harry flew off as fast as he could, he smacked himself on the head. The secrets to his quest of destroying Voldemort were gone.

And, if he didn't hurry, he'd miss the Hogwarts Express... and lots more danger.