Harry Potter woke up quite suddenly in the middle of the night. He had just had a terrible nightmare.

It was about his beloved Ginny Weasley, jumping in front of Hermione Granger to block a death curse which had been fired by Lavender Brown.

He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. It had only been a dream.

And yet, he couldn't just tell himself that in order to give himself some false comfort. He knew that he wasn't like other people. Other people had dreams. Dreams that didn't mean anything. Harry Potter, on the other hand, never had dreams that didn't mean something.

Well, except of course for the dream he had once had about Professor Dumbledore and Severus Snape passionately kissing each other on the lips. That dream was so absurd that it couldn't have meant anything at all.

He hoped.

He reached under his pillow and flipped through his dream diary. It was always a horribly depressing task for him to do, because almost all of his dreams were so tragic. Rarely had Harry ever been able to read through the entire journal with dry eyes.

But it was important that he at least skim through it. He had to see if there were any dreams in there about Lavender Brown. They might help him understand what his nightmare had meant.


There were plenty of dreams about Ginny, of course. There was the dream he had had about her in April, swimming fully nude in the lake at Hogwarts and making love to the giant squid. There was the one that he had in early May about her giving a speech at the Oscars, only to have the shoulder straps of her dress snap off, revealing her beautiful naked body to the entire world. There was the dream that he had about three weeks ago about Ginny Weasley sitting alone in a tiny cell in Azkaban, wearing nothing but the heavy chains which bound her to the wall.

And there were all of the other dreams about her, the ones that didn't satisfy his sexual desires.

The nightmares.

Ginny Weasley being eaten alive by Crabbe and Goyle. Ginny Weasley getting run over by the Hogwarts Express. Ginny Weasley getting shoved face first into a dishwasher that was filled with insanely sharp butcher's knives. Ginny Weasley being flushed down a gigantic toilet by Gwarp. Ginny Weasley getting her skin chewed clean off by Dobby the house elf.

And, of course, Ginny Weasley dying at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Just like his parents.

It was then when it happened. Harry Potter couldn't stand it anymore. He shoved the damned dream diary back under his pillow and began to sob.

"If only I hadn't been a baby when it happened," he sobbed. "I could've done something about it then! I could've saved them!"

He was so busy crying that he hardly noticed Hermione Granger getting into bed with him.

"Which way...to the toilet?" she asked in a tipsy voice while hitting him lightly on the shoulder. "I need...it...badly."

"It's right across the room in plain sight!" shouted Harry, frustrated that Hermione had interupted his crying. "Don't you notice that it doesn't have a door in front of it?"

Hermione looked in the direction that Harry was pointing. She began to laugh.

"Well, that's just my luck, isn't it?" she giggled. "How silly of them to have no...no...door!"

"Yeah, real silly," grumbled Harry, not in the mood for dealing with Hermione right now. "Now, go do whatever you have to do and leave me alone."

Hermione slowly got up and made her way to the toilet, singing a song to herself that Harry couldn't make out. Not wanting to risk seeing anything that he didn't want to, Harry shoved his face into his pillow and refused to look back up until he had heard a flush. Even after his ears had heard that sound, he still waited five whole minutes before he dared to lift his head, just to be extra careful.

When he finally did look up and open his eyes again, he was unhappy to see that Hermione was back in bed with him.

"I want...to play a game," she said in a slow voice. She then moved her face very close to Harry's. "I want to play...a game...with you."

Not liking the direction in which this was going, Harry backed away from her. "I don't have time for games!" he told her nervously. "Why don't you just play with Ron?"

"Because Ron's...asleep," said Hermione, sounding dissapointed. She let out a small hiccup. "And I want to play now!"

"Fine, whatever," said Harry, hoping that he could somehow put Hermione back to sleep by talking with her. "What kind of game would you like to play?"

"I want to play a game that I invented," said Hermione. "It's called 'Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger'."

"WHAT???" shouted Harry, raising his voice louder than he intended to. "What kind of a game is that???"

"You play Ron, and I play Hermione," explained Hermione with a wicked smile. "Then we see where we go from there."

"No way!" shouted Harry, raising his voice even more. "You don't want to play a game like that with me! Really, you don't!"

"Oh, but I do," said Hermione, licking her finger and tapping it on his nose. "I really, really do."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hotel, Wormtail was watching everything that was going on inside Harry's room on a large computer screen.

"What's taking so damn long?" asked a Death Eater who was standing next to him. "We're supposed to be shooting Potter's death, not making something sick like a sex tape!"

"We can't get started until the pizza is ready!" shouted Wormtail in a pleading voice. "And besides, we can always edit out the parts that we don't need."

"Forget about the pizza!" said the Death Eater firmly. "You're running out of time! You must get started now if you're going to ensure the boy's demise."

"I suppose that I could just use an empty pizza box instead," Wormtail muttered. "But it won't have the same impact."

"Just do it!" shouted the Death Eater as he shoved Wormtail out of the room. "We haven't got a moment to lose!"

It was around this time when Harry noticed something above his bed that he hadn't seen before.

"Hang on!" he said, pushing Hermione off of him before anything major could happen between them. "What's that up there?"

He got up to give the object a closer look. It appeared to be a camera of some sort.

"Hermione, I think that we're being watched!" he said with alarm. "Wake up Ron! We have to get out of here as soon as possible!"

But Hermione only responded with a very loud snore. She had fallen back asleep.

He was startled by a knock on the door.

"Pizza's here!" came a voice from the other side of the hotel room.

Harry sighed deeply and walked over to the door.

"Look, I don't have time for this," he said. "I didn't order any pizza. You've got the wrong house."

"No, I don't," said the voice. "The pizza is free. It was made specially for you."

Harry sighed again and opened the door, only to discover Wormtail, holding a pizza box and wearing an even stranger uniform than before.

"Wormtail!" he shouted. "What is the meaning of this? Why are there cameras hidden in my room?"

"I'm just delivering your pizza," said Wormtail, looking sheepish. "And as for the cameras, they're, um, uh, well. uh, they're kinda, well..."

"What?" shouted Harry. "Are you spying on me or something?"

"No," said Wormtail. "The cameras are there to...protect you, Harry. They're security cameras."

He beamed as though he was proud of himself for coming up with a good excuse.

"Rubbish," said Harry. "I don't need protection. I'm Harry Potter, and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Nothing gets past me!"

This was ironic, because at that very moment, about five death eaters were sneaking into the open door of Harry's hotel room, hidden under an invisibility cloak.

"At least take the pizza," said Wormtail, handing it over to him. "Like I said earlier, it's on the house."

"Fine," said Harry, opening the pizza box. He looked inside it for a moment.

"Hang on!" he said. "There isn't any pizza in this box at all! Wormtail, what are you up to?"

But when he looked up, Wormtail had gone.

He shut the door with frustation, and gave the pizza box a better look. After examining it for a bit, he discovered a tiny note taped to the bottom.

Mr. Potter,

I am your doom

I'm in your hotel room

Your friends are doomed, too

For they are with you

You will all die

With Pain









And more

Soon it will be over

But not until after you've watched your friends die

Then you will die


Hope that you enjoyed the pizza, for it was the last one that you'll ever have.


Your doom.

"What a load of bullshit!" said Harry, crumbling up the piece of paper and tossing it on the floor. "If Wormtail had any idea how many notes I've gotten like that, he'd know that it takes a lot more than that to frighten someone like me."

He turned to wake up Ron and Hermione to tell them about it...but when he looked around the room for them, they were nowhere to be seen.