By Patriot for Christ

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the X-men, or Marvel characters. Marvel does… In case you didn't know that…

Also, I plotted the story at night because I love the nighttime… So, in case you where wondering about that… You now have an answer.

"Humph!" Bobby grunted as he threw the last of the camping equipment into the one of three vans. The X-men where taking a camping trip and he had been in charge of packing everything.

"Oh Bobby," Rogue said as she walked out of the mansion, " Just because you have to do this once doesn't mean you have to get all hot-headed."

"Easy for you to say." Bobby said, changing his attitude from angry to relaxed. Whenever Rogue came around, his attitude changed like that.

Rogue walked closer to him and put her arms around his body. She hugged him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Well, we should probably get going." Bobby said, walking Rogue back to the mansion.

Once they got back inside, Bobby signaled to Scott Summers, Cyclops, whom called all of the X-men whom where camping.

There were nearly thirty campers, all going up into Vermont. They where going to a nice mountain-range area that was beautiful. A final break from all the normal day duties of the X-men.

When they finally got into the van, the moon was just rising. Bobby had stayed up all night packing the vans.

Instantly, he fell asleep. Rogue sat next to him, nearly bored. She now had nobody to talk to. Well, that is, except for one of the younger mutants who sat next to her.

The ride was a ten-hour ride into the mountains of Vermont, as stated earlier. It was the middle of summer, so they didn't have to worry about school. For the kids, that was awesome. For their teachers… It was awesome also, assuming they had no schoolwork to grade and worry about.

Two hours later, Bobby woke back up. They had stopped at a gas station still in New York.

Some kids had set up a small game console in the front of the van. Funny. Someone bringing a game console camping. Bobby dismissed the idea and went into the gas station to pick something up to eat.

Walking inside, he realized how small the gas station really was. The kids where covering the gas station. There wasn't much room to breath!

He spotted Rogue and walked over to her. She was choosing between some muffins to eat.

"Blueberry… or chocolate?" Rogue mumbled as Bobby approached her.

"Hey, Rogue." Bobby said, holding her hand.

"Oh, hi Bobby. I need some help."

"Yeah? What's that?" Bobby replied.

"Blueberry, or chocolate?" she asked.

"How about you buy one, and I'll buy the other. Then we can share."

Rogue looked a little skeptical at first.

"Don't worry, I'm not touching you!" he laughed.

She snapped out of it! "Oh, sorry. I'm just… I'm so used to not being able to do anything with you… Sorry about that Bobby. Sure, I'll get chocolate then." she smiled.

They paid for their food and then walked out of the station and back into their van.

About half an hour later, everyone was back in the van. Bobby and Rogue had already finished their muffins, each finishing the one that they had chosen.

"Bobby," Rogue said, nearly dazed.

"Rogue." Bobby chimed.

"Oh boy!" a kid behind them laughed.

The two of them where completely mesmerized by each other.

When the X-men got to Vermont, they pulled up into their camping area. There was about twenty-five tents to set up. Luckily they where the kind that you threw down onto the ground and they inflated themselves.

Logan, whom had already cut down a tree and cut it into sections for firewood, was already making a fire. He was tossing the wood onto the ground quickly, almost hitting one or two mutants.

"Hey, are one of you kids a fire mutant?" Logan asked. "Or… manipulator, creator, or controller of fire?"

One of the kids walked up and created a fireball. He then dropped it onto the pile of firewood and it blazed up a foot or so.

Scott walked out of his large tent and then walked over to where the fire was. He was going to make an announcement, "Everyone, we will be setting you up with your mutant kind. We will be labeling everything in 1's,2's, and 3's. You've all been given your number, so go pair up with a partner that has the same number."

"Luckily we don't have to worry about that." Bobby smiled as he looked into Rogue's eyes.

"That goes for teachers too." Scott added.

Iceman gave Scott a blank look.

"I'm just kidding, Bobby." Scott laughed.

Bobby threw a little ice-ball at Scott and laughed along.

That night, while Logan was the only one awake, sitting by the fire, he sensed someone entering the area.

"Hello? Is someone there?" he asked. He sniffed the air. The scent was familiar. He just couldn't place it.

"Hello?" he called again. This time, his claws unsheathed.


"If you don't show yourself, you'll answer to me!" Logan growled, jumping up off of the log he sat on.

All of the sudden, he felt something shatter his spine and he blacked out.