Jazz POV

I should've been asleep, it was late, I knew it, but for some reason I just couldn't do it. I was energized and I had no idea why, I just wanted to move, wanted to run, wanted to bounce off some walls and for some reason I wanted to dance, which wasn't like me at all. I had tried to figure out what was going on, thinking it was something to do with my head, something to do with seeing Marco but dismissed it rather quickly, it was a factor but no the whole truth. Whatever it was it was just out of reach, but one sleepless night wasn't something to really worry about, could've been any of a thousand things I knew or were locked in my unconscious.

(Not like this is my first sleepless night,) looking out at the moon through my window, (and at least when I pace I get to have some fun.) I jumped down from my desk, my front paws landing followed by my back ones, my tail swishing behind me, rustling against the carpet, sending a multitude of sensations through my body. The striking white of the arctic fox was a strake contrast to the darkness of my room, something that for some reason was funny to me. If my parents hadn't been asleep I would've been worried, if they barged in I would've been the first thing they saw.

I let the fox push those thoughts back, a bit of caution mixed with strength, the mind of something that was both predator and prey. I wasn't totally out of control with confidence or fear, but I knew they were at a high level, for lack of a better word, then what I normally was at, a state somewhat akin to Weaver.

Thankfully there were no predators here, no prey either for that matter though my nose did pick up plenty of smells of both, some mine some birds. I loved those smells, especially in this body where I could run them down to my hearts contents, hopping from my bed to a chair to my desk, a drop to the floor to climbing my book shelf. This body could do anything in this room, follow anything no matter how hard it might've been for my normal body to do comparatively.

This wasn't my first run as a fox at night, if anything it was a secret joy, something I got to do that let me run out any element of frustration. There were times when I'd run through the house, down the street, through the school or the park. Just running or jumping, following scents just giving into the thrill of being an animal, being a fox, letting my beautiful coat dance in the breeze and for a few moments just plain feel free of all concerns. I was a lot like birdie in that regard, but where he flew I ran, different ways but in the end they were all the same, just the need to be human for a little while and just running wild and free for a few brief moments.

I'd tried this same thing as Sally, but the German Shepherd was just to single minded most of the time to just let go. The fun loving dog was still in there but it was a harder line to walk, she'd been breed to work, to track and find things, and sometimes that instinct kicked in and all the fun I was having went away. The fox was easier, it was more wild, it's only concerns were finding food and not becoming food, things I'd learned how to control a long time ago.

(Maybe I should mess with Danny,) feeling a little mischievous, (I wonder what Mr. Lancer would say if a dog really did eat his homework?)

Shaking my whole body I forced the thoughts back, the ideas not of any real use at the moment, enjoying the feel of my fur shifting. Sitting down I felt a little itch at the base of my neck and started scratching with my back leg, (oh yeah,) letting the leg pick up speed, loving the feel, feeling a burst of warmth all over my body. (I forgot how good this feels,) scratching deeper, kicking off a little of the fur on my body till I finally stopped, satisfied. Putting my leg down I felt my body weight shift and the world go a little crazy and I fell over on my side, (that was a really good scratch,) feeling the warmth spread out to the rest of my body.

(I have got to get birdie in on this,) shaking my head and getting back to my feet, (he makes me fly I should make him run.) The idea of making him run around with me, jumping and playing made me warm, a small sound slipping out of my throat, almost like a purr but not quite, a smell hitting my nose that I knew was me. (Right, now I know why I can't sleep,) recognizing the feeling, running though my body despite the different species.

Demorphing knowing I needed a less sensitive nose, "wasn't aware I could trigger that, I really thought I had to be in season." I hopped into bed and lent against the wall, "I need help….a lot of help," closing my eyes, "this is not how I envisioned my life. Tobias is not the guy I thought I'd fall f….be around," correcting myself, "I didn't want to turn into my parents yet here I am being them. Where did my normal life go, when did I lose control and in up in this insane mess." Taking a deep breath, "when did you start talking to yourself and actually expect something to answer you." Pushing myself against the hard wall, "I guess it could be worse," feeling the warmth engulf me "I've been with worse guys, I've learned worse things." Reaching out to the head of my bed and pulled off the string of leather, five rust red feathers intertwined in the material. I took one feather and ran it over my cheek, "and things could be worse but at least their never boring," feeling myself blush as I ran it under my nose and took in his scent, that still lingered on the tail feather.

Feeling sleep begin to over take me, I laid down, the feathers still in my grip and close my eyes, drifting off onto the dreamscape of my mind.

DP Style

"Come on Tuck get it."

"I'm trying ok I don't record a lot of radio on this thing."

"But you have the back up going at home right?"

"It's on a timer but I don't totally trust it, last time I told it to record somehow something came and damaged the audio. Had I been there it wouldn't have been a problem but with me being here who knows what could go wrong."

"You talked with him for hours and your worried about missing him on the radio," rolling her eyes.

"Give us a break Sam we weren't going to ask him those things."

"But you had no problem getting nine hundred photos of you together?"

"That's different."

"Sure it is," shutting her locker, getting tired of hearing this since she met up for school with the pair, their adventure with Marco, the former alien fighter and current rising star the only thing that seemingly filled their thoughts. "So how are you going to listen and still be in class at the same time?"

Pulling off his back pack, "thought of that," pulling out three pairs of Fenton Phones.

Sam picked one up, looked at it, looked at him, looked back at and glared at him, "your right no one will ever notice we have these one. This isn't like one of the little clip on ear phones, we can't hide these but putting our hair in the right place." At that she looked at both of them, "ok I might but you two defiantly don't have enough hair to do this."

"Ok slight problem, I can fix this, don't know how but I can fix this," starting to panic slightly as he dropped them back into his back pack except one and flipped open a panel trying to figure out what to do. "I why did I even do that," looking at the inside of the devise, "that's not going to help me make it smaller."

"Calm down Tuck, you'll think of something you always think of something."

"I know it's just I don't want to miss this."

"You and everyone else," the goth leaning on her locker looking at the various banners proclaiming the arrival of the star and most of the student body, not to mention a few teachers, wearing shits with his face on them, about movies he'd been in and other odds and ends.

Tucker glared at her, "just because you don't care."

"I care, I'm just not over the top," her eyes following Paulina as she walked by, wearing a shirt with Marco's face on it along with the words, 'his future wife' written under it. "Said it before saying it again," watching her go, "something wrong with that girl."

"You say that about everyone."

"Check the back Danny," the writing on the back reading, 'touch my man and I'll kill you.'

His eyes grew wide as he looked back at her, "ok maybe she is taking this a little to far."

"Told ya."

"I thought you liked his movies?"

Looking back and forth and lowering her voice to ensure those around her couldn't hear, "I do."

"Then why the freak out."

"Part reputation, part the fact I don't want to get caught up in this insanity, besides it's more fun to watch the train wreck than to be a part of it."

Dash and Kwan walked by, both wearing jackets, with the logo of Marco's last movie, 'Ultraman II rise of the Clown' on it. The blond looked at Danny and pointed a finger at him, "just because your family got him here doesn't make you cool Fentina," walking off.

Danny and Sam shared a look, "was that a compliment?"

She watched the football player leave, "I have no idea but that might be the closest you ever get from him."

"I don't think I liked it."

"Defiantly something wrong with it."

"I got it," Tucker barking throwing his arms up into the air making his friends jump.

Danny covered his mouth and pushed him into the lockers, "you sound like your making a bomb here Tuck, keep it down."

Sam just rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly, "not the best joke to be making Danny, especially since between the three of us we hit every major warning sign of the suicidal slash psychotic teenageer watch list."

"How do you know that?"

"How do you think Danny, I have a copy, I've gone out of my way to stay off it."

"Impressive and a little scary," moving his hand away from his friend.

"GUYS," Tucker barking, "I got it."

Letting him go, "how?"

"Simple," holding up the Fenton Phone, "most of the bulk the ear piece is just sophisticated filtering equipment, you take that away," pulling a smaller section out of the device, "you have a simple transceiver that I can tap into with this little wonder," holding up his PDA as best he could with his already full hands.

Danny looked at the tin device and looked up to Tucker, "tell me you aren't serious."

"No this will totally work, no problem."

"I meant that you just tore apart one of my parents inventions."

"Oh well you but it's nothing I can't fix."

"I really hope so because otherwise they may kill me."

"You've said that so many times it's lost all meaning," Sam walking away from them, grabbing a pair of newly freed ear buds from Tucker.

"Doesn't mean it's still not true," grabbing a set himself and following her.

This left Tucker alone, looking at his hands, "you know a thank you would be nice, a good job Tucker your the man would go a long way here." Watching them go further away, "I have got to find better friends, people that respect me, people that appreciate my genius."

Down the hall both Danny yelled, "by the way Tuck you rule, now come on."

The boy in glasses smiled a little at that, "a little late but it works," throwing his back pack over his shoulder and following close behind them.

With practiced easy the pair found their seats in the class room after traveling down the halls. It wasn't a surprise to them to see more teens in clothing praising Marco, but even they had to admit seeing the same thing everywhere they went was getting a little old.

After a few moments Mr. Lancer walked into the room and looked around at the assembled students, "well class I see it's going to be more of the same. Ever since coming to work today, all I've seen is students dressed like you are now, and quite frankly I'm getting tired of it. If it were up to me every single one of you would be in your gym clothing," looking over the crowd, "except Ms. Mason of course."

"Why should she get off," Paulina moaned.

He groaned as the school's resident princess complained, "I'm going to ignore that given the obviousness of the answer. Now if it were up to me, this day would carry on as normal, but I don't have that authority, even if I did I doubted I could fully enforce it, given the lengths some of you are bound to go to in order to fulfill your desires. To that end and by special order of the school board I've been instructed to allow all of you to listen to the radio interview your all so excited to listen to," getting a roar of excitement from the crowd.

Tucker lightly slammed his head onto the desk and groaned, "all that work for nothing, I don't believe it, all that work down the drain."

Sam put her hand on his friends back, "life's not fair is it."

Danny joined her, "you still rock buddy, not like anyone else in this school could've found a way to listen to the show and actually get away with it." The words came out a little to loud and got him a look from Mr. Lancer, "not that you would of course, and it's not like I would've been in on it from the beginning. Nope not me, I nothing about it, in no way involved in it, in no way did I help him come up with the idea or help him get the equipment he needed in order to….," the rest of the words garbled as Sam slammed her other hand over his mouth.

"You have got to learn when to stop talking," the goth growling at him.

"mm hmmm," speaking into her hand.

"Are you done Mr. Fenton, Ms. Manson?"

"I am," letting her friend go.

"Staying quiet."

'We'll be discussing this later you three," sitting down at his desk and pulling on a draw pulling out an old radio, getting a groan from the room."

"Come on," Dash barked, "there has to be a better way to listen to the show than that."

Mr. Lancer didn't look up as he played with the knobs on the side, "I expected more from you Mr. Baxter, a football player and pride of the school should know better."

At that he sat down, growling, the only understandable words being, "yes sir," glaring at Danny in his mind knowing this was his fault.

After a few moments of static and picking up the wrong stations RCKN came on, a rock song blaring out of the small speakers, get a cheer fro the crowd.

Danny and Sam meanwhile pushed the Fenton Phones over to Tucker, the half ghost speaking first, "no rush but you need to fix these before some ghost comes after us and we need them."

The boy in glasses just glared at him, "I spent how long modifying them and you expect me to just fix them just like that," snapping his fingers.

"You spent maybe two minutes Tucker I think you can fix them about as fast," Sam off handedly stroking his ego.

He didn't catch the hint of sarcasm in her voice and sat a little straighter, "yes yes I am that good," starting to work on the small ear pieces since the show wasn't on yet and his PDA, still on the table next to him, was already recording the show.

After a few moments the music died down and a semi familiar voice came barking out of the speakers, "and that was Striped Dog in a Hurricane during a Landslide Semicolon Nine Three playing there latest hit, you suck but your still the one for me."

Sam had to lean over to Danny, "you have to admit all the good band names have been taken."

"I thought you liked them?"

"I do but the name still isn't all that good."

"Wait twenty years then all the good and bad names are taken."

That made her laugh, "I can see it now, we are UGG because it's the only thing that wasn't copyrighted."

"You want to shut up Fentrauma I'm trying to listen."

Sam lowered her voice, "either Dash is trying really hard or he's run out of material, given his intelligence I'd say it's the latter."

"Shut your girlfriend up Fentwo-tone."

"Not my girlfriend."

"Not his girlfriend," they barked as one.

"All of you be quiet," Lancer hissed standing up and slamming his hands on the desk, the next one to speak loses this privilege for the entire class." That announcement shut everyone up as the listened, the interview having already started.

"All right Marco it is," the DJ laughing, "so tell me what are you doing in our little town for those that don't know?"

Well since it's already out there I'm going Ghost Chasers three, by first major staring role by the way, bits have actually been lifted from your towns history and I'm here to do a little background, maybe see some of your famous ghosts while I'm at it."

"You want to see a ghost?"

"Dude who hasn't wanted to see a ghost at least once in their lives, like I was going to miss this opportunity."

"Well your in the right place, we got more ghosts than we do people."

"And yet I haven't seen anything yet."

"Don't worry they'll come, seems like we have a major ghost problem at least once a week. On that note how long are you going to be in town?"

"Long enough lets just put it that way."

"So sources say you were with the Fenton's yesterday, why see our resident ghost hunters?"

"How else you going to talk to about ghosts, besides they were the only ones that did interviews," a prerecorded rim shot coming out of the speaker.

"So anything you can tell us about the movie, who's in it, any word on a sexy DJ making an appearance?"

"I've give my people a call see if I can't work that scene in."

"Who said anything about me," mock innocence in his voice, "but if you think so?"

"I can give you an exclusive though."

A siren went off after he said it, "now those are the magic words whata got?"

"Something special, I promise," random noise coming out of the radio, "exclusive music for the movie, artist hasn't even publicly announced it yet."

"Mystery artist mystery music, I like it any hints on who it is?"

"Last minute addition to the ensemble, someone I actually discovered right here in town as a matter of fact."

"Thought you just got here yesterday?"

"I did."

"And this persons already contributing."

"Heard her playing last night and she is hot, I'm talking supernova, she'll be burning up the charts in a manner of week. Trust me man she'll make me look like a flash in the pan be the time she hits, she's going to be that big."

"You almost sound like your in love Marco."

"I am."

"Whoa wait, I didn't just hear that."

"Yes you did man, I am I love, stone cold no question, totally in love."

"You just said you just met her."

"Never heard of love at first sight."

"Not like this."

"Don't test me man, I can still buy this little station and chuck you butt into the street."

"Whoa man, just saying."

Danny looked at Tucker, "something wrong here or is it just me?"

"Not just you, that didn't sound like him, at least not from that little time we were talking."

"I think we need to find the bird," Sam cutting through them, "if anyone would know I'd be him."

"Look just play the music," Marco growled "you'll understand why I love her."

"I thought you were involved with someone, going to have a kid soon?"

"Was and am, you know what they say about celebrity relationships, they never last, I'll always be there for my kid but this girl and I are the real deal."

"But you just said."

"Don't question what I said or you'll be looking for a new job."

"Well this hasn't gone as planned," the DJ hissing, "I always heard you were one of the coolest people to interview."


"Alright alright I'll play your frick'n music," a little more noise coming out of the radio before music started playing.

The powerful drums were enough for the three to look at each other, "tell me the filters are in?"

"Done," sliding four across the table as he slapped his into place, the others doing the same as the words starting flowing out of the speakers.

"OOOHHHH…..it was…it was September…when some…."

"When did Ember get lose," Danny holding the phones close to his ears in case Tucker hadn't put them together right.

"Keeping track of them is your job Danny not mine," Tucker looking around, everyone frozen, not moving not blinking, just sitting there, eyes glazed over. "This doesn't look like her normal music?"

"Maybe she's changed it or this is what happened when you get a second dose of it?"

"Does it matter," Sam snapped pushing the chair back and standing up, no one moving or even acknowledging her presence, "some one has to," looking around, "tell your parents a ghost has Marco under their control."

Danny did a quick look around, "yeah lets do that," keeping an eye on everyone in the room, unsure what they might do to him.

Sam stormed to the door, looking like she was going to kill someone, "come on Tucker," not looking back, no doing a thing to stop her.

After a second Tucker caught up with Danny, "she ok," he asked as they left the room, everything still save the shaking caused by the music's bass.

"Jazz told me," keeping his voice low, "she been having a problem with the whole Saber thing."

"Who or what is Saber."

"You know I went to the future Sam and Ember were one person and totally nuts not to mention in love with me."

"Oh right, why she worried."

Danny instinctively hit him n the back of the head, this time harder than normal, "your one of the smartest people in the school use your head it's pretty obvious."

He had to think for a minute, "she can't be worried about that?"

"Yeah she is?"

"That's stupid."

"That's what we've been telling her."

"So why is she worried?"

"I don't know?"

"I mean what are the odds Ember is going to try and make you her love slave?"

Danny hit him even harder for that, "what is wrong with you?"

"What we all know how you to feel about each other."

"We don't feel anything for each other."

"Sure you don't."

"And she's worried about becoming Saber."


Danny dropped his head into his hands hard, "again what is wrong with you."

"Just drop it," Sam snarled looking back at them, her voice making them jump as it bounced off a few walls. "Danny find your sister, get her up if she's not already there then find Tobias I have a feeling he's going to want to be in on this."

He gave her a little salute and hovered an inch off the ground, "on it," and flying away as he went invisible.

Tucker looked at her, "what do you want me to do?"

"Get the Eclipse and find a way to reverse this, sing if you have to I don't care, but get everyone back to normal."

"And what are you going to do while I'm doing this?"

Reaching behind her and patting her backpack, "what do you think," giving him a wicked smile, "someone has to deal with that girl."

Danny shot through the halls purposely, knowing where he was going by instinct, finding his sister after only a moment, like the rest of her class, mesmerized by the radio that was still playing Ember's trademark song. "I don't remember it being this long, someone must have put it on a loop," shaking his head.

"Come one sis," floating over to her and pushing her on the arm but not getting any response, "sis come on be with me," snapping his fingers in front of him. "Ok," grabbing her backpack and started going through it, "come on tell me your packing, don't be proud on me Jazz tell me you took our advice and started carrying the essentials of ghost fighting." He started to go frustrated till his hand hit what he was looking for, "BINGO," his out burst having no effect on the crowd. Pulling out the pair of Fenton Phones, the finish on them still intact, unlike his that had been beaten to death after considerable use and tinkering by Tucker. "I hope this works," slipping the pair over his sisters ears.

After a moment she blinked and looked around, "faded out there for a second," keeping her voice so low no one else could hear it.

"Thank you," her brother breathed.

"Danny," her voice still down, "get out of here."

"Look around sis," raising his voice a bit, unsure if those around them were aware even if they couldn't seem to move, "I'm not sure anyone is home."

"What's going on?"

"Outside," floating away from her and phasing through the door, his sister opening it and following him a moment later.

"What's going on Danny?"

He regained his color in front of her, "not exactly sure but the short versions is Ember may be controlling Marco. He forced her music on the air and now everyone is well look around, there here but they're not."

"And here I thought toady was going to be semi-normal," placing her forehead in her hand, her arm resting on the arm wrapped around her waist.

"Oh it gets better," Danny's eyes glowing as he hover just above the ground, "I think Sam's about to lose it on the thought of getting to Ember."

"Tell me you have a plan little brother."

"Not at the moment, Sam kinda appears to be calling the shots."

"Not good, she has to much invested in this to be thinking clearly."

"How bad is she?"

"Don't know," thinking back, "I was helping her move past this, or at least trying to help her get a handle on her anger, but we were only in the early stages, no where near ready for her to come face to face with this girl."

"Then you might want to pick up the pace before she loses it I mean more than she already has."

"Great," hissing under her breath, "I can't turn this kinda stuff on and off it takes time, some times years before they're in a position to deal with things like this."

"I don't want to hear that sis."

"Can't be helped, if you'd listen to me you'd know that."

"Then give me some good news."

"She might not be as bad as you think, a simple influx of anger and frustration due to having a source of her anger within view, so to speak, one that she can go after without holding back. If that is the case she can be talked down and focused."

"And if she can't?"

"Point her at Ember, watch her go and be ready to help her if she gets in over her head."

"Hoping for something better than that sis, but it'll do," looking behind him, "oh right, she wants one of us to get your love bird."

His sister just stared at him, "first of all that's not how you use that word, second, he's not my love bird, third what is your problem with him lately? You two have been getting along so well and now your getting all over him every time we get within a few feet of each other."

"Not within a few feet."

"Don't get technical, now what's your problem with him," wanting to get these answers here and now, before they had to rely on each other for survival. She knew he'd still protect her and Tobias and they him but she didn't want anything unresolved before that happened.

Blowing a blast of air up his face, "I don't know."

"Danny," the word a warning in itself, dripping with danger if she didn't get something from him.

"You two are just getting really close lately and it freaks me out a little."

That took her a little by surprise, "I thought you were ok with Tobias and I being….friends."

"I am," looking way from her, "it's just by now they're gone, you or I or our parents have run the guy off or you've lost interest in him."

"And your point?"

"I don't know, this just feels different and I don't know why."

"I think I do," giving him a small smile, putting her hand under his chin and forcing him to look at her, "your worried this is real and that I'm going to get hurt."

He looked a little confused, "I thought that's what I was doing?"

"No," closing her eyes, the smile growing a little bigger, "that was more of a pack mentality, protecting your family from an invader who was trying to disrupt the routine we'd established."

Before she could continue he hissed under his breath, "your sounding way to much like him sis."

"Up till now you've been able to run off the others, making things normal again in your mind. Tobias on the other hand is persistent, unwilling to leave, what your doing is trying to find a way to deal with the fact he's become part of our lives, possibly a part of our family. To use a modern example, your hazing him, trying to prove you dominance, establish a new norm and forge ties of family with him."

"I thought we already had those, I mean we've been fighting together for a while now."

"That's different Danny, those are bonds of trust and friendship, your trying to find out, at least on a subconscious level, if he's worth being in our family, if he can protect it…protect me and willing to show you the respect you believe he should as an established member of the family…and my current protector."

"I thought you weren't going to do that anymore?"

"Do what?"

"Analyses me."

"You're the one who asked," leaning in an hugging him, "you're a good brother you know that."

Returning the hug, "and your nuts because there's no way I'm doing that."

"Maybe not on a conscious level but subconsciously your all doing this for me."

Floating back, "whatever go find your feathered boy toy I'm going to find Sam and Tucker, see if we can find Ember and Marco before things get out of hand."

"How can no one moving get out of hand," following him down the hall, stopping at her locker to stow her backpack, unable to morph the large object and unsure how long this would take and not wanting to just leave it out. By the time she was done her brother was long gone and she headed for the door, the second it opened feathers sprouted from her body, a few moments later she was sailing through the sky.

(Ok where would he be,) she asked after about fifteen minutes in the sky, enjoying the feeling of the wind around her, and the certain knowledge that she could die at any moment if she were to lose control from this height. Granted her control wasn't an issue, the hobby knowing how to fly as surely as she knew how to walk and speak, but it was still a thought that laid at the back of her mind, (a bit of fear keeps the mind sharp,) remembering something she'd read once in one of her books when it came to human survival.

(Focus girl,) forcing the thoughts from her mind, (but this is still creepy,) looking around. Everything was still, no one and nothing was moving that wasn't automated, it made her feel like she was in the middle of a ghost town. It didn't help that Weaver was more than a little freaked as well, normally falcon's instincts feeling calm around stillness, but this was unnatural even to the bird.

(Gotta find birdie, forget about everything else, just find birdie,) focusing the instincts like a laser beam, even the part of her that hated to see another raptor, wanting to see him, at least the other bird being something normal. She hit the normal spots in town, park, nasty burger, the ledge outside of Bucky's places where he could hunt or just watch the people go by without fear.

Tobias POV

I saw Jazz long before she saw me, the small falcon doing a couple of laps near Bucky's, given the time I guessed she was looking for me. It wasn't a shock she wasn't finding me though given I was stretch out behind a billboard for some movie, the mix of sun feeling good on my back while a little breeze shifted under my wings cooling me off. I'd found the spot maybe a month ago but it didn't always pay off but when it did, it was really good.

(Down here Jazz,) filling her mind with my thoughts, the bird homing in on me after a moment and slipping past the metal of the billboard and landed next to me. I slowly stoop up, fluffing my feathers in the process and smoothing them down, (I'm guessing there's a problem?)


That didn't surprise me, (he do something stupid, get your family in trouble?)

(More like we think he's under the control of a ghost…Ember to be specific.)

I had to think about that for a moment, (music ghost right?)

(Rock and Roll ghost, mind control abilities, energy projection, according to Danny most of it comes from her guitar, but she can project flames from her hands and head if she needs to.)

(Right I remember her from the files now, why you think he's controlling her?)

She summed up the last hour or so pretty fast and I wasn't thrilled by it, (we need to hook up with them and find a way for us to get near her without getting sucked into the music. The Fenton phones help when I'm human and I've been focusing on the wind blowing by when I'm a bird, letting everything else get drown out.)

(I ever mention how much I hate mind control?)

(All the time birdie.)

(Just checking,) looking up at the sky, (having ears this good is really going to make things hard won't it?)

(No question birdie,) looking out past the ledge of the building, (as long as we stay high the music won't effect us, on the ground however we'll have to use Fenton Phones to filter it out.)

(Those things compatible with what I have,) I didn't know much but I doubted something meant for a human would work well on a dinosaur or an alien, or for that matter any of the other creatures I had access to.

She looked back at me, (don't think so but Tucker should be able to alter them to work on you.)

That made me feel good, (oh yeah lets trust something Tucker played with and stick in my ears and hope for the best.)

(How's that different from what we normally do birdie,) watching her spread her slender wings and take off, hoping into the sky, almost daintily, something only falcons could do from what I'd seen.

I felt the feathers rise on the top of my head, both in frustration and annoyance, (some truth is that as pathetic as it sounds,) flapping after her.

After a few minutes I caught sight of something that didn't inspire me with much help, the shiny hull of the Eclipse, our ship sitting on a roof, no one seemingly caring. (So what does this tell you,) Jazz talking to me from her position in the lead.

(Tucker's to lazy to walk to the Eclipse so he sent for it.)

I watched her waver in the air, (don't make me laugh birdie,) regaining her flight.

(Sorry Jazz,) watching her land on the buildings ledge, following her a moment later, (so what's the plan?)

(Lets ask them birdie, I was just sent to track you down I have no say in what we do now.)

(Since when do you not have a say?)

(Since Sam may or may not have gone off the deep end,) hopping off the ledge and demorphing.

When she was human I flapped up on her shoulder, (she that bad?)

"No clue I'm going by what Danny said," walking us forward, the door to the ship sliding open for us, "I still need to make my own evaluation."

"I CAN ONLY DO THREE THINGS AT A TIME HERE," Tuckers scream almost making me jump, my talons putting a little more pressure on Jazz but not cutting her shirt or skin.

Loosening my grip, (well we aren't in trouble or anything,) keeping my thoughts private to all but Jazz.

"We need to find Ember," Sam already in her hunter gear, her mask pulled back and looking like she was going to explode at any second.

Tucker was sitting in the back of the ship in front of a table he'd pulled down from it's side tinkering with a Fenton Phone. "You don't think I now that," looking up and pulling off a pair of shaded goggles, "but I have my hands full at the moment. I'm trying to divide my attention between making sure these are back to normal, piloting the ship by remote, trying to lock into Marco's cell phone ID signal and keep an eye out for anyone or anything that might try and take advantage of the situation. All that plus trying to find Ember, assuming she's even here is a little hard and I can only do so many at a time."

"What do you mean if, she has to be here we heard her singing," her face turning a shade of red I wasn't familiar with.

"No," a forced calm in his voice, "we heard a recording of her singing, it could've come from anywhere you have to remember she put out a lot of cd's it could've just been on of those. As it is all we know is something is wrong with Marco and people aren't moving, you have no idea who's responsible, it could be anyone."

"It's her Tucker it has to be," Sam looking back at us, "what do you think?"

I shrugged my wings, (no clue first I've heard of this.)

"It's a possibility we need to consider Sam," Jazz staying eerily calm, the way she did when she was trying to talk someone down. "We know very little about the situation, at the most we only have a few pieces, till we have more we should wait and see."

"It's her I know it."

"You want it to be her Sam that's why you think it is, Tucker's right till we have proof these's no reason to get worked up."

"I don't believe this," looking to Danny at the front of the ship, "tell me you at least believe me here?"

I was actually looking forward to this, seeing if he'd be honest with her or if he'd try and slip around the question. "I'm not saying your wrong Sam," yep going around the issue, "and if you are right this is bad, but till we know something maybe we should just wait and see."

"You to Danny," looking like someone had punched her in the gut.

"I'm just saying we need wait, Tuck's right anyone could be playing that music till we know the truth there's no point in getting worried."

"Who said I'm worried," she hissed regaining her ferocity, I had to admit I was a little pleases to see the half ghost going pale.

"I'm not going to win today am I?"

(Just let it go Danny, just let it go.)

"Says the guy on my sisters shoulder."

"Danny," Jazz's tone a mystery to me, something between caring and warning, but with something else I couldn't place.

"Your still off sis."

"Whatever little brother," looking over to Tucker, "I hate to add more to your workload but birdie and I will need some modified phones as well in case the designs aren't cross-species compatible."

Tucker just stared at her for a moment, "impressive words."

"Thank you," giving him a small bow.

"And I already worked on those," nodding his head back, "figured you'd be asking for something like that at some point so I worked ahead."

Jazz moved us over, given the room I couldn't get a good look till we were almost on top of them. They were the same as their cousins but different, basically going back a few generations retaking the form of headsets with large ear pieces, but made from a heavier grade material along with a small microphone striking out where out mouth should be. Jazz picked one up, "not going to be able to fly in this," given how she held her hand I was guessing it was heavier than it looked.

"Good because that's not what they're meant for," spinning on chair and looking at us, "I reinforced pretty much everything so breaking them will be hard but not impossible. Wider ear pieces to cover where ever your ears are, and the sides are adjustable to help out. Touch the sides," Jazz doing so with her index finger and pulling them away quickly a bit of green slime following her, rubbing it against her thumb. "I had Danny make some ooze for me, inside the set is an automated release trigger, it'll cause slits on the side to release a small amount to help seal it to your heads, should keep them from moving during a fight or getting ripped off but I can't promise anything they haven't really been tested."

Jazz and I shared a look, (big trouble.)

"Took the words out of my mouth birdie."

"Sure don't thank me or anything."

"Thank you Tucker," half playing along half sincere.

"If you really wanted to thank me you could give me a kiss."

(And if you want to see tomorrow you'll never let me catching you say that again.)

"Should've seen that one coming."

"Yes you should've," Jazz leaning her head onto me, "so what do you know Tucker?"

I watched him turn around and go back to the Fenton Phones, "nothing yet, things are running on automatic for the moment, we'll have something soon though." A few beeps came from the main consol in front of Danny, "and that would be it now," bringing his head up to look at the half ghost, "you want to get that for me?"

"Ok we got two signals," Danny's attention on the screen in front of him, "ones a ghost the other I'm guessing is Marco…how did you do that any way?"

Tucker didn't look up, "he's on a wireless system, with the stuff on the ship it wasn't hard to tap onto the network and track down his ID, from there it was just a matter of looking through every signal in town till I found the corresponding one. Problem is I wasn't sure where he was and some of the equipment isn't totally compatible so there was a question about how long it would take."

"So we know where Ember is?"

"We know where two ghosts are," Danny corrected, "for some reason," tapping the metal, "this thing isn't saying who it is."

"My fault, I was playing with a few things I lost a few ID signatures, I'm working on getting them back in it's just taking a while."

"So where are they Danny," Jazz halting the argument before it could start.

"Marco seems to heading towards his hotel, and the ghost seems to be waiting for him, even if we take off now there's no way to get to one without the other being there or getting involved in about a minute."

(Yeah like we have to worry about Marco getting involved.)

"Birdie has a point, we need to worry about the ghost at worst Marco's a distraction at best a human shield."

I bumped my head against Jazz lightly, (I think that's the other way around.)

"Doesn't really matter birdie."

"Enough stalling lets just go and deal with her."

"Sam," Jazz grabbing the girl by the arm, "you have to calm down, if your not in control you shouldn't be out there."

Sam jerked her arm away so fast I list my balance on Jazz and had to fly over and land on the table with the head sets. "I know your trying to help Jazz but you can't tell me what to do, so back off."

"She can't," Danny turning around in his chair, "we can."

I watched her snap her head around so fast I thought she'd fall over, "WHAT?!"

"Look if we're going to be out there we have to trust each other, have to know what the others around you are going to do and have to be able to count on them. Your mad and you're a little scared I get that but if your going to let this fear that your going to somehow merge with this girl get the better of you I'm not going to let you near her, for your sake as well as mine."


"Don't want to hear it Sam, I know you can keep it together, as long as we've known each other it seems like that's all you do. If this is that big a deal for you, you can stay here we'll deal with it, so either calm down or you don't leave."

"You really think you can stop me."

"Lets see, I can over shadow you," beginning to count off on his fingers, "make you sit down, take away all your equipment, tie you to a chair, come out of you, gag you and leave you there till every thing is done. I can keep doing that every time we have even a chance of running into Ember till I'm sure your not going to get hurt in any way shape or form."

"You really think that's work," her voice a mix of hurt and anger and with my eyes I could see the beginnings of a tear forming at the corner of her eye.

"I've had a long time to plan it out Sam, for you and everyone else here, I don't want to do it, but I'm not going to let any of you hurt yourselves out there," grabbing a look at me, "well maybe him."

(You couldn't stop me anyway,) looking back to the equipment.

"Wanna bet?"

(Another day perhaps lets just get to helping Marco.)

"Save the ego," Jazz hissed at me, or maybe her brother I couldn't tell exactly, "Sam you have a choice."

I heard her growl, then take a deep breath that was slightly ragged as she exhaled, "alright I'll calm down."

"If it is Ember you don't go at it alone, got it," I had to admit I was impressed by Danny I didn't think he had this in him, the foresight, the force, the willingness to do whatever it took.

Another deep ragged breath, "got it," hearing her slump down in a chair, given the way she rubbed against the material of the seat I was guessing it was the one next to Danny at the front.

"Then lets fly," feeling a soft rumble over my feet, an indication that we were moving, the ship rising.

After a moment jazz dropped into a chair near me, her tone hushed, "this is already shaping up to be a fun day isn't it?"

(We're hurting a mind controlling ghost, what part of that description made you think this was going to be fun?)

"I mean aside from that birdie."

DP Style

"I think he just beat us in," Danny looking back to the others.

(Marco always did have a great sense of timing,) the bird flapping over and landing on the back of Danny's chair, (think you can figure out the floor he's going to?)

"Shouldn't be a problem," Tucker reaching them and tapping a few instruments, the windshield taking on a blue tint, yellow lines forming a moment later, making a grid. The building before them was still visible, only now red and yellow blobs could be seen as well, only one of which moving.

Danny looked to his friend, a small whistle escaping his lips, "thermal imaging?"

"Sorta," still tapping controls, "human bio-signs are in red and yellow, ghosts in blue and green, anything alive but not human in orange and purple, some machinery is going to be in grey and black. Think of it as the next evolution of ID technology."

"Machinery?" Danny not liking the sound of that, "why are we worried about that, not like a toaster is going to attack us."

"Skulker, the Chee, Val, Technus or Vlad's latest toys, hard to know what kind of signatures they might put off so the systems set to read anything that puts off certain energy signatures, certain power outputs, and some metals. Basically anything most people can't get a hold of."

"You rule Tuck."

"I'd love to take all the credit but I couldn't do this without most of the equipment in the ship."

Jazz dropped her hands on his shoulders, "humility from you, never thought I'd see the day."

"I bow before the power of superior technology."

She looked past him to the screen, a ghost signature now being registered, "I'm thinking it's time I finely got to road test your new toy."

He actually smiled at that, "you mean it, I mean you kept putting them off."

"Helmacrons weren't the right times to be using them and I haven't had a real reason to use them since then."

He walked past her to the back of the ship, "what about not using anything till it's been tested properly?"

"Your the one who keeps saying they work, besides it's one ghost verse the five of us, even if something goes wrong I'm pretty sure we can take him of her without any real problem."

He pulled open a compartment and pulled out a set of large purple gloves, with black metal stacked in places, in particular near the middle of the glove and around the knuckles, small bits on that section mixed with colorless pieces of metal. "Straight from Nicole, part Fenton tech, part ghost tech, part alien tech, along with a little bit of future know how."

Jazz fingered one of the gloves, the material feeling nice against her fingers, surprisingly smooth, "I know how they came about Tucker question is is everything in place for them to be used?"

"Again they've been ready for a while you just don't trust them, which I take as an insult by the way, my fingerprints are over these, not to mention your parents, and possibly your's as well considering we lifted part of the design from the glove Danny brought from the future and we don't know exactly where that came from in entirety."

"Don't get defensive on me Tucker, just give me the run down I've never actually used this right."

"Good reason," putting on down on a table, "these things are to big to use on a normal person."

Picking up the glove he had put down, "a human yes a gorilla no," a small smile on her lips.

(A gorilla with a gun, creepy.)

Looking back at him, "this from a bird with a sword."

Tucker thought it threw for a second, "could work, I think the material will stretch that much, and nothing is really internalized, at least in my original blue prints."

"Speaking of which your sure the modifications they made are going to be safe?"

"Safer than what I planned originally, so there shouldn't be a problem." Taping the clear section at the top, "external close range charged ecto emitter, capable of doing serious damage same as Danny's glove," turning it over to a series of black panels, "charged metal that can hold ghosts. The right glove," pointing at her glove, "has a mini ghost ray on it currently, it can be traded out but I don't have anything to replace it with at the moment since I have to modify these myself since it goes against Nikki's programming, or at least that's what she tells me. Left glove," slightly raising the one he was holding, "low yield laser array, intended for cutting and doubles as a flash light with a manual modification. Both of these have dual triggers," tapping a section of metal near the top where it would end, approximately near the elbow, "flip it open, push the button. Second trigger is in the palm, open and close your hands three times in a row and it fires. I have that set for two and a half seconds, any longer and it won't fire, so the odds of it accidentally going off are slim but not impossible. Now remember the power here isn't infinite the gloves can run for a few hours without having to have the power packs replaced or recharged, the secondary weapons on the other hand can run down quick, maybe three shots apiece depending on the settings, so use them sparingly and don't get confused on how many shots you fire."

"You really did go all out on these," looking hers over.

"You think these are good should see some of the other components I'm working on, but like I said they'll take a while to make since I'm doing them all manually," closing his eyes, "actually I have a tracking system on the back burner she might be able to help me on."

Danny had to look back, "little excessive isn't it sis?"

"Your not one to talk little brother and I'm getting tired or being slapped around by ghosts, it's about time I got a few shots in."

"On that note how are we going to do this?"

"Sam," the half ghost warning beside her.

Not looking at him, her gaze locked onto the ghost signature in front of her, "I'm staying calm, I just want to know what we're going to do."

Danny looked around at them, each one save Sam looking back at him, suddenly feeling a wave of anxiety that he tried hard to hide. A lot of people were counting on him, and considering what could happen it didn't make him feel to good. "Alright," taking a quick glace back to the screen, "Tucker stay here monitor the situation if something starts happening to the people out here let us know."

"Got it," nodding, both glad he wasn't getting in the middle of the fight and because he had a serious role to play as far as everybody else went.

"Sis, take Tobias try and deal with Marco, don't care what you do but don't let him get in the way or get hurt. Sam and I will deal with the ghost, two on one it shouldn't be a problem….I hope."

(How we getting out, considering when they come out of it some of those people will want our heads?)

"Everybody pick a direction and run as fast as you can and do not stop till your in another state."

Everybody just looked at Jazz, "your really getting strange sis."

"Blame it on the company I keep," draping her gloves over her shoulder, "so we going or are we just going to talk all day?"

"You heard the girl," twin rungs running around him, "looks like it's time to say hello."

"And say it hard," Sam pulling the mask over her face.

Tobias looked at Jazz, (did that make sense to you?)

Her skin was already sprouting white fur, her mouth filling with teeth and keeping her from making human sounds, however before the change finished she gained thought speech, (it's my brother after a while I just tune him out, I find it helps in the long run.)

(Have to keep that in mind,) taking the form of a white tiger, the two beasts making the rook very small.

Despite the bulk of her fingers Jazz was able to pull the gloves on easily, the material stretching to meet her bulk. The fit was tight but did little to prevent her movements, the clear knuckles taking on a green glow a moment after they were slipped on. Reaching over to the table, she slipped the headset over her head, the ghost slime locking them in place, something she could feel that made her slightly nervous. Dropping to her knees the head set in her hand, (not the best form for the job birdie,) adjusting the device and locking it onto his head.

Lifting her lips, giving her a rather frightening smile, (maybe not,) cocking his head to the side, making sure the headset didn't move, the material covering his ears making the cat angry, but doing little to cut off his ability to hear with total accuracy. (Call me sentimental, call me superstitious, call me nostalgic…)

(I'm going to call you road kill if you don't get to the point here.)

(This feels right, I don't know what's going on, I do know Marco might've recognized me, and he and Jake went back a long ways. As you know the tiger was Jakes trademark morph, granted the colors different and I might be going off on a limb but if it might give us an edge I'm going to try it.) His tail started to swish faster, (besides I've had good luck with this body when it comes to going after ghosts, and people might be less willing to shoot an endangered species as apposed to an alien.)

(In this town?) rolling a ball in front of him.

(First instincts might only last a few seconds but it might be long enough.)

Danny walked over to but looked over at Sam, "which one you want?"

"Come on Jazz let the boys bond a little."

"Nothing like bonding with a five hundred pound cat."

(Five hundred pound cat with big claws hot shot,) crushing the ball, a fine green mist covering him, (and one that's now capable of taking out a ghost.)

The half ghost leapt into the air and hung there for a moment then slipped over to the cat and wrapped his arms around him, "your also a cat that can't fly," phasing them both through the floor, coming out into nothing but the roof a few yards below them.

(Drop me I can survive from this height,) trying to hold still as much as he could, knowing even with Danny's enhanced strength the tigers weight was a little more than he was use to supporting, (I think.)

(Testosterone overload,) Jazz's thought filling their minds as she held onto the back of Sam as the hunter came out of the Eclipse of her hover board. (You two want to beat chests do it on your own time we need to get going.)

(A gorilla is talking to up about beating chests,) looking up at the ghost.

"We really are having a bad influence on her," bringing them both to the ground and letting him go into the hard roof.

"I'm going to shoot someone here, don't know who but I'm going to shoot one of you."


"You want me to stay calm but let's do something Danny I'm getting tired of this."

(I'm with her,) Jazz knuckle walking over to the roof door and ripping it from it's hinges as though it were nothing and tossed it behind her, practically forgotten the moment it left her finger tips. Without another word the four moves as fast and silent as possible, for three it was easy, for Jazz however the task was harder, the gorilla not meant for stealth. They might not have known the layout of the building but did know where they were going, two floors down and the biggest room on the left side of the building.

Getting to the door it wasn't a mystery to Tobias they were at the right place, able to hear the soft sound of music coming from the room. He nodded his head slightly, (behind that door,) his nostrils flaring, (one human, Marco, one ghost scents not familiar.)

Danny in turn put a hand on Sam's stomach, holding her back and looked at his sister who knew what he wanted. Flexing her fingers, (I love this part of the job,) grabbing the handle and bracing her other hand on the door, with a soft grunt see forced the door open, tearing it off the hinges same as the other door on the roof, only she choose to use this one as a shield as the others tumbled in behind her. Tobias braced against her back while Danny flew up and to the right with Sam in the same position on the left.

"Bought time dipsticks," the ghost in the chair not halting her rhythm.

Sam shot Danny a dirty look, "still say it's not Ember?"

"Ok so it's Ember," looking at the goth, "get off my back," looking to the ghost his eyes and hands glowing with green energy.

Ember just sighed and played a small tune on her guitar, Marco jumping in front of her stopping Danny from getting a clear shot at her. "I don't think so kid, you may be the opening act but I am and will always be the headliner of this show."

"Should've just let me bust through the glass and shoot her in the back of the head."

Tobias didn't even take his eyes of Ember, (Sam, this is coming from me here, your starting to get a little bit scary.)

"Hiding behind a human Ember, thought you were past this," his eyes dieing down but his fists still glowing with ghostly power.

Still strumming out her tune, not rising from the chair, "no point in changing what works, besides I know there's no way your going to hurt him."

(Ok,) Jazz looking to the others, (I know I'm new here but tell me this is more than a fan girl thing.)

"I AM NOT A FAN GIRL!" her ponytail jumping into the sky as a jet of blue flame, hitting the ceiling toasting it but somehow not setting in on fire.

The white furred gorilla pulled the door higher, using it to shield her eyes from the massive onset of light, (this would be a great thing to explore if she weren't going to kill us.)

"Not the time sis," her brother hissed, "so what is this about Ember, why are you doing this, you ticked Marco is more famous than you?"

That made the ghost laugh, her hair dieing down, "that's exactly why I want him dipstick."

"What?" the fire around his hands completely vanishing.

Rolling her eyes, "I want him because he's famous, what you don't watch tv, you take rising star, add him to another rising star, and you get a super nova baby and that's going to be me very soon, isn't that right baby?"

"Of course my love," Marco's reply completely genuine.

(This may very well be the stupidest I've ever heard.)

"Just cause you don't get my future seat covers," the ghost smiling and still playing her tune, "I'm looking for world wide power, totally control of the of under thirties, what better way than to hook up to a heart throb with serious potential. I tried solo act thing, might've worked if not for dipstick one and the tone deaf wonder, and because of them I can't get a record deal. Of course if I'm hooked up to old Marco here and I'm in all his movies one by one every times it's played, every time someone picks up the soundtrack, every time they turn on the radio I'll be there. Pretty soon I'm global, and the entire planet's going to be saying my name and then it's only a matter of time till this world is mine."

(This making sense to anyone?)

(Enough people do it birdie, people with no talent hooking up with those that do and being forced down the throats of everyone because their partner can't say no to them.)

"You didn't just say that."

"Face it Ember everyone knows your talentless but you."

"Not helping Sam."

(And here I thought I was the going to be the cattiest person in the room today.)

(Birdie that was horrible.)

Shrugging as best he could, (I know I'm not doing well today.)

"HELLO, GHOST BENT ON WORLD CONQUEST HERE, STOP IGNORING ME!" her hair rocketing to the ceiling again.

"You mean talentless ghost bent on world conquest," Sam corrected, slowly moving her board further away from the group trying to get a clear shot at Ember.

"Ignore her she has a glitch," Danny hissed, unaware of what she was doing, "ok I get why you want Marco but why this, why are you doing this to all the people?"

"Why do you think?"

"If I knew I wouldn't be asking."

"Not to quick on the uptake are ya?" the tune she was playing changing slightly, "I didn't get to far in my tour the first time around, I might've been big but I was little more than a flash in the pan. That was good and bad, I still have fans but most people forgot about me, thanks to that few people know what I am outside this town. The music playing right now over the radio is slowly sinking into their minds and rearranging a few things, my boy's biggest star in existence, rock is he only thing they care about and I am not a ghost."

"Since when could you do any of that," Danny getting closer to his sister, a lose plan forming in his mind as to how to get Ember without hurting Marco.

"I can't," playing the tune a little faster, "Technus ran across the information about Marco a week ago…"


"Don't interrupt dipstick," closing her eyes getting into the song, "info travels faster in the Zone than it does out here. I was already coming up with the plan by the time he came to me and said he could give me a second chance but there was a price. I know enough not to agree to anything he said, but there was no harm in listening, I just have to take control of all the under thirties and make them control everybody else."

Tobias looked up at Danny, (this is bad, very bad.)

"How bad could it be."

"This bad baby-pop," thinking he had been talking to her and shifting the tune of her guitar, a moment later a maid walking in through the broken door way. "Touch your nose," the woman doing so, "jump up and down three times," again the woman doing as she was told, "tell me you love me."

"I love you Ember."

"I love you my hot blooded rock goddess," the words from Marco more sincere than from the maid who barley registered that she was there.

Danny looked down at the tiger, "the worlds best Simon Say's caller, ooohhh I'm so scared."

"Set your self on fire and jump out the window," the ghosts' voice hard the woman running over to a lamp and shattering it before anyone could try and respond.

Tobias moved before Danny, easily covering the distance between them and her in a matter of seconds and hit her in the back with his head as lightly as he could forcing her to the ground. Looking back at Danny, (still think she's not dangerous?)

The glow of his hand changing, "ok so I was wrong," throwing the arm out an orb shot forward hitting her in the back, exploding in green slime it held her down as she struggled to carry out the order she had been given.

"Pretty soon I'll control all the under thirties and everyone else does what I say or they're kids ain't gunna be around anymore."

Tobias growled at her, the sound actually running through her and making her miss a note, (same tune different words, this is the same crap the yeerks pulled.)

(Down birdie,) Jazz trying to figure out if she could throw the door like a frisbee and take out the guitar before she could react, trying to by a little more time, (so what does Technus want then?)

"Something about digging up the city looking for technology, don't know why don't care long as everyone else is saying my name I'll be the happiest rock diva this world has ever seen."

(I'm going to eat her,) taking a step closer to her.

"Lover," barely giving him a glace, Marco getting between her and cat, giving Sam the opening she needed. Without hesitation she squeezed off a round at the ghost, the flash of red missing as Ember's eye went large and she fell out of the chair, slipping over the side next to Marco. The second she hit the ground Jazz tossed the door at her like at over sized shuriken, again the attack missing as Ember scrambled on the ground, still using Marco as a shield, the door embedding behind him, the top corner now suck in the floor, actually stick out the ceiling of the room below it. Having them all off balance was what Tobias had been waiting for as he went in claws out, intent on stabbing them through the flame haired ghosts head.

"HOT STUFF," Marco yelled as he grabbed the ghost and pulled her to the side making the white tiger miss, now putting them in the middle of the four, one on each side.

Ember looked up at him, "why didn't you do that sooner?!"

"Sorry my hot blooded beauty," he said the words but his eyes were hollow as though he weren't all there.

"I told you to protect me," getting to her feet and aiming her guitar at the girl in black, "so protect me or get out of my life.'

"No," looking at the back of her head, genuinely hurt, "I can't do that, I love you."

Tobias looked past the pair to the half ghost, (what's wrong with him, I know things have changed but the last time I saw him he seemed completely devoted to the woman that was having his child?)

"Knowing Ember it's a love spell, she used it on me once, trust me it's very powerful."

(Wonderful,) baring his fangs, (all this time trying to avoid mind control and he finally gets taken in after everything is said and done.) Looking over at Marco, (get out of the way man, I don't want to hurt you but I have to stop that girl.)

"You can't hurt me flame of my love," getting between the two of them.

"Flame of my love…so writers really do come up with all his best lines."

(He was funnier when he was younger, I swear,) taking a step closer to his old friend, (get out of the way or your going to be missing limbs in a minute,) hoping that a threat would be enough to drive him off, or at least the hope that keeping a tiger from chewing on his leg was important than some girl.

Letting out a growl that bordered on the primal, "your not going to hurt flaming finch."

"Finch," Danny getting thrown off by the line.

(Song bird,) Tobias understanding what he meant.

The half ghost hit himself in the forehead with his pal, "I'm blaming you for all these animal jokes, this didn't happen before you showed up."

(Yeah back then you were responsible for all the bad jokes in the city.)

"Thanks sis."

(GUYS!) Tobias back up half a step, his fur rising, (WE'RE IN TROUBLE!)

"Thank you we're all here."

(Not that,) looking at Marco, was getting larger by the moment, his shirt ripping in half as black fur started growing from his body.

Jazz noticed the changes before the other two, (tell me he's not doing what I think he's doing.)

(I think he's going gorilla, chalk another one up to ghost powers messing with morphing.)

(I thought his powers were dead birdie.)

(Not dead he just doesn't know he has them, so I don't know how he's doing this,) pushing off with his legs, claws out ready to cut Marco apart. (The rules have changed, you guys deal with her I'm going to deal with the zoo escapee.)

Marco sidestepped Tobias, more due to the fact that his feet were quickly mutating than due to any skill of his own. "Rrrad ffitty-gggat," trying to speak, his mouth changing it's shape distorting the words as they left, "ffattts rraappining," looking at Ember.

"I don't know but I like it."

"Gaalll dattt vvatters," standing up on all fours, his change slower than the Tobias or Jazz, his body part human part ape. His arms were longer, his legs shorter, body all around larger, his strength increasing as he went, his clothing being ripped off, unable to morph them.

(Sorry about this,) Tobias tackling the mutant ape to the ground, causing them to role over, his claws against Marco's shoulders biting into them and tearing the flesh. The gashed themselves healed as the body continued morphing.

With her shield gone Sam fired a shot at the ghost, the beam flying under her as she took to the sky, "looks like someone in this group is looking to go solo," her fingers flying over her guitar, changing the settings, "but she needs to learn she a back up singer at best," slashing her hands across the strings a giant pink fist rocketing out at Sam.

Shifting her feet, Sam powered her board out of the way, "first animal one liners now music, I feel like I need to cut my ears off here."

Looking back at the other two, changing the settings on her guitar again, "but then you miss out on all the fun," firing off a power cord, waves of purple light rocketing off from instrument hitting the tow and throwing them into the wall. "Now that I got a little room time for a little number I call 'I'm an orphan cause I ticked off the wrong girl'," the tune of her guitar changing.

Jazz shook her head and staggered to her feet, brushing part of a broken table off of her, (you hear that?)

"Not sure I sis all I can hear is ringing at the moment," lightly banging the side of his head.

(She's going to make our family kill themselves.)

"She can do that?"

(How would I know your the one with the experience with her, but I've been under her spell at least three time now I believe she can do anything.)

"Great, like I needed this, I'll tell Tucker to get to our place."

(And if she's going after his parents and Sam's too, they've been in way for a while now too.)

All he could do was just look at his sister, "you actually think so?"

(If I'm wrong do you really want to take the chance?)

"No," shaking his head, he did a quick look at the fight, Sam was on Ember trying to stop her, as fast as she was still not quite able to get to her, the ghost's playing becoming shaky as a result. Tobias meanwhile was on Marco's back, biting at his neck for all he was worth, but the actual damage seemed to be minimum given the amount of blood coming off. However given the growls coming from the big cat Danny feared surface wounds would soon give way to missing limbs. "Ok," locking his gaze on the ghost and speaking in a whisper, "I'm going to try and get Ember out of here, that doesn't work I'm going through that window and I'm not stopping till I'm at our house. Let Sam deal with Ember right now that angers helping her and keeping Ember off balance. Get Tobias and throw him out the window, as he's falling tell him and Tuck what's going on, have Tobias goes to Sam's and tell Tucker to check on his family. After that have them hit everyone who's ever been an ally or a potential threat to Ember, make them safe I don't care how then have them get back here incase things aren't going well."

(And I'm suppose to be doing what during all this?)

"Get monkey boy there under control, he's not going to be doing anyone any good if he's dead."

(Birdie won't kill him.)

"No," glaring at her, "he's just going to main him and I'm not sure Marco can control that ape as well as you can."

(Crazy plan Danny.)

"We don't have time for a sane one," bolting forward, his feet leaving a trail of green as he used the speed boost, Embers back now to him. For a moment he locked eyes with Sam, or as much as he could given she had a mask on, even under the circumstances in that moment she understood what he wanted, and agreed to it.

Taking aim the hunter let off a shot at the girl, "come on oh queen of disco stop running and show me what you got," the blast of red missed but it pulled her attention away from the half ghost on her tail and put her in a perfect position. The ghost in black didn't have time to respond as Danny tackled her and kept going straight to the window. She didn't have time to respond as he moved one finger from her and fired a small ghost ray that slightly shattered the glass in front of them, just enough do that when they hit it let them pass through easily, shards of glass dancing around them as they fell to the ground.

Ember pounded on him as she fell, the glass on her body enough to drive her into action, "kid this isn't the stage show I ordered," her hair flaring as she threw he head down, trying to burn him. Danny however was one step ahead having gone intangible and shot through her, leaving a trail of green in his wake as he bolted to his home, driven by fear and anger. "Yeah you better fly you boy band loving…"

"JUST SHUT UP," Sam driving her hover board into the ghosts face from above, the strike so powerful she forced the ghost into the ground, her guitar spinning out of the way. Looking up she watched Danny go, "don't hurry, I'll be here a while," pointing her gun down at the ghost.

(CCCCRRRRAAAPPPPP,) the thoughts making her jump and look up as Tobias came hurtling towards her, his fur receding and being replaced by feathers. (YOU ARE A SICK TWISTED WOMAN,) his wings shooting out as his body shrank and sailing over Sam before he could hurt her, (I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!)

Sam forced herself to look back at Ember, "that is the sickest relationship on the face of the planet," talking to herself more than Ember.

"There's a song in there somewhere, to bad you won't be alive to hear it," her ponytail jumping and engulfing her in flames and throwing her off. "Think next time before you take on the hardest rocking diva on the planet."

"Believe me I've been thinking about this longer than you think," a shot of red energy missing the ghost and hitting just right of Embers head, the flames blinding her slightly.

The flame haired ghost laughed lightly, "just another one hit wonder," her hands igniting in blue flame, "destined to burn yourself out."

"Shouldn't that be my line?" relays in the suit calling her board to her as she jumped back and landed on it's surface before Ember could attack. Powering the board she shot skyward, the flames dying around her as a result, but not without a cost, patches of the suit had been burned away and the exposed circuitry set off small sparks while the internal diagnostics had caused warning lights to flare before her eyes.

Throwing her hands upward, her fingers out stretched, "the ability to improvise is what separates the stars from the wanna-be's," the blue light casting eerie shadows around her that danced as the flames jumped.

"And I'm going to make sure we stay separate," the word barley audible under her breath, doing a twist around the pillar of flame and charging down at her, the flames dancing on the underside of her board.

Jazz POV

(I'm coming my arson angel.)

(Whoa big boy,) my metal cover finger reaching out grabbing the other morphed gorilla by the scruff of the neck as he flung himself out the window. The force of the leap, combined with his weight through me off balance and nearly out the window, a quick grab for the wall with my free hand and foot keeping me from falling. Looking out the window I felt a quick rush of vertigo, (of course you wouldn't have a stunt man right now,) painfully huffing, a few pieces of glass digging into my arm, tinting her white fur red. With a groan I pushed myself back and swung him back through the glass and set him sliding on his butt. Groaning slighting and rotating my bleeding arm, trying to force a sudden kink from it, I looking at him, (now lets try this again like civilized apes,) putting I weight on all fours, by fangs just slightly bared as I tried to remember that he was being controlled, though that didn't help that the gorilla in me wanted to through the intruder out of my defacto territory.

With a grunt he jumped up on his hind legs, (get out of my way,) pounding his chest, a clear sign the gorilla was more in control than the human he had been.

I actively placed myself between Marco and the window, (you don't find this a little weird? You being a gorilla and all,) not wanting to pass up the chance to see where Ember's power began and Marco ended.

Growling, (she needs me.)

(And yet you're a gorilla come on your telling me that's normal for you?) I was doing my best to get him to talk, anything to keep him off balance and distracted.

(This coming from the other talking gorilla,) lumbering to the right, my own movements matching his.

(This is Amity park, for us this is normal.)

(Not this unusual for me either,) the line throwing me for a loop.

Trying to choose my words carefully, (you've done this before?)

He looked almost perplexed, as much as a gorilla can anyway, (yes…no…what,) staggering back a step, (I have to get down there.)

(No, what did you mean this isn't unusual for you,) I wasn't sure I'd stumbled onto something but I might've.

Letting out a grunt, (no more talking just get out of my way,) charging at me.

Letting out a grunt of my own, (not happening,) colliding with him, out shoulder hitting hard and causing us to bounce off each other half a step enough so we could each through a punch. His meaty hand hitting my jaw while my armored one nailed his in return, the added power the energy running through it provided me with enough extra force to claim victory as he was forced back. I watched him skid back a few feet but I knew from personal experience what kind of beating he could take and that wouldn't come close to stopping him.

(Super charged brass knuckles,) his thoughts almost sounding amused, (nice trick.)

(Your sounding better,) hopping I might've somehow snapped him out of it.

(Now get out of the way so I can join my sizzling soul mate or I'll feed them to you,) I have to stop hoping, birdie better be having better luck.

Tobias POV

(Not enough time) the thoughts staying with me as I hauled tail to Sam's home, hoping I wasn't to late. All things considered I'd have rather been fighting Marco but I understood why Jazz wanted me to do this, if I'd stayed there I was going to get Marco hurt. It wasn't something I would admit to the others but I was really getting into the fight, it was like old times, and that wasn't a good thing. I may have known how to heal myself but there was no telling if he did and really didn't want to be responsible for anybody else's death. Jazz had the best chance of containing him without doing serious damage and that was something I would freely admit to them.

The roof of Sam's place came up a faster than normal, but then again I'd never needed to get there this badly before. (Please let them be ok,) pouring on a little more speed as I went into a controlled dive, the air wiping around me blocking out the sounds of the world around me and keeping embers music out of my ears. I had to give it up to this ghost it seemed like everyone in town had been listening to the radio so they all seemed to be under her power.

(Two ways of doing this and I don't really have time to be subtle,) the idea in my head beyond stupid, but I was never know for being smart. Lining up with the main door of the plush home and calling up the deinonychus dna in my system I felt the changes occur causing the speed I had built up to fault for a second before the added weight took over and I shifted into a control fall. Doing a midair flip, while I still had enough wings to perform the maneuver, the changes finished and I hid the door with both feet, the wood not standing a chance against the dinosaur and shattered around me letting me hit the hard wood floor.

"AAAHHHHUUUHHHH," the scream causing the instincts to jump out of my control for a second due to the sheer shock and I went for the noise. "COME GET SOME," getting hit in the nose with a metal cane, the shock putting me back in control, which was good news as Sam's grandmother otherwise I might have hurt her.

She swung at me again, this time however I caught it in my claws, (please don't do that,) holding it in place, marveled by the fact that this old woman in a scooter had done that to me, first without knowing which was impressive enough but to try again after seeing me, it made me understand a lot better now.

"Get out of my house," hissing at me with steely resolve and trying to run me over with her scooter.

(I see the attitude skips a generation,) the thoughts just slipping out.

"Is something wrong with Samantha?" the woman was more together than most of the people in Amity Park apparently, and those eyes made it clear if she were able she would've done her best me break my neck.

Letting go of the cane, (she's fine, I need to know about everyone else in this house,) I didn't see a point in being secretive, everything right now was about timing.

She looked me up and down for a second, "they're the same as always why," a hint of concern in her voice but mostly she just seemed interested in what I knew.

(Ghost attack,) checking the scents in the air, (did anyone in this house listen to RCKN today?)

"I was going to but those two thought it would upset me."

"What's all the noise in here," Sam's dad's voice coming from the second story, "GET AWAY FROM HER," his voice ringing out as I spotted him above me, though he made no move to do anything.

"You promise me Samantha's alright," keeping her voice low.

If I could've smiled in a way that wouldn't have freaked her out I would've, (as much as any of us can be,) carefully turning away from her, making sure not to hit her with my tail, (keep everyone in doors and don't let them listen to the radio till things appear to be back to normal…or till Sam get's here.)

As I headed to the door she grabbed my tail, "if you don't bring her back to me I'll hunt you down."

(I believe you would,) looking back at her, (your not afraid of me are you?)

Giving me a knowing smiling, "I've been around a long time, I know to believe what I see with my own eyes over what I'm told, and there are often reasons for the things that aren't said."

(I don't know why I bother getting surprised anymore,) running out the door before the man upstairs could summon up the ability to decide what was more important to him, his life or hers. I demorphed and hit the sky barely a block from her door, I could feel myself getting a little winded but pushed it aside I had other things to do, like remembering where Val lived, the other ghost hunter seemed like a good potential target in my mind but it was a little hard to think , the idea that Sam's grandmother knew what she was involved in for some reason had floored me.

DP Style

"Of course," hitting himself in the forehead and hanging his head, "never easy." Danny had just phased through his front door to find his parents frozen in place Embers song still coming out of the radio. Carefully floating next to them he waved his hands in front of them, "well at least their alive…and they don't look like they moved," beginning to put a few pieces together. "I think she suckered us," floating back and holding his head in his hands, "she just wanted us out of the way while she bolted," feeling like an idiot for not seeing it earlier, "it's not like she ever had the power to do this, at least not at this range. I have to get back," heading to the door only to stop and look back, "then again this is an opportunity I can't really afford to miss."

Phasing through the floor he hit the lab and flew over to one of the panels for the defense grid, "well they did want to test this out," flipping a few dials so it would contain anyone in the house regardless their intentions. "I'm just going to blame this one on Jazz," turning it on and phasing through the wall then up through the street just outside of the ghost shied as it erected itself automatically.

"Boy I hope I'm right about this otherwise…," letting the thought just hang in the air not really wanting to think about the alternative.

DP Style

"Tell me again how you're the good guy," the fire that surrounded her giving Ember an ethereal beauty as the red and orange flames made her pale skin look almost alive.

"It's not always about being good," most of the outer layer of Sam's suit having been burned away leaving almost all of the internal circuitry exposed and sparking with every move. She forced herself not to look around knowing the leaping fires, cracked pavement and leaping holes that littered the area where her doing, the result of her need to stop the ghost, to stop her future regardless of the cost.

"So your what in this for the kicks," doing her best to repress a groan, not wanting the hunter to know that she was hurting and getting tired.

Shifting her foot the hover board leapt towards the ghost, leaving a trail of silver sparks in her wake, her gun lost somewhere in the flames forcing her to rely on her sword for the moment. "This isn't about kicks," bring the board up.

Ember released twin jets of flames from her hands, "not this again," knowing she was going for her head, the flames diverting her enough to sail just over her head. "Loser," not watching as Sam gabbed her sword into the ground and using it as a pivot, gaining a little more speed and crashing into the ghost's back and bringing her face into the pavement.

The strike wasn't without cost, the flame that doubled as hair frying the end of the board and causing it to crash and bounce out reach sending her tumbling to the ground. "The repair bill is going to be ridiculous," forcing herself top her feet, trying not to wince as something stung from within her body.

Across from her was also trying to get to her feet, wishing she knew where her guitar was, knowing she could've ended the fight in a second with it's power. Through clenched teeth, "what did I ever do to you?"

"It's not what you did it's what you will do," using her sword as a cane.

"What are you talking about," frying to summon a flame to her hand and only getting a few sparks, her exhaustion kicking in.

Looking for an opening, "you wouldn't understand," slowly reaching back for her whip.

"No I don't," forcing all her will power into her hand and finally making a small blue flame pop and flare within it, "I've known strung out ghosts that made more sense than you right now," trying to stall for time knowing she would get one shot if she was lucky and had to make it count. "Does this have something to do with the human, I'll let him go, you can keep him if you want I can find another if this one matters so much."

Locking her eyes of the lamp post, "nothing to do with Marco, this is between us."

"Ok what did I do to you and don't say it's what I will do because that's stupid," scanning the environment behind her, "I've known plenty of rockers who've been all about the what if's and the could be's and losing it when what they think should happen doesn't."

"And if you know what will happen?"

"Then your an idiot, because no one knows what'll come next, if I did I'd still have a pulse and be a rock legend," throwing her other arm out, "instead of being here like this dealing with a freak like you." The words hit Sam harder than she would've liked, it was nothing she hadn't heard form the others but somehow coming from this ghost made it a little more real, a little more plausible, "but I'm about to fix that problem at least," letting lose her jet of flame, while Sam reacted and shot out her whip. Ember deliberately missed Sam and hit the car a few feet to the left hoping it had a full tank of gas, Sam meanwhile made contact with the metal pole that had been weakened enough to so that when she pulled it fell near the ghost, but missed her by a sizable breath. Ember could only laugh at the result, "that was it, that was pathetic."

"No exactly what I planned either," mad that she had wasted what might have been her best shot, "but it's not like you did much better."

"Wanna bet," the taunt making Sam look back, the sight of the burning car making her sprint, it was sheer luck that let her take cover behind a piece of dislodged building that saved her as the car exploded and flung shrapnel everywhere.

She groaned and grabbed her shoulder, the sparking suit eventually making her a beckon even in the fire lit battle field. "Come on girl get it together," doing her best to force the pain from her mind, "I have to end this," the first image popping to mind was her beating Ember senseless with a stick till blood ran out her ears. Shaking her head and forcing the image away, "come on use your head, going off trying to beat her brains in is what got you into this problem, if I just tried to stop her instead of hurting her this would be over and I wouldn't be in this mess."

"Are you done talking to yourself," a shot of blue flame leaping out from over the debris, "because I'm still here."

Looking down at her sparking hand, small white arcs leaping from finger to finger, a small smile forming beneath the mask as an idea began to piece together. She tapped the relay and hoped that her communication system was still working, at first all she had was static then a grunt slipped through the internal ear piece. "Jazz I need some help…"

Jazz POV

Diverting my attention between Sam and Marco wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done but I managed. On the one hand I was glad Sam had seemingly come out of her obsessive rage, on the other what she wanted from me was the thing of nightmares for most people.

(Let me through,) Marco's movements slowing, the wounds Tobias had given him earlier finally catching up to him.

Grabbing a quick look back to the window, (I'm really hoping this is just her control over you making you talk like this because I really thought you were more cleaver.) He reared back and pounded his chest again and charged at me, (and this is getting redundant,) preparing myself. When he came in range I grabbed his arm, pivoted on my foot, spun slightly, putting my other hand on his back and pushed him back the way he came sending him sliding back. (Piece of advice, the primal thing works but only if the person your fighting can't counter or match it,) inching my way back to get a better look at what was going on below us, (to put it bluntly you just don't match up.) The little taunt at the end had the desired results as he sprung up and snarled at me and charged, (I really wish we had a better plan than this,) keeping the thoughts private as he came. The second he was on top of me I side stepped him and let him fly through the window, while he screamed I couldn't help a parting shot, (what you wanted down there,) after I said it I realized I never would've done that before I had met birdie, and I wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

Shaking off the thoughts I looked world below me, knowing I only had a small window in which to act, a played all the factor in my head and hoped I was right on the vague psychological profile I'd put together on the ghost and leapt after the my former opponent. I forced my eyes open as Marco hit the ground hard, sending blood, flesh, fur every where, the otter shock of the scene making Ember leap back just where I hoped she'd end up and tried to brace myself, letting the gorilla come out and letting it's strength and confidence reinforce my own, not that it was thrilled with what I was doing. The Ghost was still in shock, I forced myself to look at her hair over the ground and was a little surprised to see it had died down so far from when I'd seen her at the beginning of the fight and wasn't sure if it was because she was tired or it was an indicator of her mood after what had happened to Marco. Those were the last thoughts I had when I landed behind her and the word went black.

DP Style

The impact was uglier than Sam thought it'd be, which was a little hard to believe given what she had wanted, she just hoped Jazz could forgive her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUHHHH," the goth hadn't really expected a scream from the ghost but it was as good an indicator as any. She ducked out from behind her spot as fast as her legs would carry her, glad the ghost was looking the other way as the bloody purple back gorilla. "Really hope this works," the words barley audible as she clapped her hands together and pulled them apart slowly, arcs of energy jumping between the them. With a soft grunt she lunged raising her hands up and slapping them onto the sides of ghosts head, silver energy jumping off them and causing another scream from the ghost as they jumped over her face and forced her to the ground. Sam held her there, the scream stopping quickly as the energy combined with her condition caught up with her.

(SAM,) Jazz barked into her mind forcing the dark haired girl to move back and let her go, (YOU SUCK!) After a moment she ran over to the girl and dropped to her knees having a hard time watching as Jazz demorphed. (I don't know how birdie does this,) bones and flesh knitting together as fur gave way to flesh, blood continued to flow from her wounds as it was continually replaced, the change back to human slower than normal.

"Just pull it together," slowly stroking the white fur, "and I'm really sorry about this."

(Yeah, yeah,) pushing herself up, internal organs threatening to become external organs, (never letting you plan again, how's Marco?)

"Marco….," looking over at the other gorilla, "I think this is bad," unlike Jazz he wasn't pulling himself together.

(Great he doesn't know how to demorph,) reaching down and holding her stomach and stopping the changes, (Marco listen to me….MARCO!)

He flinched at the intruding thoughts letting her know he was still alive, (I want to wake up now,) his thoughts barley registering

(Picture yourself in your mind,) trying to talk hi through the change, (imaging your becoming that person and putting everything else out of your mind.)

(It hurts.)

(I know it hurts but you just have to do it.)

(I just want to wake up.)

Lumbering over to the other ape, (then get up,) rearing back and punching him in what remained of his head.

(What was that for,) anger giving him a bolt of strength.

(Demorph and get up,) her thoughts harsh and unforgiving in no mood for this situation, (I no it hurts and you have no idea what's going on but just get up.)

"That seems a little harsh."

Glaring back at her, (I just jumped out of a building, I have the right to be anyway I want at the moment or at least till everything has been healed.)

Next to them Marco moaned, (I don't know what you want.)

Jazz was about to try and help him when she was interrupted, "what happened around here?"

"What happened to your plan," Sam still looking at Marco, knowing Danny had a good reason for being back.

Floating down next to her, slowly looking around not believing the shear amount of damage that had been done by the two girls, "I think she was lying, I can't leave you two alone can I?"

Snapping around and glaring at him, "You've done worse?"

"Yeah but it was in the Ghost Zone, this place looks like a bomb exploded."

(Don't say it Sam,) Jazz stopping her, (Danny you think you can over shadow him and get him back to normal?)

Floating over to him, "did a little bit of practice with your boyfriend but nothing quite like this."

(I'm going to ignore the b word if you can just try it, and do it soon…you know before he dies.)

"You're a little casual there," flying into the morphed star, for a moment nothing happened then Marco's still intact eye opened, a green glow emanating from it.

(You see enough animals blown to piece only for them to come back you start getting a little desensitized to the whole thing,) closing Marco's eye. (Now give me a minute here this might be second nature to you and Tobias but this isn't that easy for me…and it would help if this would stop freaking out…both of him.)

A bang of pain shot through Jazz forcing a grunt from her, (ok I have to fix this,) lumbering off into a close alley, white fur shifting red even before she was hidden in the shadows.

Slowly Marco came back together, one arm fully regrowing, a single strand of muscle pulling one leg back together while others began to form around it. Trying to take his mind off the numbness of the change he looked over at Sam, his other eye finally coming in, (you ok?)

She looked down at her still sparking suit, "I'm assuming this can be fixed," a large arc of energy leaping off her shoulders, "of course I don't feel safe taking it off till it stops doing that."

(Not what I meant,) knowing full well that she knew it too.

Behind the mask she closed her eyes, "I don't know," staring to shake lightly, "I…there…things…," the words not coming to her.

(Sam,) the thoughts forming around her and filling her mind with warmth almost like she was physically holding her, letting her feel safe.

"She doesn't want to be me," the words just slipping out.

Danny wasn't sure what to say to her for a moment, then finally, (what?)

"She doesn't want to be me, Ember doesn't want to be me," clarifying for him, "I don't want to be her and she doesn't want to be me we hate each other."

He forced himself to her reformed legs, testing there strength, the now thin limbs a little shaky under the almost full body weight of the gorilla. (Your going to have to explain this one to me,) his face still more ape than human so he couldn't make much of an expression.

"I don't want to be her Danny but she doesn't want to be me even more, I've spent all this time despising her and afraid we'd somehow end up fused and I think she want's that less than I do. I've been freaking out and losing my mind and I don't know why, we hate each other, ok I don't think she knows it's me under this mask but she pretty much said it would never happen. And…I don't know what I'm suppose to be feeling right now I really don't I'm happy and I'm mad, and I'm confused."

(Sounds about right,) the fire fight casting the shadow of a falcon on her, the bird coming landing on what was left of a car. (Congratulations Sam I think your finally beginning to accept your fears, however irrational we all know it to be.)

"I thought you were suppose to be compassionate and caring?"

(That was the me you didn't tell to jump out of a building.)

"I said I was sorry."

(You want forgiveness never ask me to do that again…ever.)

Danny rolled the fully repaired eyes of his now fully human loaner body, "I hate to break this up but does anyone know what is going on in the rest of the city?"

"It's not like I can do that much the was I am," the goth shrugging her shoulders.

Phasing out of Marco, "not really the point."

"WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE," the shriek filling the air from above them. The assembled four looking up at the man in the building Ember had been in, his head out the whole that Danny had made earlier.

"We're so going to get blamed for this one," the half ghost moaned, covering his face with his hands.

Sam couldn't even look in his direction, "well this one is kind of out fault."

"Our fault," looking at her accusingly.

"Ok my fault."

"How did I get here," Marco asked I a hollow voice, looking around at the burning world.

"I'd tell you," Danny threw his arm around the man, "but you'd never believe me," whipping out his thermos and sucking Ember into it with his other hand. Flying over to Sam and grabbing her and lifting her into the air, "later," shooting into the sky with her.

Jazz looked from her brother to Marco, (welcome to Amity Park, do yourself a favor get out while you can,) spreading her wings and taking off into the sky, the fire providing plenty of up drafts for her to soar on.

Marco followed her path into the sky, a feeling like he should be going with her playing in the back of his mind before pushing it away and looking around. "I don't think anybody's going to believe this," a patch of fire hopping up, "hope someone's catching this on film it would make a really cool scene."

Jazz POV

"So what's the prognosis Tuck?"

I can't even describe the look he gave her, it was part annoyance, part anger, part amazement and part something I've never seen before. "Sam I know you think I'm a genius….granted I am, but still."

"The point here Tuck?"

I watched him pull his glasses off and hold the bridge of his nose, from my time with him I knew it couldn't be good news, he never stalled unless it was bad. "The suit is fired," he finally said not making eye contact, "I'm going to have to call Nikki in on this one, I could try and fix it myself but there's no way it would be safe to wear."

Two out of three, not will to say anything, so far of Sam's gear only the gun was fixable, "all most makes Danny's trip into the police evidence locker seem pointless."

"Better broken with us," Tucker slipping into a rare introspective tone, "than being in anyone else's hands. Everything the police impound ends up at Axion or with your parents. Granted Mr. And Mrs. Fenton getting it is no great loss since it's back with us but…"

"We know this Tuck," Sam's attitude not surprising given she's just been side lined, "otherwise it's with Vlad. Not like I'm the only one that lost stuff though."

"Don't start Sam," I already felt bad enough about completely destroying the gloves in the fall, I hadn't even really had a chance to use them. Danny had recovered them as well, or at least most of them, a few pieces we were pretty sure had been destroyed in the fire, either way getting them fixed would probably take longer than Sam's equipment.

"Somehow this one just doesn't feel like a victory," Tucker saying what none of us really wanted to admit.

"Well Marco is ok that's something," doing my best to look on the bright side, it had been two days since Ember had gotten her hands on him and we hadn't really been able to do that much. After Sam had knocked her out her CD self destructed, by accident or by design we weren't sure and we just assumed that had been it. It wasn't till the next day, when everyone started scrambling and doing damage control, that things started to come out. Marco had no clue what had come over him but birdie had taken care of that one personally, donning a female morph he did a fare job of impersonating an aid to the mayor. He laid down a pretty good story of Ember being a crazy stalker who had drugged him and made him say all those things and said drugs had caused him to hallucinate a few very strange events ended with her getting him trapped in the middle of a ghost fight. Granted having me in his pocket feeding him lines helped a bit but at least we had gotten out of the woods. It would've been better if we just could've told him it was a ghost but that wasn't an option.

What Ember had planned worked a little to well, when we got my parents out of the houses new security grid, which hadn't been a problem given it crashed maybe a minute after Danny had activated it, which didn't say much for Fenton ingenuity. Dad tried in vain to ground us for that despite not having any proof we had bees behind it, granted Danny had but it was still the principle of the thing. There hadn't been much we could've done to stop them from charging down into the middle of the inferno but by then the fire department had taken care of the worst of it. The whole fight had finally convinced me to get rid out my Ember CD I'd been holding on to, she was evil I know but I still liked the music only to find it had been blanked out, and I mean totally, no music on the disk, the cover art now replaced with a plane white sheet, everything was just gone. When I told Danny I had him do quick look around and it turned out every piece of Ember merchandise in the city had undergone the same transformation. Next morning at school it turns out no one at school even knew who she was, even the most hard core of former followers was ignorant of her. To say the least birdie wasn't happy about it, he had a pretty justifiable hatred of people messing with outers memories.

Given this wasn't what Ember had told us would happen all we can really do is sit around and wait for the other metaphorical shoe to drop. With the exception of birdie who's doing his best not to think about the others everything that happened in the result of faulty equipment provided by Technus. Personally I'm less sure, like a stage performers she was keeping all our attention on one place so we didn't have time to notice what was going on behind the scenes. I can't quite shake the feeling that this was exactly what she wanted to happen, why I don't know, and I hope I'm wrong about it.

"Yippy for our side," her sarcastic mock-enthusiasm almost painful to listen to.

I placed a hand on her shoulder, "we'll get in together Sam we always do."

"You can remove it or I can rip it off."

"Oooookkkkk," stretching the word out, "not quite ready for that I see."

I got up headed towards the door, when she stopped me, "any word on why Marco could still use his powers, last thing we need is for him to freak out on a movie set and turn into a great white shark or something."

I shook my head, "birdie been consulting with Nikki and she's going to have someone keep an eye on him, not sure how yet but they figure something out. For the most part we don't think it's that much of a problem, given what I saw I'm pretty sure while he was under her power Marco was able to tap into his unconscious that must still know about his power. Without that catalyst I don't think it can happen again, combine that with the fact that birdie managed to convince him everything he experienced was a hallucination he'll probably do his best to even forget about the experience."

"And if he doesn't," Tucker's question while simple had a profound undertone.

Sighing, "I don't know, I hope it never gets that far," sighing really not wanting to think about the possibility of that event. "And as ominous as this is going to sound I don't suppose you want to come over to my place and see Marco off?

I heard the groan of bed signaling she'd dropped into it, "don't think I'd be good company right now."

"I would," seeing Tucker wave me off, "but not after what you just said," enough of a laugh accompanying the words to let me know he was at least partially joking. "Besides Danny has blocked anything I want to do I'm going to say no besides sounded like Tobias wanted some time with the guy. Honestly I feel for him that is not a situation I want to be in."

"Thanks Tuck," slipping out of Sam's house with no real incident and grabbing my car and heading home, glad nothing occurred to make me late as I pulled into the drive way.

"Your nuts man," always a good thing to hear when you walk into a house, granted it was Marco so I wasn't that concerned but still.

Birdie followed a moment later, "and I'm telling you your wrong, it doesn't make any sense."

"Dude it's science fiction it doesn't have to, that's why it's called fiction."

"And I'm telling you this will make it a better story leave the part about the mother in it'll connect with people otherwise it feels hollow."

"But it's depressing."

"Which is why it works in the end, it makes you feel for them all the more."

"Still bouncing ideas I see," sighing as walked into the living room and dropped into couch next to birdie.

Marco was toying with a soda can in his hand, "can't help it I got this great idea for a story I and your buddy here is the only one that gets it. It's like we're on the same wave length on almost everything. If I can sell this idea to the studio you sure you don't want credit, you can make some serious cash in this gets picked up."

Birdie waved him off, "I told you I'm good, just make sure to keep what I'm telling you to keep, trust me on it."

"I know story structure and people aren't going to like that part."

"If it's done right it'll work."

"You'd be surprised how many future box office bombs had people saying the same thing," shaking his head.

I just rolled my eyes and headed to the kitchen finding my parents, dad looking a bit defeated, "let me guess mad birdie stole your thunder?"

"NO," standing up and roaring, the chair he'd been sitting in bouncing across the floor, "yes," his eyes down cast, his voice meek as he grabbed the chair off the floor and sat back down.

Mom put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed in gently, "it's alright dear," then giving me a look the mixed depression with a hint of happiness, "they've been talking for almost an hour. It's strange, I haven't seen two people so in sync about anything since your father and I discovered out mutual love of ghosts."

I shuddered, "you realize you just compared Marco and Tobias to you and Dad right?" That caused a ripple to run through her as well.

"Not exactly what I meant," looking past me to the doorway, "Marco just came in so energized, he wanted help for this plan of his, your father and I tried to help but we were kinda pushed out by those two."

The way mom looked, I wasn't use to it, she'd never looked defeated before, I wasn't all that thrill by it. "I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it…"

"I know," cutting me off, "I don't know how to explain this sweetheart, I know he's not trying to be mean or endear himself to Marco it's just strange, they're agreeing on so much it was like we weren't even there, like nothing we could say mattered because it didn't fit in with their vision."

"He's a ghost," Dad's words making me jump, "that has to be it," the energy jumping up, "this was all a plan to get to him," jumping out of his chair, "to make us look stupid, to get to Hollywood and stop it from making another movie about heroic ghost hunters," leaping onto the table, "risking their lives for the betterment of the world!" throwing his arms out wide.

Mom and I just shared a look of disbelief, "dear," mom beating me to the punch, "how long have we known Tobias?"

"A few mouths."

"How long have we know Marco?"

"A few days?"

"Do you honestly think a ghost would've planned out a meeting like this so far in advance when even we didn't know it was going to happen?"

That look of confusion that always appeared on his face when facts were trying to invade one of his fantasy crossed his face and I knew he was struggling to accept of reject mom's argument. Finally hung his head and dropped off the table, "I'm never going to get to shot him am I?"

"Dad," walking over and picking up his chair for him, "stop asking things like that, you can't hurt him period."

"I wasn't going to hurt him I just wanted to shot him, unless he is a ghost then I'm going to turn him inside out and rip to atoms to figure out what makes him tick…then…then I'm going to put him back together so I can rip him apart again."

Again mom and I shared a look of concern, "I'm just going to leave now," inching away from him.

Mom took over for me putting a hand on him, "dear we talked about this, he's a good boy."

"So you keep saying."

"And Jazz could do so much worse."

"Or better."

"He makes her happy."

"So do I."

"Your sounding like my sister when she talks about our relationship."

"Don't be silly Maddie I'm not to good for you, we're perfectly as good for each other as two people could ever be good for each other ever." I really wanted to point out that that he wasn't actually making any sense but mom gave me a look that told me to shut up and let it go, and knowing how oblivious dad could be I heeded her warning, correcting everything he had missed just wasn't worth it.

I trotted upstairs wonder where Danny was in the comedy of errors that was my life, the soft sounds from behind his door was enough to let me know where he was. "Problem Danny," knocking on the door.

For a moment than her opened the door, "do you have to ask?"

"Don't tell me your mad at birdie too."

"Not him," motioning me in, "you seen this," grabbing the newspaper off his bed and tossing it at me. The head lines weren't surprising given I'd seen them the day before.

Reading them out loud, "Ghosts go on Rampage, Reason Unknown," tossing it back on the bed, "we've been through worse. We've been on the outs since the mall came down."

"I know," dropping onto his bed and bouncing for a moment, a look of defeat on his face, "and I'm kinda use to this but I did like the approval."

I dropped down next to him, "so your up here sulking" less a question than a statement.

"I'm not…ok a little," not even trying to hide it from me. "All the times I've helped save this city, all the time I put my butt on the line and I never asked for anything and just when people are starting to accept me boom one thing happens that I can't control and I'm back to being the bad guy."

"One thing," nudging him a little.

"Ok a lot of things but still how short sighted are people," looking at me, "you know this stuff better than I do."

I struggled with what to tell him for a little bit, what he was asking didn't have an easy answer. "Not to use our friend down there as a model," trying to figure out how to put this, "but to us we were expecting him to be who the media made him out to be. It didn't matter if that was the real him or not it's just the way of things."

"And this answers my question how?"

"What's I'm trying to say is someone, somewhere choose how he was going to be portrayed to the media, and right now someone in the city is thinking of a way to portray you in a way that will help them. It doesn't matter if it's the truth of not all they care about is that it gets them noticed by someone depending on where they are. Right now dumping on you is all they seem to care about and some people will go along with it but some are going to see through the haze and maybe se something else, It might be the truth it might be something totally different. You understand?"

He looked up at me slowly and I could tell from the look on his face that it wasn't what he was hoping to hear. "That wasn't even close to what I asked for."

I shrugged, a tingle on my check letting me know I was blushing from embarrassment, "Danny I'm a teenager, and despite what I might like people to believe my understanding of the human psyche is far from total. People have been struggling with what your asking all their professional lives it's not something I can just spit out in a matter of seconds."

"Lot of use you are sis," laying down on his bed."

"Thanks a lot," grabbing him by his shirt, "now come on, Marco won't be here forever and we need to pry him away from birdie for a little bit."

Following me but lightly struggling, "what afraid your boyfriend's going to follow him."

I just glared back at him, "no but dad's getting ready to throw a fit if he doesn't end up being the center of attention again."

"And when did it become our job to deal with this?"

"When it became apparent we were more stable than he is."

"I see ghost and you talk to birds, how are we stable?"

"Don't bet cleaver little brother," trying to get him shut up, the others coming into view at the foot of the stairs. "Something up," trying to sound casual.

"Time got away from me there," Marco running his fingers through his hair, "I have a flight I have to catch and I girlfriend I have to beg forgiveness from. I'm not careful this is going to end in a marriage, I'm not ready for an ex-wife."

"Your going to be fine," mom reassuring him, "she'll understand, I'm sure stranger things than this have happened in the past."

"Not to me specifically," the second the words left his mouth I had to bite my tongue but I let something slip out, and I could tell birdie was in the same boat. "Jack, Maddie," shaking their hands, "it's been a pleasure and I'm glad you made time for me, with luck this will help push this movie over the top, just a shame I never got to see a real ghost fight."

"After everything you went through here you'd really want to see that?"

"What can I saw Maddie I'm a glutton for punishment." He looked over to us, "kids stay safe or as much as you can in this city," getting a laugh from us.

"We'll do what we can."

"Your going back to the land of earthquakes and your telling us to be safe."

"Good one," looking to birdie, "your weird," I could feel myself jerk back when he said it.

Folding his arms and taking it better than I had, "your not one to talk."

Laughing at his come back, "hey weird is good, some of my best friends are weird, and seriously if you want credit just call I'm not that much of a glory hound."

"I'd rather stay off the radar."

"Your choice man, you have some good ideas."

"Which is why I know I'm better off here than I could ever be in your world Marco."

"That's deep man, you ah mind."

Tobias just waved him off, "go take it."

Shacking his head, "I'd love to keep this up but I have got to get to catch this flight," heading out the door my parents and Danny following him out and carrying on the goodbyes while birdie hung out in the house watching him through a window.

I lent up against the wall next to him, catching the show through the window with him, "you can go with him birdie."

He laughed lightly but kept his eyes trained on him, "I said my goodbyes a long time ago, it was nice to see him but that was it, we're different people now, he and I."

"Still, he is your friend."

"What friendship we had he doesn't remember," reaching out and taking my hand, "I thought you were the one that wanted me to live in the moment and stop thinking abut the past."

"Doesn't mean you should forget it," squeezing it back.

"If he has a say," giving me a smile, "I don't think I'll be able to."

That got me interested, "something you haven't told me birdie?"

The smile grew larger, "the brain storm he had for a film, your going to love this, five humans are genetically altered using alien technology that gives them the ability to alter their DNA and have to fight off an invasion of parasitic aliens."

All I could do was blink for several seconds, "this…this is a joke right," the only thing I could say to him.

"I wish," stating to laugh, "Marco of course wants to play brilliant yet witty lead, best friend to the stoic leader who's brother has already been taken over. They of course are opposite the butt kicking warrior woman, her pacifistic best friend who just so happens to be a human dictionary of life forms on the planet, and the tweaked loner who loses himself in his powers in order to escape his own demons. Along the way he finds out, and I fought for this, the lead finds out his dead mother was the first human taken and has paved the way for the take over."

"He's making you tweaked?"

"Well I am, so it's not like this is a real reach.

I couldn't help but slap him with the back of my hand on the shoulder, "birdie," mad he'd even say something like that.

"Jazz I'm far from normal and back then I was a little disturbed."

"And you just going to let him portray you like that?"

"It's not like anyone else knows it'll be me, besides chances it's never even get made."

"Tobias," I wasn't sure how to respond to this, it felt wrong, I understood why he was saying them but it still felt wrong.

"Jazz," taking my hand, "I know what your trying to do and thanks, but honestly I don't care, let him do what he wants I have other priorities right now."

I looked away, not wanting him to see the blush spreading across my face, outside my family was still hounding Marco. "My dad's a little mad at you."

"Hey I tried to get him back to your parents but it just didn't work, I'd forgotten how stubborn he could be and at least they have this time right now."

I felt my hair fall in front of my face hiding me from him a little more, "if I didn't know wbetter I'd say you planned this out birdie."

"I'm not that smart vixen," squeezing my hand a little tighter.

"Your doing that vixen thing again."

I could hear him laugh lightly, "you call be birdie all the time, why can't I have a name for you?"

"Pet names are one of the first signs of a serious relationship," quoting one of my books.

"Only if you want it to be."

DP Style

"Better or worse."


"Not surprising," securing the bandage, "you got banged up."

Groaning and pushing against the faux cloth, "I didn't ask your opinion."

Moving away and rolling up the rest of the bandage he hadn't used, "just giving you my medical opinion."

"Like your even a doctor."

Ignoring the always hostile patient, "I use to be," packing up his bag, "don't remove the bandage for at least three days, rest for at least two weeks, and no needless exertion which means no nothing unless you existence is on the line."


"Whatever to you do," waving at her as floated past her to her door and left her small home.

The fire around her head jumped as the door slammed, "loser," groaning again as her shoulder throbbed, "crap." The bandage was a physical manifestation of his abilities, and while it helped it didn't make it any less annoying to wear. "Guess he's right though, I was planning on taking a rest anyway win or lose. I wonder if the dipsticks have figured it out yet, sure it would've been great to be in all those movies but it's not what I was really after. Anyone can hook up with a star and ride their coattails making it on your own is so much sweeter and this way I get to start from scratch, and this time I'll finally do I right. Sure the ghost rumor will still hang around but all the proof has not been wiped away and it's not like I'm the first person to get a label hung on them, and a ghost is so much better then people thinking you bite the heads off animals…eeaw."

"Now all I have to do is figure out how to stage my big come back, and of course avoid all those freaking halfa's who seem determined to ruin my party."

Marco POV

I felt a little like screaming, a long flight, a massive argument, which granted I was expecting after what that crazy stalker had forced me to say, but I still wasn't ready for it. I was called things I wasn't even aware were words for two hours and then got to watch as she picked up and stormed off, of course that wasn't the first time she'd done that to me so I wasn't that worried.

"I wish I had answers," dropping into the old chair I'd 'browed' from my dad, it didn't really fit with my current furniture but it was a piece of home and I'd spent years breaking it in. "I'm not looking forward to calling Jake," leaning my head back feeling a little bit lick crap for failing them, "I got some answers but not enough, at least for him, I barely for enough for me." Reaching over the side of the chair, into the pocket on the side I pulled out an old school year book and flipped to the dog-eared page that had Rachel's picture on it, "what am I going to do," tracing is image with one finger.

"It's not like the Fenton's weren't helpful, I mean they told me everything they could I mean they're only so much anyone can be expected to know. They were nice people a little crazy but they went way beyond what they had to, I just wish they could've given me some straight answers instead of those open ended figure it out ones, it's like being in school again."

"Well at least I got a potential story out of it, I just hope someone will actually buy it, then again it's totally crazy," leaning into the chair and putting my feet up. "I do like it though, something about it really clicks with me, it'll be a pain to do though, it'll call for some serious special effects, I don't know maybe it would go over better if it were animated," nodding my head, "I can see that, it could make a pretty good cartoon. I do feel kinda bad that I got more out of this by accident than I can give Jake after intentionally going for him," my grip on the book slipping and it falling to the ground. "Smooth man," reaching down for it, "I have to give it up for Tobias though it did help me bring a few of the story ideas together," picking it up, losing my place in the process. "I'm going to have to get him something he did earn it," looking down at the pages, "I just don't know what off the top of my…head….," my jaw hanging open, "freaky, seriously freaky." I was staring down at a picture of Tobias on the page, or at least someone that looked just like him and with the same name, "what are the odds of that," scoffing, "at least I know why he seemed so familiar." I studied the image for a minute or two then shook my head, "no…no just a little off," trying to make out details on the small page, "a little bit here and little there, close but no cigar, he could definitely be an impersonator thought," writing off the coincidence as just a coincidence and flipping back to Rachel's page.

DP Style

The purple energy flared I all directions, blocked by the red construct that hung around the ghost. The assailant heard the over eager attack of the ghost's partner behind him and didn't even hesitate, spinning in the air his free hand gripped the ghost's wrist holding it still, the red energy in his hand hovering just over his head.

"Give in," the ghost's eyes flaring red, doing his best to force the energy blade down.

"Don't bother," his partner delivering a punch to their opponents back, or trying to at least it was the plan. Their opponent jerked from his spot, his power enough to overpower the held ghost and pulled him along, bending his body back, towards the attacker, the first ghost delivering the bulk of his power to the back of his partner. The red energy that flared around his fist and splashed away as if it liquid, the struck ghost losing cohesion twin black rings forming around his waist, each running around his body in different directions and causing him to vanish.

His partner could only blink, his partner gone as his opponent no where to be seen, "such a shame," the words coming from behind him. Spinning the ghost only caught a blast of purple light that blinded him making him stager back, "so much wasted potential." A purple multi-sided construct formed in his hand as he walked past his would be attacker, almost casually he struck him in the back with it causing his tom vanish as his brother had.

"Ten for ten," an older voice calling out, the tone was painfully neutral, knowing he didn't dare show favorites.

Freeing his bound hand the Fright Knight shook his head, the fire around it slowly dieing down, "it almost feels like your getting worse."

"Know your place," Vlad growling and slowly rising to his feet, sweat running down his brow and visibly flinching from exhaustion. "They were almost perfect, they almost defeated you."

"I was in control of every fight from the beginning," the knight corrected, "and they were never close."

"Again," fighting to remain standing.

The fire around the armored ghost's head flared, "you may rule everywhere else, but here you do as I say," putting his hand on his sword. "Your interest in improving your skills is just that, your desire, if you wish to inflate your ego go else where, but if you wish my help you do as I say."

Something akin to a snarl slipped past Vlad's lips, if their were words hidden within the knight knew he didn't want to hear them. The hiss grew louder as he turned, "I have better things to do," floating away and phasing through a wall, the bushy eyed vulture following him a moment later.

The Fright Knight, once he was sure the Masters wasn't returning sighed, "good. Until you take the time to perfect these skills, to understand how they should be used instead of how to wish to use them it will for the best if you stop manhandling them. At the moment what you have unlocked is beyond what you can deal with and until you understand that much your more a danger to yourself than anyone who would cross you."


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