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It was dark and rainy the night Jonathan got the call that would change his life for ever.

He was sitting down to enjoy his small dinner of unseasoned chicken, green beans from the can, and water when his cell phone rang.

"Crane," he said into the receiver.

"Jonathan? This is Janis from the front office." She paused like she was waiting for a happy greeting from Jonathan, but she was still new; she didn't know yet that Jonathan Crane didn't do happy. "Well, there are people here that say their daughter has gone insane and she needs professional help. They won't leave until Dr. Smith has seen her."

"Then why are you calling me?" Crane asked with utter distain.

"Well, Dr. Smith is busy with his family right now and he says that you can handle it. He said just evaluate her and stall for time until he can get there."

"Fine. Tell them I will be there soon," he said abruptly, and without saying goodbye, he hung up. He looked at the food and sighed. It's already cold; it will be fine when I get home. Maybe I will even be adventurous and go out to eat for a change. And with that thought, he was out the door, keys in hand.

Somewhere in Gotham "JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" She slammed her bedroom door shut, locking herself inside.

She had to live through almost 18 years of mental torture from Mallory, Bob, and Joe. She wasn't going to take anymore. They blew all the money they had on gambling and the cheap alcohol they got drunk with every night.

Lena was still shaking from the night's events; she had promised herself she wouldn't let this happen again, she had promised herself that he wouldn't do this to her. But somehow, it happened again. She tried to tell herself that it was completely out of her control, that she couldn't do anything to stop Joe, but she never believed herself.

She went to her dresser and took out the box she hadn't seen in over three years. She opened the box with shaking hands and saw it. The knife that had almost been the death of her once before. She grasped it in her hand and with a set jaw, ran from her room into the bathroom and locking the door.

"Twinkle, twinkle little knife," she sang to herself as she sat on the cold linoleum bathroom floor, the fluorescent lights mocking her. "How I wonder what is life. As I bring it to my wrist, I know I will not be missed." She had tears streaming down her face now. "Twinkle, twinkle little knife. Now is time to leave this life." And then she heard a voice in her head. It was a familiar one that only came in times of need.

"Put the knife down, Lena," said the voice.

"Mom?" she asked.

"Yes honey, put the knife down. You may not think you have anything going for you, but trust me. You have no idea what is in store for you." Then the voice was gone.

There had only been one other time the voice had come. When she was 11 years old and she had the same knife out, and sang the same song. Her mother had visited her and told her to stop, that she was going to be missed by many people and fate had a lot in store for her, and then it vanished. She had waited 7 years and nothing good had come yet. Tonight she had had enough, and she didn't care anymore. She was going to slit her wrists, but her mother had stopped her again with the same comforting words from before

Lena still had the knife clenched in her hand. She was just about to put it down when Mallory rammed in the door, and of course this had to be the one night she wasn't so drunk she couldn't see an inch in front of her face.

"Oh my God." She stared at the knife that Lena was seconds away from putting down. "BOB! SHE TRIED TO COMMIT SUICIDE IN THE BATHROOM! CALL THE ASYLUM!"

"Shit, it's not what you think!" Lena tried to explain, but she knew if she struggled and told the truth that they really would lock her up. She didn't put up any resistance when the men in white came to put the straight jacket on her and didn't speak on the ride to Arkham.

When Jonathan got to the asylum, he saw one of his fellow interns coming out of the room where the family was.

"She seems fine to me. She is calm and collected, didn't raise her voice once, but," she gestured at Jonathan. "You're the expert, or so Doctor Smith says." Jonathan nodded and she walked away. He looked at the notes she shoved in his hands before leaving. All it said was the girl's name was Lena Bell. What? he thought. That is all she found out? He sighed. I guess I'll have to do this the hard way. And he walked in.

The sight was one of the oddest he had ever seen. He had expected to see an insane looking person sitting across the table from him, but all he saw was a very pretty girl looking bored and uncomfortable in the straight jacket. He also expected to see a grieving family, but all he saw was a woman who was throwing a very fake hysterical fit, a man who looked like he didn't really want to be here, and an older boy looking at the girl with intense eyes.

"Hello," he said, mostly to the girl in the jacket. "I'm Jonathan Crane, I will be filling in for Dr. Smith. What is the problem, exactly Mrs…?"

"Flowers. I walk into the bathroom," she paused for a few more very unbelievable sobs, "And I see her with a knife in her hand pointed to her wrist!" Finished with her story, the woman continued sobbing.

The part about the knife concerned Jonathan. He took his time to write something on his notepad and turned back to the woman. "Mrs. Flowers thank you for bringing me up to speed. If you will kindly wait outside I will asses this situation." He opened the door. They walked out and he locked it behind them.

He walked over to the girl and undid the straight jacket. "What? Aren't you afraid that I might jump out and attack you with the knife I am hiding behind my back?" she asked in a sarcastic tone.

"What really happened?" he asked as he sat down in the chair next to her.

"Well, in case you didn't notice, they aren't my real family."

"I got that much." She looked nothing like them. They all had fake orange tans, and all were extremely ugly. This girl was pale like Jonathan, but in a good way. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She was the sort of girl people write books about. Long blonde hair, (it was dyed black, but he could see her roots) and beautiful green eyes.

"Well, the knife thing was true. I was considering suicide." Should she tell him about her mother? No, she thought. Then he will lock me up for sure. "Then that idiot bangs in the locked bathroom door to see what I was doing. It was just about to put the knife down."

"Why were you even considering it?" he asked.

"Well, like I said, they aren't my real family. They are my adoptive parents. I had had enough of their bullshit."

"Enough to kill yourself?"

"You are a freaking shrink! What the hell do you know about my life and what goes on in the house I live in?" she yelled.

"Do they beat you?" he asked.

"No, not physically any way. They don't love me. They never have. When I was four my parents died, they left an enormous amount of money in my name. But I can't touch it until I am 18. So Bob and Mallory's plan is to keep me until I am that old and then throw me out and keep the money." She was trying her hardest not to cry, because this had always been a sensitive subject for her. Bob and Mallory had never laid a hand on her, but they had diminished her self-worth to all most nothing. They told her she wasn't good enough, or she was stupid or lazy, she was a bitch and worth no more then the crack whores in the Narrows. They had never laid a hand on her, though. But the son, Joe, he was a different story. He joined his parents in kicking Lena where it hurt, but he had done so much more. She tried not to think of it, but it came back to her every time she thought of him. And she remembered what he had said the night seven years ago and tonight.

Joe put his hands to Lena's throat and pushed her against the wall behind them: "If you tell any one, I will kill you and the person you told." She knew that he would do it to. He was the one who was not right in the head, and he was the one who had driven her to suicide last time.

She shook her head to get rid of the image and looked at the doctor. She hadn't really appreciated how beautiful he was when he walked in the room, she was too fed up with Mallory. Lena remembered shaking her head and giving a hollow laugh when she heard Mallory.

They were waiting in the room for the doctor. She had said to her asshole of a husband and sadist of a son, "Okay, now we need to act like we are really devastated about this whole thing," she paused to put half a bottle of the wrong kind of Visine in her eyes so they would look red and puffy and make her too dark mascara run down her cheeks like she had been crying. "So if they think that she has really gone insane, then we might be able to put her away for good" But their were two problems with that plan: one, the last time Mallory cried was when she was three and she had broken her arm; and two, she was the worst actor in the world. And the same went for Bob and Joe. Lena knew that someone with half a brain could tell that this was all a set up, and Lena wasn't the insane one.

This doctor seemed to have more then half a brain and looks to go with it. Other people might consider him geeky or weird. She thought he was amazing. The pale skin, the jet black hair, and those blue eyes. They were like a never ending vortex of beauty, misunderstanding, hurt, and vengeance.

"How old are you now?" Jonathan asked.

"18 in three months. If they can prove that I am criminally insane, then they get my money or something like that."

"Yes, if your guardians can prove you insane, criminally or not, they claim the money depending on your parents' will. What does it say, or have you not read it?"

"It says that I own everything my parents had, but legally it's not mine until I am 18. And it also says that if I go insane, then everything goes to my guardians for my treatment. But if those brainless idiots get a hold of it," she cocked her head to point to the two way mirror that Mallory and her family was waiting outside of. "I won't be getting treatment; they will just let me rot in that padded cell. They will probably blow it all on alcohol and gambling."

"Well, do you want me to call child services?" he asked.

"No, it's fine. I'll be fine, I've lived through almost 18 years of it, I can stand a few more months," she said, as she hurriedly brushed away the tears starting to form in her sad green eyes.

He gave her a smile that told her that he thought she was a strong girl for having to live with this torture. They had been together for half an hour and she hadn't seen him smile. He should smile more often, he has a great one. She thought What am I doing? Mallory interrupted his evening so he could check out some chick that isn't really crazy, why on earth would he smile? Even if his smile is amazing…stop it, Lena! He is probably old enough to be my father, I don't need to be thinking about his smile or how beautiful he is or how he is… STOP! You are going to drive yourself crazy if you keep doing this, just put up your barrier; don't let him in.

It was sad but very true. The tragic death of her parents was too much for a young girl of only four to deal with; so she formed a barrier around her heart. Nothing could get in and nothing could get out. She had never had any friends, because of the barrier, just a few acquaintances. She had also never had any boyfriends. But underneath the hardened black surface, she was a caring loving person. She was really nice to everyone else, but when someone tried to get in and love her back, she shut down completely and pushed them away.

"Well, you know that if something has happened, you need to tell me," he said. He knew from the moment he had walked in that she was one seriously messed up girl.

"I know." she thought of Joe. "Nothing has happened." she lied.

"Good." Jonathan had come from an abusive home also, so he knew what it felt like. He didn't want this girl to suffer more then she had to. Because she was going to suffer. Oh yes, she was, but not by her guardians' hands.

"So, give it to me straight, doc; are the men in white coats coming to take me to happy land?" she asked, trying to lighten the subject by being sarcastic. Yet her sarcasm was crushed by the sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Well, I am only an intern here," he said with a sigh. He had three more years to go as an intern when he should have just been promoted to head psychologist in the first place. "So I'm not the one who can tell you if you are insane or not, but from what I have gathered you seem pretty sane to me."

"Good, can I go now?" she asked. She was eager to get out of this place; something about it gave her a foreboding feeling. Like she knew something very bad was going to happen; what it was, she didn't know.

"Again, I am not the one to determine that. But we are probably going to have to put you on suicide watch."

"How long is suicide watch?"

"72 hours."

"Jesus! That is an entire three days!"

"Sorry," he said not really caring. He only needed a few hours of her 72 to see her fears and relish in her screams. "Well, I think that Doctor Smith is here."

"See you around," she called as he walked to the exit of the room.

"I doubt it." And he shut the door.

As soon as he shut the door he whispered, "Perfect." My plan is working. He thought. All I have to do is get a few hours of her suicide watch for myself. She will be the first lucky person to have the honor of me testing my precious fear toxins on. Lucky her. He spared himself one of his rare smiles and went to find Doctor Smith.