Sorry for the delay in this fanfiction. I believe there is a little introduction and explanation needed for this story. If you want you can skip this, i dont care.

For those of you still reading this is (obviously) a Buffy fanfiction. However, it also has influence from other Vampire stories. Most notibly would probably be the Anita Blake seriese. There's just a little of that going on, so dont worry.

The POV might get a little sketchy because Marie is the narrator but sometimes the story takes on a very movie (or in this case telivision) type feel, and other times i giddily add my two cents in.

The story began as funny and ment to be purely an excersize in the 'what if' portion of my brain. The whole 'every potential becomes a slayer' is one of the many things that made me wonder when it came to vampire stories. I really wanted to know what would happen if the power applied to vampires. In the process of contemplating this story line i realized that later on the genre would go from that of humor to angst so be warned. It's sad.

There will eventually be other Buffy characters, and maybe some Angel characters as well. Please be patient.

There will also eventually be a second story involved in this. I actually have that story line more developed than this, but i have to finish this one first.

Anyway, enjoy the story!