Author: Sorry it took me a while, inspiration has been in short supply around here. I got all inspired cause i started to read "Why Buffy Matters" which is a book disecting Buffy. That got me interested so i decided to write.

Metal flashed In the ray of sunlight. Sawdust filled the air, just as the sound of heavy breathing did. Metal met Metal as two swords clashed. A boy with long blonde hair and eyes the colour of storm clouds bared down on a girl with long brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her brown eyes glared into his as she clenched her teeth. Muscles jumped as she pushed on the force against her. She smiled as her full strength started bending the boy backwards. Her eyes widened and she cursed as the force suddenly disappeared. She could feel herself fly as feet connected with her stomach and helped her defy gravity. She landed on her back and her sword landed a foot away from her hand. Damian's sword hovered a few inches away from my neck.

"Why the fuck do we have to practice with a sword? It's not like I'm ever gonna use the damn thing." I said from her position on the ground.

"You have to know how to use any weapon. You never know when you'll need to fight, or what will be at your disposal." said a voice, connected to Morgana who had just stepped into my view.

"Next you'll be teaching me how to use a pillowcase to smother vampires." I rolled my eyes

Morgana looked confused "How would that work? Vampires cant breathe."

I sighed. With inhuman speed I grabbed the sword that was now held loosely in Damian's hands in-between my palms. I threw it and it landed in the wall a few feet away. I flipped up, landing on my feet. I turned and threw a punch at Damian's face. He caught my fist in his hand but I just used the other fist. When he caught that with his other hand my eyes narrowed. I grabbed his hands and lifted myself off of the ground, flipping me over him. I let her knees connect with his chin as I was launched in the air. He turned with me, mouth bloody, and kicked. I caught his leg and pushed it away, using enough force so that he stumbled. He ran at me and feigned to the left. I ducked and the bitch caught me on the way up, firmly hitting me in the solar plexus. I flipped feet over head until she was a few body lengths away.

A bell rang before either could react. "Okay. Today's sparring lesson has ended." Morgana announced.

Marie growled "Just let us finish this one fight."

Morgana didn't even blink at the threat in my voice "You know why we had to put in the bell. You guys'd keep fighting the whole time and we'd never get any studying done. It wont just be one fight, it'll be another hours worth." Morgana explained

I sighed "But I don't like studying!"

"Well too bad." Morgana hit me with a ruler. "You have to study. Sit." She indicated a chair.

I obediently obeyed, but I wasn't gonna like it.

Morgana began the lesson "We have already discussed the techniques most used in hunting and killing vampires."

"Which I didn't even really need to learn. Killer Slayer reflexes hello." I mutter.

Morgana ignores me "Of course we know that some of those techniques don't really work the same with demons. Have you ever tried to stake a demon? It's not all that fun. You're best bet would probably be a sharp object like a sword or burning them, or throwing them out of tall buildings and such. But today's lesson will not be about how to kill Demons but rather about the Demons themselves. To be able to hunt them you must be able to understand them. We shall go into the origins of them, as well as some of the different species."

I try and tune her out but I swear she has mind altering abilities. I have never once been able to ignore her as she'll ignore me. Needless to say it pisses me off.

"Many demon species are Earth native. Many others originated in other dimensions. Before mankind, Earth was ruled by purebred demons, the most powerful of which are the Old Ones. Old Ones constantly warred with each other, rising and falling in power within a group, but overall dominance was absolute. Over time, however, they gradually lost their hold. Many were confined in the Deeper well, a hole running through the center of the world, while others escaped to other dimensions. Descendents and former servants were left in this world, they were generally the product of crossbreeding, to either blend in with the humans or hide and feed off them on occasion."

"Right, at which point I show up and kick their asses."

Morgana smiled "Exactly."

"So let's get to that part. Sounds fun."

Morgana sighed and readied herself for another speech. She was stopped by a bell ringing.

"Oops. Looks like it's time for me to go home! Hold that thought, we'll continue that tomorrow." I got up and grabbed my trench coat. I slipped it on. I fumbled in my jacket to pull out leather gloves. I was wearing jeans, so my legs were covered. The only skin exposed was my face.

"I'll take you home today. Damian, can you clean up here?" Morgana asked.


We headed to the other side of the building where the car was. It was a hearse painted to look like the mystery machine from Scooby-do. It was supposedly given to Morgana from a friend. What sane person would buy their friend a hearse and then paint it like a cartoon car was beyond me. I got in the back and spread out on the seats. Instead of a coffin being in the back, it had been re-formatted with seats on each sides of the wall. I knew they folded out to make a bed, I just hadn't quite figured out why. Morgana climbed up in the front. I could hear her start the car through the material pinned up to separate the front of the automobile from the back. We drove in silence.

"Are you getting enough sleep?" Morgana suddenly asked.

"Huh?" I eloquently replied.

"Well what with studying during the day and hunting at night I wondered if you were actually getting any sleep. I mean, even the undead need some rest."

I felt my face go all wistful on me. "I get some sleep. I don't really need much. I actually kind of have trouble sleeping." I winced as I realized I was getting in too deep.

"Really? Is there something on your mind that's making it hard for you?"

"No! Not at all, I guess it's just all the excitement."

Morgana let the subject drop, even though that was the lame-ist answer in all of history. The truth was I was too busy thinking of the future. I spent time when I could be sleeping trying to figure out where this 'life' could possibly go. Would I live forever? If I did I would spend eternity doing what? Hunting vampires? It is at this point I'd get all philosophical about the concept of a 'good vampire'. A lot of self doubt involved in that.

"We're here." Morgana announced.

"Nk. Thanks for the ride." I grab a blanket and flop it onto my head. I carefully got out of the car, peaking out of a tiny slit in the cloth. I found out back door and, absent mindedly waving to Morgana, opened the door and entered the house. I closed the door behind me and leaned on it. I sighed and let the blanket sink to the floor.

I started banging my head methodically on the door behind me. I really need something to cheer me up. Get me out of the slump of studying with Morgana and Damian, studying with Michele, and hunting. I was starting to get restless and for some reason I figured that wouldn't be a good thing.