Chapter 1

Steve had been called by Rachel to get to MSG (Madison Square Garden) arena in New York City...The last thing he'd heard was Rachel telling him that Marie needed him cause the FBI he sent out had come by to say they had the person who'd shot her. Steve had called Vince McMahon and asked to use the company jet, and was given permission. Now he was stuck in a damn cab trying to get to the arena, where Rachel said Marie had passed out, and had been taken to the trainer's office.

Marie could feel herself laying on something as she moved around and a pair of strong hands grabbed her hips, before she had a chance to move...and a familiar voice said, "Don't move Marie, you'll fall off the exam table." Marie's eyes slowly fluttered open as she looked down and saw John standing there with his hands on her hips holding her still.

Marie said, "What happened and why are you here?" John said, "I carried you down here after you passed out or fainted...Steve should be here any minute...I don't know what the hell happened but you scared the shit out of me...Rachel had to go do her match, so I stayed with you."

Marie moved around and John said, "You ready to sit up?" Marie nodded as he took her hands and helped her sit up. John stood watching her for a minute and said, "By the way...I just wanted to tell you before you leave...I love you too." John turned and left the trainer's room and was half way down the hall when Marie grabbed his arm and spun him around and said, "You wanna run that by me again?"

John smirked at her and said, "I think you heard me the first time..." Marie said, "John...What the hell is going on?"

John said, "Look...I tried to tell you the night you came to see me...but I couldn't get anything to come out...I don't know if you're leaving the company...hell for all I know you are leaving my dumbass to go back to Randy...Shit he's more you're type anyways...I'm just a fuckin hood rat Marie...I'm no good for you...And I sure as hell am not good enough for you either...but I can say without a doubt I do love you...I'll never stop loving you either...I just know...I'm not what you need someone more sophisticated...Someone who wears suits, not someone who only wears jeans and jerseys."

Marie looked at John absolutely stunned as he walked around her and headed to his dressing room. Marie started to go after him when she saw her father coming down the hallway as she ran down to greet him with a huge hug and started filling him in on what had happened. Then even started telling him what had happened between her and John.

Steve said, "I don't know how to explain you're know her better then I I have no far as John is concerned...He treated you right and that's the only thing I want from anyone you get involved with. So this thing is something you're going to have to decide on." Marie nodded in understanding.

Rachel, MJ and a few people from Raw (Randy, Paul and David) came up to check on her, cause they'd all seen as Marie passed out earlier and were concerned about her. After everyone walked away and the only two people left standing in the hallway was Marie and Randy.

Randy said, "So are you really ok?" Marie nodded yes as he said, "You're in love with John aren't you?" Marie said, "Afraid so...but we could test that theory real fast." Randy quirked an eyebrow at her and said, "How so?" Marie grabbed his hand and walked down and pulled him into a spare dressing room and closed and locked the door. She pushed him against the door and pulled him down capturing his lips in a kiss.

When all was said and done, Marie pulled away and said, "Nope...I just don't get the same feeling from you that I get from kissing John." Randy chuckled and said, "That was so cold." Marie said, "You'll survive...believe me...there are a few new Diva's in the company who think you're neater then sliced bread." Randy busted out laughing and said, "Neater then sliced bread?" Marie said, "What I had to cater to your ego for a second...Did it work?" Randy said, "Sure." As he gave Marie what he knew was a last time hug and kissed her cheek as he watched her walk out of his life permanently.

Now all Marie had to do was convince John she didn't want anyone else in her life but him.