Chapter 15

Rachel and Mark stood at the front of the church with Marie as the Maid of Honor and John as the Best Man as they stared in each others eyes. Rachel could just feel the love radiating off of was the best feeling in the world.

The minister said it was time for their vows and Mark insisted Rachel go first.

Rachel squared her shoulders and winked at Mark and said, "We will forever love one another and to share our most intimate thoughts. Promise to hold and cherish and value each other. We will live each day as if our last, vowing to never go to bed angry. If sorrow enters our life as things sometimes do, we pledge to one another that together we will see things through. As we grow old and we slowly begin to change we will look into each others eyes and know that what we have will never go. That with each breath we take, our love will grow. These are the words I feel and speak from my heart. Thank you is never the meaning therefore I give you my love, my protection, my support, my life...Unconditionally...Forever."

The minister then turned his attention to Mark who nodded and smiled a cute shy smile to Rachel and said, "To the one person that gives me breath, while I stand here with you, I find myself thinking about a thousand different things and wonderful thoughts that make me the luckiest one person to have ever walked the face of this earth. You are in my every thought. First of all you have taken your unconditional love and added trust, respect, compassion, lust, desire and so much more. The result of our endeavors something most people can only read in books or watch on television and therefore they can only stare with blinding envy. If you hadn't touched my heart I would have been one of those people. From this I have burning desires to live not only physically but also on the deepest, darkest part of your heart. You've given me the power, I am now the Light. Thank you is never the meaning therefore I give you my love, my protection, my support, my life...Unconditionally...Forever."

Rachel could feel the tears brimming on her eyes as the minister told Mark to kiss her. Mark pulled her veil up and kissed her lips softly and sweetly...They were FINALLY married.

At the reception, toasts were made and speeches given...Mark and Rachel never left each others arms as they danced across the floor completely content with each other for the rest of their lives.

John watched as Marie had Jonathan lying against her shoulder and chest as he walked over and said, "C'mon, I wanna dance with the most beautiful mother here." Marie smiled and said, "Okay." John carefully wrapped his arms around Marie as he danced the night away with his wife and son. They couldn't be any happier.

- -2 Months later- -

Rachel was announcing to every one she was pregnant at the Diva photo shoot in New York. Marie was the first to congratulate her of course.

After the photo shoot, Marie couldn't wait to get home...John had taken off the 2 weeks she was going to be gone for the shoot to take care of Jonathan so she wouldn't have to drag him along. Not that she didn't want to, but John didn't want her to have to stop in the middle of the shoot to handle him.

Marie walked through the front door...The house was still in one piece and was actually CLEAN. Wow...Never happen again! Marie chuckled at the thought...she closed and locked the front door as she turned the alarm on and kicked off her shoes.

Marie stopped in the kitchen...okay now it was just SCARY...No dirty dishes in the sink with fresh penicillin growing on them, the floor was clean, there was actual food made and in containers in the fridge...oh yea John's mom had been there. Marie giggled as she quietly walked around the house and went up stairs...she could hear the TV on the ESPN channel, but it was on low.

Marie nearly teared up at the sight she saw before her. John was in a white t-shirt and his jean shorts, and had fallen asleep on their bed, and he had Jonathan laying on his chest in his blue one piece...Marie walked over and turned the TV off and carefully laid next to John as she leaned over and kissed his lips softly...His eyes slowly fluttered open and smiled weakly at her...Definitely wasn't fully awake yet.

Marie leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Jonathan's head and placed her hand on John's which was on Jonathan's back rubbing softly.

John pulled Marie over with his free hand as he kissed her forehead and said, "You look like you could use the Doctor tonight."

Marie giggled as she laid her head on his shoulder and said, "Nothing heals me like you do."

The End.