Author's Notes: This is a Kurama/Hiei pairing story (my first ever, I might add). It is Kurama, Hiei, and Yusuke centered and each chapter changes POV, which is why they are so short. The prologue is the only chapter told in third person POV.

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Summary: Kuwabara is murdered by one of his teammates. Kurama and Hiei leave Ningenkai around the same time and Yusuke chases after them believing they did it. But Kurama is in his Youko form, and something seems a bit off...


1) Shounen-ai
2) Sexual implications
3) Possible OOC-ness, especially on Kurama

:The Price of Friendship:

Springtime, widely considered the prettiest of the four seasons. The beauty of the blooming flowers and trees returning to life after winter hibernation never failed to put many into a good mood. It was spring now, though the atmosphere was anything but mirthful. For these, it was a time of sadness and mourning.

A boy with slicked-back gelled black hair stood outside in the verdure air. Behind him was a small building that was the home to a friend of his. Inside the square building, a funeral was being held, but he couldn't stand being in the room any longer, no matter the funeral was for his close friend. His white shirt was un-tucked from his black pants in an almost unruly manner. Normally lively chocolate brown eyes were downcast, lacking the vibrant light that they usually portrayed. The pale pink leaves of the sakura tree next to him contrasted wonderfully with his demeanor.

A female with short brown hair walked up to his side and hugged him tearfully. He automatically placed an around her shoulder as the wind sent strands of their hair across their faces. Slowly, the pair turned and walked back inside; into the room stifling from the sadness and tears.

The boy gently led the girl to a group of women in the far corner of the room. The four females began to comfort each other as a new light began to shine in dark brown eyes. It was a powerful, raging light, a light that promised vengeance. He walked towards a taller male with eyes a lighter brown than his hair, lost in angry thought:

'I can't believe him. After all we've done for each other, for the world. How could he do this to his own teammate? What happened to honor?

'He had admitted to becoming closer to each of us. And we all believed him like the fools we are! Well fuck him! Fuck him, fuck his lies, and fuck that damned friendship I thought we shared!

'That bastard never truly changed; it was all a ploy to get on our good side; to get us to trust him. And we did. We fell for every scrap of bullshit he threw at us and never suspected a thing.

'But now we know. We know everything he did. And now I'm going to return the favor. That bastard's going to pay for the hell he put us through, for the hell he continues to put us through! I'm going to hunt him down. I'm going to find him. And I'm going to kill that son of a bitch and make him wish he'd never done this! And I know exactly how I'm going to get my information…'

The boy looked up at the teen standing in front of him. Auburn eyes full of hatred met calm caramel eyes hiding the owner's true emotion. The black haired boy turned to the coffin behind him and read the nameplate beneath the picture of his late best friend:

Kazuma Kuwabara
Age 17

His eyes revealed sorrow, pain, hurt, and anger once he faced his once boss again. He spoke in a voice carefully devoid of emotion and made all the more terrifying because of it.

"Where are they Koenma? Where are Kurama and Hiei?"

They would get theirs.

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