A/N: I had this stuck in my head—so I wrote it at about 11:30 at night; so it's short and probably not all that good. Oh well.

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Ratings: G

Genre: Romance

Warnings: shounen-ai

Main Characters: Kureno and Akito

Additional Notes: I don't know much about Kureno-kun, so please forgive me if he seems…OOC. I apologize in advance.

My Devotion

He lays there, half-covered by moon-shadows as I watch, my eyes drifting over his pale and thin frame; a ghost of a smile crosses my face as I finger his dark raven hair. I love him…far more than I should. I am too attached. I never meant for it to go this far.

He lays there, perhaps oblivious to my utter devotion, dismissing it as a formality of my position as a juunishi. Perhaps he will never have time to learn how deep my love runs; perhaps his death will mercifully release me. I am no fool—I know what business goes on between him and the Dog. I am not so much a fool as to not know, to be blinded.

But still, I love him in spite of it.

This servant-love will do, for now; this mindless devotion is all I have to call my own. I will watch him—always. I will serve him—always. I will love him—always. He is and forever will be, my god, my master-love, my devotion.


A/N: Short. I have never really done an AkitoXKure before, but I had this stuck in my head after seeing Kureno's wake up picture. I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry if Kure-kun seems OOC—I don't know much about him, really. Well anyway, please review!