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Hugh, Slayn, and Yayoi stopped outside of Hugh's apartment.

"Okay now.." Hugh said as he opened the door. "Don't touch—"

"OOH! BOUNCY BED!" Slayn said as he jumped up and down on Hugh's bed. "BOUNCY! BOUNCY! BOUNCY!"

Hugh slapped a hand to his forehead.

"Why me.." he said while shaking his head.

"Because you volunteered too.." Yayoi said.

"I did no such thing!" Hugh said.

"Yes you did.." Yayoi said.

"Did not!" Hugh said.

"Did too!" Yayoi said.

"Will you two please stop it! You're acting like little kids!" Raimy said.

"Hmph.." Hugh said while walking into his apartment. Yayoi followed.

"Hmm..nice place you got here.." Yayoi said.

"Yeah..it really has that 'homey' feeling!" Raimy said.

"..Thanks..I guess.." Hugh said. Slayn appeared before Hugh.

"What now? What now!" Slayn said energetically. Hugh sweatdropped.

"Um..I don't know.." he said.

"Well..I'll just let you two boys be for now.." Yayoi said.

"No!" Hugh said.

"Huh?" Yayoi said. "Why?"

"He's too..Well..HIM! He'll drive me crazy!" Hugh said.

"Well..learn to tame him.." Yayoi said.

"..Tame..him.." Hugh said sounding rather disgusted. "Do you know how wrong that sounded?"

"..So.." Yayoi shrugged. "After all you do know that's not what I meant.."

"Yeah..sorry.." Hugh said.

"Oh no need to apologize.." Yayoi said.

"Whatever..just go then.." Hugh said.

"I'll be back later to see how things are going.." Yayoi said.

"And I'll stay here!" Raimy said. With that Yayoi left.

"So now what? Now what! Now what! Huh! Huh! Huh!" Slayn asked bouncing up and down. Hugh sighed. "Hey! Hey! Can we invite Annette, Victor, Vincent, Orphehus, Michelle, Randolf, Barbara, Zion, and Mr. Shinkledinks over and have a P-A-R-T-Y? Huh! Huh! Huh!" Slayn asked really energetically.

"No!" Hugh said. "..Wait..Who's Mr. Shinkledinks?"

"My imaginary friend!" Slayn said.

"..Riiiight.." Hugh said stepping away from his friend. Slayn was running around the house trying to figure out what to do.

"Ooh! Can we play with this!" Slayn said holding something that looked kind of expensive.

"No!" Hugh said retrieving the object.

"Then what can we do?" Slayn asked. He then noticed a picture of a girl on the table by the couch. "Whose this?"

"None of your bussiness…" Hugh replied.

"Oh come on!" Slayn said. "Who is she?"

"Slayn its rather a touchy subject for me to get into…maybe I'll explain it a little later…maybe…" Hugh said.

"Oh alright…" Slayn said. "Say Hugh…Do you have a toaster?"

"Um…No…" Hugh said.

"Matches?" Slayn asked.

"No…" Hugh replied.



"Anything that can start a fire?"

"Get out of my house…" Hugh said.

"But…" Slayn said.

"Let's go do something outside…" Hugh suggested.

"Oh alright…" Slayn said. So they both went outside. "Ooh! A fire hydrant!" Slayn ran up to it and kicked it as hard as he could. "Oww!" He said hopping up and down. Hugh just shook his head. Slayn tried lifting it. It wasn't exactly working to his advantage…so he just gave up. Just then they heard a voice coming towards them.

"Hey guys!"

"Huh?" Hugh said. He looked towards the voice. 'Oh great…it's Annette…' he thought silently. Annette slowed down as she got closer to them.

"Hey guys! What cha doin'?" she asked.

"Staring at the ugliest thing ever!" Slayn said.

"Why Slayn! You shouldn't talk that way about Hugh! You'll hurt his feelings!" Annette said.

"…Actually…I was saying that about you…" Slayn said.

"Uh…Wha…Why I never!" Annette said as she stormed away.

"Hey Annette where are ya going! I was just getting warmed up!" Slayn said. "Oh well…Hey let's go see what Viktor is up to!"

"Um…Whatever…" Hugh said. So they walked over to Viktor's lab and entered.


"Get back here you little rats!" Viktor screamed while chasing Hugh and Slayn with a broom.

"Why? What did we do old man?" Slayn asked while running.

"You make half of lab go Kaboom!" Viktor said with anger.

"You're a scientist…fix it…" Hugh said.

"Why you little!" Viktor ran towards Hugh. He swung the broom. Hugh kept on dodging.

"Haha! You'll never be able to catch me!" Hugh said as he picked up his pace. "Haha! Aim at this old man!" Hugh said hitting his butt a few times.

"Why you!" Viktor said.

Slayn threw a chicken at Viktor's head.

"Hey! What about me?" Slayn said.

"SLAYN!" Viktor said.

"Yes?" Slayn said.

"Oh whatever…I just go back to lab and forget whole thing…but you guys stay out!" Viktor said slamming the door to his lab. Suddenly Hugh and Slayn heard something crash.

"That didn't sound too good…" Slayn said. Hugh agreed. They got out of there before they got into anymore trouble.

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