She's Having My Baby

a/n: This story takes place shortly after season 7's episode, Fragile Balance.

disclaimer: Stargate is not mine and I do this for non-profit entertainment purposes only.


Sam woke up from a dead sleep with an intense urge to vomit. Her eyes popped open and she ripped the covers off of her and rushed to the bathroom. She just barely got the seat up when she spewed the contents of her stomach into the toilet. After a few minutes of bowing to the porcelain god, Sam flushed the toilet and laid back against the wall. She was exhausted from her morning session of throwing-up. "God, what the hell is wrong with me?"she muttered to herself. This had become her morning ritual for the last three weeks, and she was seriously wondering how it was possible for the flu to last this long.

Two hours later had a very sick-looking Carter walking into the infirmary to ask Janet for something to calm her stomach.

"Oh, my, Sam, you don't look so good!" Janet exclaimed as Sam made her way over to her. Sam's face was pale, which made her blue eyes seem twice as bright as normal. Her eyelids were slightly red, and hollows appeared under her eyes.

One of the patients in the infirmary was eating his breakfast, and when the smell of eggs hit Sam's nose, her face blanched even more. She quickly looked around for something to catch what she was about to vomit. Her eyes landed on a small trash can close by and she grabbed it.

Sam, who had nothing in her stomach after her morning puke-fest, threw up yellow, foul-tasting stomach acid. The acid burned her throat and caused her eyes to water. Janet walked over to Sam and started massaging her back while Sam fought to regain control of her bodily functions.

"Sam, you shouldn't still be sick from the flu. I'm going to need to hook you up to an IV and get a blood draw, sweetie," Janet sympathetically said to her friend. Sam could only, weakly, shake her head and allow Janet to help her onto an infirmary bed.

Several hours later had Col. Jack O'Neill entering the infirmary to check on his sick 2IC. "Hey, Carter, I heard Doc Frasier had you locked up in here for the day," he said as he made his way over to her bed and plopped down in one of the chairs.

"Hi, sir. I guess that bug I caught a few weeks back is a real fighter," she responded weakly, but trying to sound cheery. She had been in the infirmary all day and was happy to have some company besides Janet and Lt. Richards, who was incredibly grouchy due to his two broken legs.

"Well, you'd better beat this thing soon, major, the scientists are going through Carter-withdrawal," Jack replied jokingly.

Sam laughed. The image of Felger needing to get his Carter-fix popped into her head and she laughed harder. "Well, I see my job here is done," Jack said, smiling proudly at putting Sam into a good mood and bringing some color back to her cheeks.

"Yes, sir, thank-you, sir. Apparently, I just needed my colonel-fix."

The words were out of her mouth before she realized what she was saying, and as soon as she did, the color that had appeared on her face, was gone again. Her face went completely pale at the implications of her words.

Jack, taken aback at Carter's bluntness, felt his face redden and realized his mouth was hanging open. 'What the hell did she mean by that,' he thought to himself. The two had become quite close in the past year, finally getting over their awkwardness around each other after the za'tarc incident a few years back. But they still never talked about their feelings for each other. In fact, they had both become so good at hiding their feelings that they both were unsure where the other stood on the whole 'feelings' issue.

"Uh, I didn't mean that like it sounded, sir," Sam finally broke the silence, trying to bring them both back to normal states.

"Ack, Carter, I knew what you meant," Jack replied, waving his hands in an attempt to hide his awkwardness. "You need me around to crack jokes and brighten your otherwise, completely-boring-to-the-point-of-rather-being-dead day."

Sam laughed again. "Yes, sir."

Just then, Janet came walking up to Sam's bed with a file in her hands and a concerned look upon her face. Sam saw the look on her face and her heart dropped into her stomach. "What is it, Janet?"

Janet looked up at Sam with her big brown eyes. Then, she turned to Jack, "Colonel, could I have a moment with Major Carter, please?"

"Of course." Jack replied, quietly. He also didn't miss the look on Dr. Frasier's face and was now more concerned than ever for his friend.

"Uh, it's ok, Janet, I actually would rather have him stay. Whatever you tell me now, I'm going to have to tell him anyways, he is my CO," Sam said, somewhat anxiously. She was worried what Janet was going to say, and felt the overwhelming urge to have Jack with her.

"Are you sure?" they both asked simultaneously.

Sam looked at them both for a moment. She could see the worried look in the colonel's eyes and knew she wanted him there with her. "Yeah, I'm sure," she answered.

"Well," Janet began. She looked worriedly from the colonel back to Sam, not knowing exactly how to tell them what the results were. "Sam, honey, I don't know how you're going to take this but……Honey, you're pregnant."

"WHAT?" Jack and Sam both exclaimed..

"Janet, that's impossible, your test is wrong. You need to retest me. There is no way," Sam rambled.

"Honey, I ran the tests three times. They were all conclusive……But, just to be sure, I'm going to do an ultrasound."

"Janet, you don't understand…," Sam stopped what she was saying and looked over at Jack, all of a sudden feeling overwhelmingly embarrassed to have him there. "Janet, I haven't been with anyone……in a long time," she finished, putting her head down as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, not wanting to see Jack's face at her confession.

Janet looked slightly dumbstruck. When she first got the test results, she didn't believe them herself. Sam was her best friend, and she was a little offended that she hadn't told her she had met someone. "Well, let's do the ultrasound, so if you're not pregnant, we can rule it out and go from there."

Sam nodded and Janet headed out of the room to retrieve the machine.

Half an hour later had Sam hooked up to the machine and an audience of men hovering in the infirmary. At the announcement of Sam's possible immaculate conception, the rest of her team and General Hammond had come down to see the results of the ultrasound. "Well, let's get started then, shall we," Janet said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as she could.

Sam, just shrugged her shoulders and smiled weakly. She really wanted to know what the heck was going on with her body. The ultrasound machine showed a little alien-looking creature and a noise permeated from the speaker. "What's that noise?"she asked.

Janet looked at the screen for a few more seconds before answering her. "That, is your baby's heartbeat."

"How?" Sam breathed, staring at the screen in disbelief.

"I don't know, sweetie," Janet replied, sympathetically. "But, from the looks of this, you are approximately 10 weeks pregnant."

"Is, is…it human?" Sam asked quietly, her blue eyes wide in wonder as she gazed at the screen.

"It is," Janet replied. "At least from what I can tell it is. It looks exactly like a 10 week old fetus is supposed to look."

"How?" Sam asked again.

"I don't know, hon," Janet answered her. She knew Sam was in a little bit of shock over this new development. "We will have to wait a few weeks, but then, we can do an amniocentesis and get more information."

Sam just shook her head in agreement, her eyes still locked on the screen.


The next few weeks, Sam's puking-fest wore off and she started craving weird combinations of food. Jack, Daniel and Teal'c were constantly finding themselves talked into running to the grocery store to pick up Sam's newest food interest. The day of the amnio soon arrived and Sam was incredibly worried. In the past week she had felt fluttering in her stomach and when she questioned Janet about it, Janet informed her that it was the baby moving. Now, every time she felt the fluttering, her hand immediately moved to her abdomen, and she felt herself falling in love with the little creation growing inside her.

The procedure was closed off to non-essential personnel. So, SG-1 and General Hammond had to spend the time pacing the hallway outside of the Operating Room.

After what, to Jack at least, seemed like forever. Janet poked her head out of the door and assured the men that everything went fine and Sam would be taken to one of the isolation rooms to rest while they waited on the results of the amnio. The four men decided to let Sam rest for a little bit, and went to get lunch before invading her peace in the iso room.

Normal results on an amnio, generally take weeks. But, in the United States Air Force, they don't have the time to wait. And, with the benefit of the Stargate Program, they didn't need to. So, the lab results were done right there at Cheyenne Mountain by a few of the best specialists in the world. And, a few hours after the procedure was done, the specialists handed all results over to one, impatient Dr. Frasier.

Once Janet had reviewed the results, she paged General Hammond and immediately headed to Sam's room. She wasn't surprised to see all of SG-1 already there keeping Sam company. "Results back, Doc?" Jack asked, somewhat nervously.

"Yes, sir, I have them right here. I'm just waiting on the general," Janet responded, patting the file in her hand and smiling at Sam, who looked unbelievably nervous in her position on the bed

"Well, I'm here, so let's get on with it," the general's voice sounded as he made his way into the room and stood at the end of Sam's bed.

"Well," Janet started, now feeling just as nervous as Sam looked. "The results are conclusive, the baby is 100 percent human." Janet stopped for a minute to gauge everyone's expressions before she continued. She really didn't want to say the next part, but, her job would be on the line if she withheld it. "The specialists even ran a DNA scan on the fetus….Sam, you are definitely this baby's mother………Uh, the specialists ran the baby's DNA against all DNA we have here on file and were able to identify the father of the baby." Janet felt her cheeks flush as she looked at each person in the room.

"Well, doctor, who's the father?" General Hammond finally asked.

"Um, well, sir, the results show that the father of Major Carter's baby is…….ah," Janet looked around the room again, trying to come up with some reason not to say the name at the tip of her tongue. Everyone in the room appeared to be 'at the edge of their seats' awaiting Janet's announcement. "It's Colonel O'Neill, sir."

"WHAT?" Everyone, excluding Teal'c, exclaimed simultaneously.

"The baby has the DNA of Major Carter and Col. O'Neill. The results are conclusive, you can see for yourselves," Janet hurriedly stated, handing the file over to General Hammond.

General Hammond skimmed the papers in his hand and, with a very beet-red face, looked up fuming at Col. O'Neill. "Care to explain this, Colonel," the general demanded, his voice calm, yet laced with venom.

Jack looked at the general with obvious fear and confusion in his eyes. He couldn't believe this was happening. HOW could this happen? Replying with the first thing he could get out of his mouth, Jack screeched, "I swear, sir, I never touched her!"