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Chapter 6:

Day 6 – A Midnight Snack and Lies


I groggily opened my eyes. It was still dark and I could just see Malfoy's face extremely close to mine. He seemed so peaceful. Almost angelic.

He breathed onto me, his breath lightly fanning my face. I closed my eyes again and settled into his warmth. I know Madam Pomfrey what's probably going through your mind right now – but the only reason I did this was because:

1. I was half asleep still and my brain was not properly functioning.

2. My legs were tangled in with his.

3. His hand was still latched onto mine and there was no way I could move away.

Honestly, this is Malfoy for Merlin's sake.

Somewhere in the midst of my drowsiness I heard Malfoy shift around and then sit up. He paused for a moment and I could imagine the thoughts running through his mind. A Weasley was actually snuggled up against him, let alone touching him. I half-expected him to push me away and start yelling at me but all he did was sigh and then sit there for a bit more with my arm still wrapped around him and his arm still holding my hand. I swear I heard him say, "I'm so stupid." Then he disentangled himself from me, got up and exited the room.

The sudden cold air that hit me when Malfoy left made me huddle closer under the covers. I tried to get back to sleep, but somewhere in the back of my mind I was wondering about Malfoy's reaction and I couldn't. Soon enough I went from half-asleep to full-blown awake.

Great. Before I could stop myself, I too had left the bedroom (grabbing my wand and saying Lumos in the process) and entered the kitchen where I found Malfoy sitting by himself next to the table in the dark, quietly munching on something. I think I must have yelped. He had surprised me. I hadn't expected him to be sitting in the dark. Though as I was beginning to find out, there were a lot of things about Malfoy that were surprising.

Malfoy coolly raised an eyebrow at me and I mumbled that he had scared me. He shrugged and I swear he motioned to the seat next to him.

"Are you asking me to sit down beside you? Don't tell me you've become all nice now." It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

"Just shut up and sit down. You make it sound like I'm doing you a favour." He grumbled. Maybe this was his way of saying thank you for last night, he couldn't not have noticed anything at all.

I sat down, placing my lit wand on the table, and looked over at what he was eating. It seemed to be… chocolate cake!

I squealed. "This is my favourite food in the whole world." I snatched his fork from him and dug into it, munching away. I smiled. If there was one thing I couldn't live without, it was chocolate cake.

Malfoy sniffed. "I believe that was my fork."

"Now it isn't. And what are you doing here sitting in the dark anyway, hmm?"

Malfoy turned away, ignoring my question.

"Fine, be like that." I continued to sit there eating and I saw Malfoy grab another fork before he continued beside me eating the cake. I was amused when I realised I don't think I'd ever seen him give in to anyone so easily and just get something for himself before. We sat there silently eating for a few minutes when I noticed Malfoy staring at me.


"Nothing, you just got a little something here." He gestured to a spot on my face.

I wiped at it, trying to get it.

"No, no. Not there, here." He gestured again. "No, no… oh just let me do it!"

And with such surprising gentleness he calmly wiped off a crumble of cake, his hand lightly brushing past my lips in the process, his face only a few inches from mine.

I gasped.

He gasped.

We paused. His lips were so close and then… "Seriously Weasley, didn't your mother teach you how to eat properly?" The spell was broken and I jerked away, annoyed with myself. There was no way he was going to, well, you know... but I couldn't believe that yet again in less than 24 hours he had willingly touched me, and this time he was awake too.

"At least I have a decent mother." I muttered.

"What was that?" he snapped dangerously and I winced. Damn, he was going to be fuming.


"I don't think it was-"

I cut him off quickly, desperate to change the subject. "You were having a nightmare before."

He looked startled and gazed at me for a moment. "No, I wasn't." He spoke quietly.

"Yes, you were. What was it about?"

"There was no nightmare. Okay, Weasley?"

"Don't be ridiculous. Everyone has nightmares, even you. You held my hand throughout the whole night, didn't you notice that when you woke up?"

"Look, just shut it Weasley." His voice rose in anger.

"I just want to help-"

"Would you just stop being such a bitch?" I jolted, amazed at his crassness. A sinking feeling began to well up inside me as I started to realise the truth. Malfoy really was a jerk at heart, there was nothing more to him. He didn't realise that anything had happened at all, or maybe he just didn't care that I happened to be holding his hand. I inwardly scoffed at myself. Who was I kidding? I'd just caught Malfoy at a bad time and I happened to be the only thing there to help him. He wasn't even awake! I shrugged off any feelings of disappointment and sent a heated glare his way.

I bit my lip. "You bastard." I hissed. "I spent all night next to you because you wouldn't let go of my hand because of your little nightmare, even though you're a complete jerk who would never do the same for me, and this is how you thank me. You really are low." I hastily pushed back my chair and rushed to my feet and out the door.

"Weasley, wait." I heard him call out from behind me.

"Just bugger off!" I yelled and slammed the door shut, locking it with my wand several times to make sure. Have fun trying to get through that Malfoy. I thought smugly.

I kicked the ground in frustration. I'd won that fight at least, but it sure didn't feel like it. I climbed into bed, trying to get back to sleep once more, only to find that a certain Slytherin was very prevalent in my thoughts.

On opening my bedroom door the next morning and entering the kitchen, I saw that Malfoy was already there.

I stomped into the room, still mad, and furiously cut myself some pudding.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you were imagining that that's me." He spoke calmly, gesturing to the pudding.

"Get lost." I grounded out.

"Hey, don't you think that I should be the one angry here. I had to spend all night asleep on the couch."

"Deal with it." I slammed my plate onto the table and sat down. "And if my memory serves me correctly, you were the one who started the fight in the first place."

"Typical Gryffindor, you're so stubborn and you always have to be in the right."

"Better than being a deceitful snake." I glowered at him and then stopped myself, here we were yet again fighting with each other like none of us had any intelligence whatsoever.

"Look, I'm tired of fighting Malfoy. Let's just stay away from each other, okay? Otherwise we'll end up killing each other."

He looked at me with an unreadable expression in his eyes. "Fine. Let's just stay away from each other." He echoed.

So for the rest of the day we stayed as far away from each other as possible. If I was in one room, he'd be in another. I barely saw him at all, and considering there were only four rooms in the whole place including the bathroom, it was quite amazing.

I'd try to keep myself pre-occupied throughout the day, but no matter what my thoughts would just keep returning to Malfoy. Why did he just have this incredible ability to irritate me so much? But the more I thought about it the more I noticed something – maybe Malfoy was just acting nasty because he was trying to compensate for allowing himself to showme a sign of his weakness. I cheered up at the thought. I just had to get him to open up to me. But then I just shook my head at the thought. Why did I want to know more about him anyway?

Because maybe I like him.

I froze at the thought, which occurred just as I was getting ready for bed. Or more precisely, this happened, as I was standing half-naked in the bedroom, about to put on my pyjamas. That is completely preposterous.

And then, as if seeing me naked yesterday wasn't enough, Malfoy walked in.

He groaned in what was clearly disgust and turned away. I slumped my shoulders and continued slipping on my pyjamas. He obviously thought that I was hideous.

"Are you decent?" I heard him call.

"Yes." I slipped into the bed.

He came in and I saw him pull out his pyjamas and begin to change. I quickly closed my eyes and hid my head under the blanket, but not without getting a good look at his muscular chest. He eventually lay down on the bed next to me, and I could not help but compare the closeness of the night before to our current distance.

But than night also dug up another memory that I had tried to forget, because for the first night since I had been stuck with Malfoy, I dreamt. I dreamt of those astonishing events that had transpired almost one and a half years ago. Those events that still today I could not believe had occurred. I dreamt of that night at the Yule Ball.

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