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Summary: Itachi is a vampire; each night he chooses a human to feed himself until the day he met his next prey, a young girl that kicked his ass for trying to suck her blood. What will Itachi do with her?

Pairings: Itachi/Sakura/Sasuke

Bold: Inner Sakura

Italic: Characters thought

Chapter 1: His Prey

In the night, Itachi wondered around Konoha. He was walking on the street until he saw a girl, alone in the park. She was beautiful, she had long pink hair reaching her waist and emerald eyes. She wore a red top with baggy jeans and she had perfect curves. The girl was sitting on the fountain looking at her reflection. He silently appeared behind her. The girl turned her head to him but as she did, she froze. Her eyes widened. He was a total hunk, his black hair tight to a ponytail with those dangerous red eyes, his face was very pale and he was muscular too. He wore a black shirt with tight jeans.

"Would you like to come with me?" he asked her with a dead sexy look.

"Are you kidding me? Who would go with a stranger? Do I look like a dumb girl to you? Well you've guessed wrong buddy!" She screamed. "WTF? I was only asking but to tell the truth no woman has ever yelled at me, not even my mother. She has guts. No wonder she didn't drool over me like the others, quite interesting. I think that I finally found my prey, for tonight." Itachi smirked evilly to her. She shivered a bit. "What was that smirk? Did I just see fangs? No it can't be! He's a…" She stepped away from him. "She finally discovered. It's time to start the chase." She started to run to the direction of her apartment.

She arrived home safely, unharmed. Locking her door, she sat down on the floor, relief. "He's a vampire, those fangs!" She tried to calm herself. The girl opened the window to take some fresh air, from outside. "Calm down no need to panic his not here anymore…" She steps away from the opened window, sitting on her bed she saw a shadow leaning on her window.

"Yo!" he simply said to her. "NO WAY HE FOLLOWED ME?" She panicked again but this time she fell down from her bed. As she was getting up he was already in front of her.

"How did you get in here?"

"The window" he answered. "I'm so stupid! Why didn't I close the window?"

"H…How did you followed me!"

"When a vampire is attracted to something, they can follow it after smelling their scent."

"NO WAY!" He bent down to her. Itachi touched the left side of her neck wanting to taste her. "Mmm…she smells delicious…" The girl smacked his hand off her neck.

"Don't even think about it!"

"Hn…" Itachi took her hand threw her on the bed. He pinned her down holding her wrists. Now he was on top her. He leaned his head on her neck ready to bite her as he wanted to, the phone rang.


"Hi! Sakura-chan! It's Naruto! Tomorrow you wanna go to Hinata's? She's baking some chocolate cake for us! Then see ya! Take care!" "Wait Naruto! Don't hang up!"


"NO! Baka!" She turned her head to Itachi who was looking at her.

"So your name is Sakura nice to meet you. Mine's Itachi." Sakura's heart was beating fast because Itachi's mouth was only an inch from her neck. He let one of her hand go and with his hand he touched her porcelain skin. "So soft…" His tongue licked her delicious neck. Sakura struggle trying to get away from him but he was on her. She tried to take something on the table, close to the bed. Without Itachi knowing, she took her lamp and hit him very hard on the head. He fell on the floor, unconscious. Sakura walked to the vampire. She took a baseball bat ready to hit him in case he would wake up but he didn't. She bent down to him looking at his face. "What should I do?" With one of her finger she touched his cheek. "For a vampire his cute…I can't run away from him."

Itachi woke up in the morning; the room was dark without sunlight. He noticed that he was tight up on a bed with ropes. His vision was blurry and his head was hurting him. "What happened last night? Shit I remember that bitch knocked me out! I'm so stupid! How could I lose my guard off? I was too busy licking her neck." He gasped as heard footsteps coming near him. In the dark stepped the same girl as yesterday.

"How are you doing?" "He's not real only an illusion!"

"What do you think? My head is killing me…"

"It's not my fault if you tried to bit me." Sakura walked to him. "Come closer." She stopped as she was 1 meter away from him.

"What did you stop?"

"If I come closer to you…you'll bit me…" "Calm down Sakura."

"How can I? Don't you see I'm tight up?"

"You have nails that can cut anything…you could easily cut the ropes."

"I see you have done your homework. Why didn't you run away from me when I was unconscious? " he asked.

"What's the point of running away? You would go after me again wouldn't you?"

"Hn… certainly."

"So that's why I didn't run away I would only be wasting my energy." Itachi untied himself.

"It seems like you understand." He sat on the bed. Sakura walked to the window. She opened the curtains showing the sunlight but it didn't affect Itachi.

"The sunlight didn't affect you?" "It can't be!"

"Normal vampires would be but not me."

"Why?" she asked furiously.

"I'm stronger then those weaklings. I possess royal blood. Only who possess it can resist the sunlight."

"Royal blood?"

"HN…I'm the king… ruler of the vampires." "He's a what! OMG! I hit the king of the dark creatures! Hell yeah I did! What should I do! Maybe it's only imagination! Yes that's it I'm only seeing things!" Sakura walked to Itachi who was sitting on the bed. She took a risk to approach him even if she knew he would bite her. She put her hands on his cheeks. She moved her hands to his mouth opening it making sure she wasn't seeing things as she did she saw his fangs. "SHIT! I WASN'T SEEING THINGS! THEY'RE REAL! REAL!"

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Y…You're indeed a real vampire?"

"Of course…" said Itachi wrapping his hands around her shoulders.

"What are you…" before she could finish her question, he interrupted her.

"You know what? You're the first woman who ever hit me and screamed at me. I like it when you're mad. It shows me your guts but let's see if you can keep this for long?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You'll see." He took something out of his jeans. It was a black necklace. Something was written on it like some kind of seal. Sakura tried to break his hold as she did he put the necklace around her neck. Itachi let her go and did some hand seals. Blue dark chakra surrounded the necklace.

"Why is it?" Her body became too heavy to support itself so she fell on her knees.

"The necklace drained your chakra and gives it to me."

"You bastard…" she whispered.

"How long will you last until you pass out?"

"Tch…" she glared at him. Sakura's vision became blurry and her mind started to black out. "Soon." "I can't give up now! Don't pass out Sakura! Stay awake…."

"I can't…"

"Are you giving up?"

"No…Not yet." She was now dizzy. "Finally…" she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Itachi picked her up and looked at her. Sakura's pink hair covered her face as he slowly pushed them away showing her lovely face. He smiled at her cuteness. "Mine…"

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