Warnings: Characters are OC and I make a lot of grammar mistakes.

Bold: Inner Sakura

Italic: Characters thought

Chapter 12: Bloodlust

Water… She could feel herself drowning. Her green orbs stared at the surface. Her vision was blurry. She lifted her hand as she went deeper into the lake. She wanted to reach for her angel, the one who brought her here. Her salty tears mixed with the calm soft water.

From the surface, he could see her hand trying to reach for his. His eyes became redder than usual. He had a murderous sight. He roughly pushed his enemy to the ground and dove into the water. He reached for her little frame and wrapped his muscular arms around her. Spreading his wings wider, he flew out of the lake, causing a huge splash.

Landing, he laid her on the ground. His big palm rubbed her cheeks. Slowly and weakly, a smile lightened her face. Just feeling the skin rubbing against her, she knew who it was. His scent reached her nose, his warm masculine scent. She felt so safe around him even if their surroundings weren't safe at all. Her eyes opened to only meet his crimson orbs.

Deidara, who painfully lifted himself from the ground, noticed that Sasori had beaten Sasuke. A smirk came across his face as he heard Sasuke's scream.

The scream had awakened the couple. Both of them turned to see Sasuke unconscious on the ground. Sakura grabbed Itachi's shirt and closed her eyes tightly. Itachi's eyes widened as his sibling lay in a sea of blood. His anger rose. He bared his long white fangs at the enemies.

"Sakura, stay." he ordered her with a voice that made her whole body shiver with fear. Never had she heard him with that voice. Her hands wanted to stop him but it was too late. He had already appeared next to Sasori and knocked him out cold. As Sasori was unable to moved, Itachi kicked him and kept kicking him until blood came out from his mouth.

As Sasori's last breath came out, Itachi stopped his assault and walked to Deidara who stepped forward. Sakura wanted to stop Itachi but a pain surged from her neck. She fell on the sand. She curled herself into a ball and trembled with pain. Her necklace was the source of her immense pain. It was Itachi. He had warned her but she did not listen to him. He was going out of control.

He wanted Deidara dead. He wanted to see him bathed with blood, begging for mercy and dying slowly but painfully. He smirked as his opponent. The battle started from now.

Sakura held her now red necklace. It was draining her chakra. Itachi was taking her chakra in order to confront Deidara. She knew it but couldn't do anything… because she was a slave. A slave is to give her life to her master. Her eyes stared blankly at the fight. They were ready to tear each other apart. They hit each other, slash and dug their nails into their skin. (A/N: Reminds me of girl fights… Ah)

Her eyes moved to Sasuke who lay on the ground, unconscious. She pitied him. He didn't deserve that torture. It was her fault. She was the one who was weak. Slowly she crawled to him as her pain only increased. Her small hand caressed his raven hair when she curled next to him. He reacted at her soft and warm touch with a smile. Blood tainted her clothes but she could care less. His blood made her head dizzy. The scent was strong but still, she stayed with him.

His weak voice rang in her ears. "Guess you won the bet." Her emerald orbs looked at his closed eyes.

"No I didn't, you told me I could get out with help."

"Tch. You're such a moron. I made that thing up."

"You BASTARD! You dirty-"

"Something amazed me… I thought you'd never get out but I was wrong. I thought Itachi was going to keep you like the other slaves he has. He never gives them anything but clothes and food. They have no freedom. The castle is a prison for them. But you, he lets you go outside the castle's walls. You must be really something to have caught his attention. He had never showed any affection to any body not even our parents…" Sakura smiled.

"So much for being injured, you talk more than usual. Are you sure you didn't get hit on the head." Sasuke chuckled. Suddenly, a large explosion echoed, making the sand tower over them.

Sasuke quickly held Sakura's hand but he felt her hand slip away from his. Once the sand cleared the surroundings, Sakura was in Deidara's hold, his nails digging into her neck, lifting her in midair. She choked and cursed the man in front of her.

"Let her go." Itachi deep and emotionless voice rang into her ears. She turned her head to him and saw red everywhere. He was on his knees and he was bleeding. He must've gotten that injury when the big explosion occured. Sakura gasped at the hole in his stomach and struggled against Deidara's grasp but he only increased the pressure of his hold. A sudden thought just came though her mind. She stopped all her movement and lifted her knee only to bring it down roughly into Deidara's little friend. (AN: Between the legs) He dropped her and screamed. He fell on the ground and rolled from side to side. Glaring at him, Sakura ran to her man.

"Itachi… are you alright?" Her hands supported his hard and heavy frame. He didn't answer her but only looked into her emerald orbs. Her arms embraced him and tears rolled down her soft cheeks.

"I'm sorry… I shouldn't have come here… This is my entire fault…" She sobbed and held him closer to her. His bleeding only increased by seconds. He couldn't survive. She stared at his blood pooling down. BLOOD! That was it, only if she could get him some… She un-wrapped her arms and pushed her hair behind her. She placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him towards her neck. His lips touched her soon not to be flawless skin.

"Drink." She ordered him but he refused. His weak body tried to push her away but she held him. She took one of his claws and slid her skin open. Her blood smelled so delicious. It smelled so sweet and fresh. His eyes quickly turned flashy red and his fangs stretched longer.

"That's good…" she whispered into his ears.

"SAKURA! Stop this insanity! Itachi will devour you alive!" Sasuke screamed but she ignored his warning as Itachi roughly licked her blood away.

"Go on…" Sakura tilted her head from aside that let Itachi have full access to her neck. When he would hesitate, she would encourage him. Finally, his long and sharp fangs dung into her sensitive skin. His arms wrapped her small waist and squeezed her to have more blood. The heavy smell of her delicious blood filled his nose. It was dripping down from her neck and his mouth. He didn't want to waste a single drop. For the first time, Itachi was greedy… The necklace turned black.

Countless seconds had passed since he dug his fangs into her. She was turning pale and her head was spinning. Her hands landed on his chest and tried to push him away but he refused. Her pants and cries were only mere useless noises to his ears. All he could hear was her blood traveling in her veins and the beating of her heart. He noticed the rate of her beating but chose to ignore it. He couldn't stop drinking. He was obsessed with her blood.

His wound was already closed and still, he feed himself on her. A single salty tear dropped on his eyelids making aware of the situation. His red eyes open only to see a ghostly Sakura. Once he stopped drinking, her body leaned against his. Her skin was cold and her breathes were heavy.

"Thank goodness your wound has healed." Her serene voice reached his ears.

"Foolish woman, why are you always so careless?" His hands held her now numb and weak frame.

"I… Love..."