Full Summary: Uchiha, Sasuke, one of the richest boys in the school, and most popular, with his looks and charisma girls will fall for him big time! But not to Haruno, Sakura, the popular, the perfect ideal girl in school, for her, Sasuke is a JERK... They always have this cat fight, or should we say, child like fight? But when Sasuke and his pals bet that with in two months she'll fell in love with him, he wins! But, what if he's the one who falls in love with her? Can we call the Great Uchiha Sasuke a ONE LOSER?
Declaimer:I DON'T OWN NARUTO. :)

Deal With Me
The Meeting of Money

Vrooom… Vrooom…

Sakura looked to back where he can see two cars and two black motor bikes racing each other. The sound of the engine truely disturbs her a lot. They nearly kill people in that speed! Her eyes twitched and that bothered her so much, those boys again…


She shrieks and moved fast to the side of the road with her friends. They nearly killed them! One of the motorbikes stopped and went back to where the pink haired girl is, she heard him grunt inside his helmet and loud engine of his motorbike.

"Are you blind or what?" the motorbike driver asked.

"You, you," Sakura started keeping her temper low as possible. He heard her best friend, Ino, already cursing and being pulled back by TenTen and Hinata. "Bastard!" she violently exclaimed. "I'm not blind, how rude!" she pointed a finger to him and posed like a karate kid.

"You know what…" he started as he pulls out his helmet. His onyx eyes, and raven hair that goes back like a chicken's butt, his mysterious calm face… Oh, he's a God for some girls, except for Sakura and her friends. "You're starting to get in my nerves, Pinky." He added with a smirk. Sakura blinked once, twice and trice.

"And you know what, Sasuke," Sakura started as she walked toward him and his bike. Sasuke got out and stand next to his bike with an annoying smirk. Sakura smiled sweetly and



"Oh my God! My bike!" Sasuke exclaimed nervously and he pulls his motorbike up again, Sakura laughed, it feels good when she just kicked his bike down, especially with that kind of expression, she feels proud of herself now.

"Hey, Uchiha. Aren't you a bit old for those toys? And besides, school ground isn't a play ground for you..." Sakura noted. Sasuke glared at him and growled.

"You'll pay for this…"

"What? I didn't hear you?" Sakura asked mocking him with her soft voice and cocky smile.

"You'll pay big time!"

"Sure! I'll go get my credit card." Sakura exclaimed with a smirk.

"I don't need you money, geek!" Sasuke exclaimed. After his mouth shut, Sakura's mouth opened up a bit, she really didn't expect that. She closed her mouth and her eyes twitched.

"You called me what?"

"You heard me, GEEK!" Sasuke exclaimed again sticking his tongue out. "You're a geek with geeky friends and a tomboy. You're forehead is so wide and bright!" he added making her shake from madness.

"You are a bastard!" she exclaimed kicking his bike harder than the last one.

"No!" Sasuke exclaimed that echoed in the whole school yard, it even made birds fly from the trees, even louder than the school bell that just rang. (Weird. O.o)

Ding Dong Ding Ding…

Sakura seats beside the window where she can see the huge yard of their school, she sighed and started to listen to her teacher. She take down notes and reads them after she write it down. Then some one threw a spit ball at her back. She turns her head swiftly and saw Sasuke smirking with Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru who laughs. She greeted her teeth and turns her head to her friends that sited far away from her. She sighed and just gave him a deadly glare. Sasuke torn a piece of paper and doodles, then when he finished he held it up and it's a doodle of a wide head girl who's been eaten by a huge cockroach. She raised an eye brow and her legs starting to feel itchy and odd… She looked down and saw a battalion of…

"COCKROACHS!" she exclaimed. Kakashi sensei turn his head immediately and spotted Sakura who's jumping up and down and Sasuke and his group laughing and pointing at the prey.

"Haruno! Uchiha!"

Detention room was quite and empty. You could see the two mortal enemies, sitting in between of two chairs. They now have a deadly game of glaring-till-someone-snap-first. Sakura hated the raven haired teen as for Sasuke he despite the pink haired teen as well. They never had something to agree on; they fight and tease each other. Everyday they will give their best verbal fight for everyone to hear and who ever loses is the loser.

"I hate you." Sakura murmured. While Sasuke's far from her chair heard her.

"I hate you more." Sasuke shot with a smirk. Sasuke took that seat so Sakura won't reach him and may tear him into pieces. He knows how the Sakura tempers swing and how ugly horrible it looked like when she looses her mood and goes wild. Everyone said she's so perfect. She's nice to everyone and to anyone except him, obviously. She is smart, every teacher likes her, Sasuke knows she is but she always outsmart her if it comes to crazy practical jokes to humiliate her.

"I hate you most!" Sakura exclaimed a sentence that didn't even made sense. Sasuke is the last person that Sakura wants to be with at this point. She hates everything about him, because that 'everything' is his ego, cocky attitude and his God like appearance. Sasuke is rich, sometimes Sakura saw Sasuke pays a teacher to pass him on his exam. His attitude is downward rude, he even steals candy from a kid, well, that was Sakura's point of view.

"Well, I hate you even if I don't hate you!" he gave a successful smirk and crossing his arms in his chest.

"… Oh yeah? Well, I hate you even I… I…I don't know you!" Sakura shot back and sat with a grunt. Sasuke just snickered and looked at Sakura.

"You're in my nerves and I think you're cute." Sasuke smirk. Sakura turned her head with her eyes all widen.

"You think I'm what?"

"A geek."


"Okay, people, calm down." Gai sensei interrupts the cat fight and closed the door behind him. "Five more minutes kiddies." He took a seat in front of them. Then he blabbed about youth and more of his childhood memories. Great, now Sakura's stuck with a bastard a guy who kept on telling his oh-so-called adventures in life.

After five minutes of deadly glare at each other detention is now finish. Sasuke happily jumped out from the room like he's a prisoner that bailed out. Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru are waiting for him outside the room, they collect themselves when Sasuke popped out.

"Hey, how's detention?" Naruto asked with a wide annoying grin.

"It's fucking hell, I tell you." Sasuke answered with a smirk and turn his head to Sakura. "Cause there's this devil inside." Neji chuckled when he saw Sakura with her friends, TenTen, Ino and Hinata.

"Yeah, with her little baby devils I'd say." Neji said. TenTen threw him a very scary glare as she walked towards him, shoving her finger under his nose pointing at him.

"Listen, Hyuga. I am a devil but not a baby? Got it? Because I'll rip your balls out if you mention that again!" TenTen threatened him. Neji just laughed and smirked annoyingly to her.

Neji squatted down to Tenten's face level and smirked. "Baby."

"EEENG! Sorry, wrong answer!" TenTen exclaimed crossing her arms making an X as she kicked… his… private property. Neji gasped while his hands is covering TenTen's target, and all he can say is:

"Mmf…" he's face is all red. His manhood is hurt. He wobbled and fell on his knees, oh the horrible pain right now is making the girls smile.

"Ouch, that gotta hurt." Shikamaru said while they laugh at him.

"Shut the crap, let's… lets— ahg, let's go." Neji said while his knees are facing each other as he walk and his friends laugh at him.

"Neji will never have kids now!" Naruto joked sliding his hands at the back of his head. He noticed the purple haired girl, concerned to her cousin. "Hinata-chan shouldn't be worried. Neji will be fine," he smiled. He got her attention now; her eyes flickered and looked back down to her feet.

"But Naruto-kun, you said he'll never have kids in that rate," Hinata nervously said. Hinata is always nervous like she drank a pale of coffee that always makes you alert, but for Hinata her coffee for today is Naruto.

"Hinata-chan is so nice," Naruto laughed a bit and run after his friends. Hinata turn her head to look, staring at his back as he walks away. But today is not an ordinary conversation between them, this time, Naruto looked back to her and grinned.

Locker Hallway

"I think that Pink haired girl likes you." Naruto said as he throws his books inside his locker.

"Who? That Haruno girl?" Sasuke asked while he put his things with care.

"Yeah, I guess Naruto's right." Neji butted in as he put his stuff properly.

"Geez, all you can do is talking about trouble some girls," Shikamaru whined as he lazily throw his books and note books inside his locker.

"How bout we make a deal?" Sasuke added that made them all turn to him. He closed his locker and leaned on the wall with his awesome cool smirk.

"What deal?" Naruto asked walking near him.

"That with in two months I can make that Pink haired girl fall in love with me…"

"Gimme a break! She's not a bitchy like. Plus her personality and the way she thinks about boys are way far from Ino." Shikamaru whined again.

"That's a good one." Naruto said excitedly.

"What did I tell you, nice thinking huh?" Sasuke praised himself.

"Sure, if you wont you lose. Bu t if she did fall in love with you with in two months," Neji added as he turns his head to his other pals. "You win."

"It's a deal."

At the library

"Hachu!" Sakura sneezed loudly while she reads some books that pushed away before she sneezed.

"Shhhhh!" the librarian take action as Sakura only smiled and laugh nervously.

"Heheh, sorry." She apologized and they return to their work. She scratches her nose and wonders.

Back to the boys

"Heh, that'll be so easy for me!" Sasuke calmly.

"I'll bet you'll lose." Shikamaru butted in.

"Yeah, Sakura-chan is not like that." Naruto added. Sasuke cursed under his breath and stopped walking.

"Fine, 1,000 Yen for each of you, if I lose, and if you guys lose, 1,000 Yen from each of you. " Sasuke added the conditions.

"All right, game!" Naruto started bouncing from excitement.

Back to Sakura with her pals in the hall way

"Try my cookies, Sakura-chan." Hinata offered while she gave Sakura a bag of cookies.

"It's great I tell you!" Ino said delightful as she put her things inside her locker and taking her thick math book out and started cursing about their homework due tomorrow. Sakura smiled and took one from Hinata's pink cookie container. Sakura pulled out a bear with heart and gave a cute aw.

"This looks yummy and cute, it made me feel bad for I am about to it such cute thing," she giggles. "Good thing you remembered me. Thank you!" she bit it and "Ouch!" she exclaimed sticking her tongue out.

"Why? What's the matter?" TenTen asked.

"I bwith mey tongue…"

Author's note: this is the edit version of Deal with Me. I'll be working on to the other next chapter before I update it. I surely need to say thanks and apologize to keep every reader waiting for my fic to update; now I only have few readers left. It's almost two years since Deal with Me published I guess it's time to end it and fix the typo-s and edit the earlier chapters. Thanks again.