Authors Note: I know

Authors Note: I know. What's everyone is thinking, "WTF. She updated. For real?" yes for real. It's about time I continue to write. I keep writing new stories and not finishing the old ones. Sorry if it took year to update. I'll try and keep my schedule for you Deal With Me supporters.


The Secret Way to say I Love You

TenTen darted up from her bead, sweating. She had a dream of Neji again. Confessing his love.

"Ew." She grumbled and jumped out from the bed. She looked at her digital clock, it's four in the morning. She scratches her head and recall what happened yesterday. Yes, she heard him with her two ears; the boys are playing games on Sakura. But what would she do.


Haruno residence, where you could see hearts and hear smooches.

Sakura went down stairs for breakfast. She took her sit and ate her cereal.

"More coffee my love?" Mrs. Haruno asked her husband.

"Yes please my sugar plum," answered Mr. Haruno and kissed his wife.

"Don't be such a tease, honey bunny," Mrs. Haruno giggled. Sakura gagged inside her mouth, yes that was gross, but seeing her mom and dad too sweet and smooch each other and weird names is like a teenager's worst nightmare.

"Ew, why are you suddenly too sweet on each other?" Sakura asked.

"Today is our anniversary," Mr. Haruno answered happily looking at Sakura. "Isn't that right my luvvy wavvy?" Mrs. Haruno giggled and nodded to Sakura.

"So we'll be having dinner out tonight, we'll be home late. You'll be alright by yourself wont you dear?" Sakura nodded. She's always been alone in home, there are only counted times when her parents are there, and this was the first time she knew her parents anniversary, since she barely chat with them. The doorbell rang, once, goes twice, Sakura rolled her eyes, she doesn't expect any of her parents to open it since they're busy. "Yes?" she swung open the door. No one's there. She looked down and saw a teddy bear. A huge one. "Ooh so cute!" she giggled bending down to reach the over sized teddy bear.

"Like it?" someone asked. Sakura looked up, she saw Gaara with his smirk.

"GAARA-SAN!" she almost jumped. "For a moment, I thought this is from Sasuke. Crap."

"Thought I could give you a present since you've been really nice to me," Gaara smiled a bit. "So, do you like it?"

"This is nice of you, Gaara-san, but, I think I cannot accept this-"

"C'mon, it's just a token of gratitude," he smiled wider. He got a point. He didn't even confess his love for her or anything. She nodded. Why won't she take it in the first place? Oh yeah, Sasuke goes green in jealousy.

"Yo, Saku-chan," Sasuke greeted still outside of the open gates. He's wearing the school uniform for summer, his white polo isn't tucked in and some buttons are loose. Sakura blushed, for the first time he saw Sasuke, she never see him hot or cool nor his good charms. She started to wonder if all his fan girls are hypnotized or cursed or even robots and sometimes she thinks she's abnormal.

"Ja, see you at school, Sakura-san," Gaara waved goodbye that snapped Sakura and kept her self from almost drooling.

"Bye bye," she waved as well. Gaara bowed a bit when he walks beside Sasuke, meanwhile, Sasuke gave no shit about bowing, just glare and raising an eyebrow is enough. "Good morning, Sasuke-kun," Sakura smiled. Sasuke returned his eyes to her and nodded a bit. "Wait for a sec. kay? I'll be back with my things." Sakura smiled and grabbed the stuffed animal. She gapped a bit and sighed.

Sasuke watches her and chuckled a bit. He rested his body and head to the orange bricks in the gates. He remembered, he still doesn't know what to do with that TenTen. What if she blurts it out? She mistook everything wrong, he maybe likes Sakura. Not sure with his feelings but he does. He wiped his sweat at his forehead darn it's really getting hot this past few days. "Sakura's special now."

"Here!" she said cutely that made Sasuke heart beat thump. He's eyes widen.

"Crap did she heard that?" he asked himself. It is really obvious that this boy hasn't been in love in his life. He blushed. He looked down and notices Sakura's mini skirt, he turned red, he hasn't seen her legs without the school required long black socks. "W-w-w-will-" Sasuke gulped. "Will you ride in my motor bike in those?"

"In those what?" she asked innocently. Steam came out from Sasuke's ears and pointed out Sakura's skirt. "Ooh. Don't worry, I wear very cute panty," she grimaced that made Sasuke's nose bleed. "I bought it with the girls last week summer. It was really cute, I think I'll go shopping again in the same place I bought them," she giggled and noticed Sasuke, he's sweaty, red and has a nosebleed. "Sasuke-kun! Are you okay?!" she panicked.

"Y-y-yeah, I guess the heat has gotten into my head," he answered wiping his blood on his nose. He remembered once he had a girlfriend that asked him out for shopping in the under garments section, he didn't turn red, he didn't had a nose bleed, only thing on his mind at that time was perverted stuff. But why is he embarrassed with Sakura now? "Should we go now?" he asked and Sakura nodded. He holds Sakura's things while she climbed in his motor bike and this is Uchiha Sasuke's lucky day. He catches a glimpse of Sakura's so called cute panty! He turned white as sheet and passed out.



Sasuke groaned when he opened his eyes. He could feel the icy feeling on his head; he took and saw it's an ice pack. He sat up and recognizes the living room of the Haruno's.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun, you're up," Sakura said. She's wearing a yellow sleeveless top and pink skirt; she's holding a tray of orange juice. "Here, drink up," she gave him a glass of the cold juice and sat next to him. "Sasuke-kun, are you feeling okay now?" she asked.

"Yeah," Sasuke answered after he drank. He checks out the time on his wrist watch and saw it's already almost eleven. "We missed school?" he asked Sakura.

"Yeah, dad brought you in and mom called school for us before they left," Sakura answered. "What happened? Why'd you passed out?"

Sasuke blushed again. Should he tell her the reason? He drinks more of the juice and placed it on the tray in front of them. "Ikindasawyoursocalledcutepanties," he grumbled low and fast.



"Sasuke-kun please talk clearer."

"I kinda saw your so called cute panty and passed out, okay?" he sighed. He felt like a kid who admitted his own crime. Sakura suddenly laughed loud. He turned and looked at her. She was laughing like she's not so lady like like always. "What's funny? Shouldn't you be hitting me right now?" he asked. Sakura almost stop laughing, wiping her formed tears.

"Idiot, I was wearing short shorts. Mom bought it for me," she started laughing again. Ooh. Right shorts.


After Sakura and Sasuke talked about anything back when they are kids (Sasuke didn't dare to talk about his older brother), Sakura and Sasuke went out for a walk. If they want to have a heat stroke they'll stay inside the house of course. They ate at a café. Sakura ordered 3 scoop of banana split ice cream that amazed Sasuke when she ate it all up. They went to the park for air. They went back to the spot when they cut classes just to hang out together.

Sasuke spread his legs and arms wide at the grass as they both lay there and eyes shut.

"Sasuke-kun," she called and open her eyes. She rolled to his side. Sasuke grunted as response but not opening his eyes, "would you like to hang out at the shrine festival this weekend?" she asked.

"Sure, the guys won't mind hanging out with you and the others," he answered continuing his peace in his closed eyes.

"No," she added. "I mean just the two of us?" Sasuke opened his eyes. Darting his view to Sakura. She was blushing.

"Feels like she's taking my heart away, pieces by pieces for just a day," Sasuke said to himself, clenching his hands at his chest as he can hear his heart thumps fast and loud, face is red again. "I'd love to," he answered.

"Great," Sakura smiled rolling back and closing her eyes again. Sasuke in the other hand stared at her; he just got himself asked out to chill in the festival just the two of them.


Sasuke just walked to the shrine festival. He's wearing a plain white shirt and pants with slippers. He took his phone and sends Sakura a message that he's there already. He's obviously happy and excited, he couldn't help himself smile all the way he walked from his condominium, even when he rides the bus, girls glared at her and started laughing, and he didn't care. He was thirty minutes early for what they planned. His smile grew wider when he remembered that he stayed out late at Sakura's house, the day he fainted, until Sakura receive a call from her mom who's going home already. He remembered his arms around her while watching a movie, boy; he's like a kid who just got himself a candy. Now, he's going to have a bigger candy, they'll hang out together, alone, watching the fireworks together. He chuckled.

"Oh! Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed and run towards him with Shikamaru.

"Naruto?" Sasuke gulped. He didn't expect Naruto and Shikamaru to be here. Crap, he has to lose them before Sakura comes. "What are you doing here?"

"We should ask the same question. Though you have plans already?" Shikamaru asked.

"Y-yeah, this is my 'plan'."

"But we asked you to come earlier at school," Naruto pointed out. Sasuke remembered, he didn't let them finish because he hurried home and get ready. He's excited remember?

"Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you'll come here so I said no," Sasuke scratches his head.

"So, how are you and Sakura?" Naruto asked putting his both hands at the back of his head and a foot resting on his leg.

"Don't know bout you guys, but the deal is off," Sasuke answered that made the two boys shock.

"Really? Well thank God you told us that," Shikamaru said grimacing. Sasuke looked at them trying to find an answer.

"It's really obvious; none of your acting to be fake. You are in love man." Sasuke smiled.

"Shikamaru" someone yelled. The three turned around and saw Hinata, Ino and Sakura. The three was amazed when they saw the girls wearing their yukata.

"Sorry, bumped into them," Sakura said scratching her hair that was knotted with a chopstick.

"Yeah, I saw the others too," Sasuke said and started staring at each others eyes. Then snapped when they realized what they are doing. "You look… amazing."

Sakura giggled and thanked him. Then she remembered something when she bumped into Ino and Hinata on her way.

"Guys, I think I'm falling. We're losing the war," Sakura said sadly. This is started as revenge on the boys. She bowed to apologize. "I'm very sorry! If you won't talk to me it's alright, but I can't help the feelings right now." The two stared each other weirdly and giggled. "What's so funny? I already said sorry."

"Sakura, it's really obvious isn't it?" Ino said.

"Love is love," Hinata added.

"You are fooling no one with your act Sakura," Ino said. "Once you fall in love you cannot stop showing it. So go for it."

Sakura and Sasuke looked up in the sky where the fireworks are already in. The fireworks display is very pretty. She blinked and remembered. Go for it. She looked at Sasuke and slipped her hands in his. Sasuke felt a warm soft hand one his. He looked at Sakura, she's watching the fireworks smiling and cheeks tinted pink. Sasuke blushed as well, and then closed his hands holding Sakura's hands with care.

In this night, they just both confessed their feelings for each other. Secretly.