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The Aphrodisiac Chronicles

In a long list of ideas, I had a specific one. I thought about my other stories from past (Digimon, Medabots, Teen Titans). How they had failed, and how I could make a new one, I thought back and realized why I had done so bad on them, it was because my mind was always addled with more ideas then I could write down, so I devised a plan. My newest interest being Naruto, I thought I might try my idea now.

I also need around 3 people to beta my upcoming chronicles, grammar and spelling correction person, continuation and story correction person, and flow person. I'll credit you in my stories if you do this, but don't contact me until I get a feel for my stories first. Also don't request beta in the reviews, e-mail me, or once I get an account on Heaven and Earth PM me.

It's based on the idea that I could make whole stories, and then just make another story after I finished with this story, because I always had too many ideas, so I thought why not just make a series into one fan fiction? And well… this is the fruit of my labor. Enjoy.

-Chapter 1-

Today had been like any other day in Konoha, the skies were bright, wary a single cloud in sight. The town was bustling with people, big and small, fast and slow, old and young. But it would have been any other day if Tsunade hadn't been so damn irritated. First to start of the day, she had accidentally tripped out of her bed, because she had gotten tangled up so bad in her sheets. Then she found out that the water system was down a bit ago but had just fixed it quickly, but there had been no hot water.

So freezing cold she dried her self off, in her office she sat down, and noticed that the IN box was precariously close to toppling all of those papers down, that she had to approve, and look over. What ticked her off the most, was an D class mission she was supposed to assign. Normally she would have stamped it quickly, after she had looked for a Genin team that was best suited for that job.

While scanning over the paper, she looked at it closely because for a D class paper, it had a very nice signature at the bottom, and a stamp of certification. Looking closer it seemed to smell very nice, so intoxicating in fact that she started to fall asleep on top of her desk. Only when she smacked her nose on the paper that she knew it was… very potent.

It was a simple protect mission, for cargo hold for a the minor villages scattered around the Leaf country. Scanning over the cargo hold, she spotted something that intrigued her. All of the other cargo seemed fine, Shurikens, Kunais, Armor, Cotton, the like. But the one thing that made her double take, was that it had a vial of a very potent aphrodisiac.

She then searched the sub-papers below the main page, looking through she found what she had been frantically looking for. The aphrodisiac, after reading the contents it was, almost shocking. She sat down with a very tired brow, this… this… item was at least going to bump the class up to an A class mission.

Because the aphrodisiac had drastic effects if the opposite sex of whoever smelt it had…


Sensual Viper Aphrodisiac

Grade S Strength

50 ML

Effects: Causes the opposite sex to become so irresistible attracted to the wearer, that it causes them to think they are in love with the wearer. Acts of lust have occurred during the duration of the effect. Use only in conditions when you wish to engage in intercourse with a specific person, in a closed environment. All people or the opposite sex within 500 yards of you will suddenly rush towards your location, so make sure you are far away besides the person you wish the effect to take. Apply 5 ML to your skin and rub until it's all gone, and then drink 5 ML of the substance for it to take effect.

Specific Effect: From the TangRou Co.: This is a S strength aphrodisiac, meaning that this will be the most potent aphrodisiac in the market to date, the ones at this level causes the opposite sex of the wearer to basically charge the wearer and then engage in intercourse, from past experiences some people have died from being mauled so badly from the act.

Side Effects: The aphrodisiac will also cause the person that loves the wearer the most to go temporarily insane, due to the high level of attraction to begin with. So it will usually make them buckle beneath their own weight, during this time their insanity try to get them as far away from the wearer as possible or else they will engage in the fray, if they are not the target of the wearer.

-End Letter

If this got in the hands of ANYBODY it would cause some serious damage, it would almost be as bad as Rock Lee downing 3 bottles of vodka. She mentally shuddered of the thought, from what Gai Maito told her, if he could level down a building with a cup of sake, then she did not want to know what would happen if he took that much.

She couldn't send a team of Genin with more then 1 girl on this mission, it would be suicide because the men would chase them down until the effects worse off, and she knew that men could be tempted very easily, especially by lust. But this was an A class mission, so she needed to send a team of Chuunin or a Jounin.

Looking over her list of available people, she realized that all the Jounin had been sent off on other various S class missions, even Kakashi was gone because of complications. She snorted, probably he was trying to find Jiraiya asking when the next release of his perverted "Come Come Paradise" would be out.

But she needed experience, looking over again, she found a lot of Chuunin she could choose from, but the one's with most experience were teaching currently, Iruka was out on a trip with his class so she could call him. That left… Sakura, she had come back with Naruto after their escapade of saving Gaara. They had succeeded but had come back with many wounds.

Sakura had drained most of chakra healing her own wounds, and stopping the poison from taking too much effect after fighting the puppet boy. Naruto was also in pretty bad shape, but due to his "Bloodline Limit" he had healed fairly quickly, considering he had 10 or so gashes in various parts of his body almost 6 inches long and an inch wide.

Then she thought since Naruto was here, she could pick him, even through he was a Genin that was due to technical difficulties, he had more experiences then probably half the Chuunin, 1 or 2 Jounin and had the same as the ANBU force. He was a force to be reckoned with. With Sakura there, she was sure that nothing would go wrong, as he had beaten Gaara, and nearly taken down Zabuza in his true Genin days.

Then it was settled, Sakura with Naruto helping her would be the ones to guide the cargo shipment into the next town, and that would be that and she would be scott free of this infernal A class mission. Quickly signing the team, and rubber-stamping her approval, she then looked over to the IN box. Gagging at the towering papers, she didn't know that it had taken her long to make a decision.

Hastily she put the document into the OUT box, then hastily started on her never ending paper work. Sighing she looked out of her window, it was such a nice day she thought, she should be outside… there was a new Casino opening in town, and she was itching to try it. With renewed enthusiasm, and the promise of gambling, she surged through her IN box, marking, assigning, and stamping.

The thought of the A class mission in the back of her mind.

-Sakura and Naruto-

"I've been assigned an A class mission!" A girl with pink hair, in leather boots exclaimed. The orange clad boy next to her managed a smile, before returning to his ramen bowl, attacking the noodles with his chopsticks. Looking over her mission statement again, she looked at it closely. "Doesn't seem too hard, only a routine protection for a pretty wealthy merchant", cheekily she tapped her friend's blond head.

"Slow down, your going to choke, and I'm not doingthe Hiemlich Manueveron you" she told him, with a bit of a smirk on her face, slowly down a bit, he bit off his strand of ramen and then wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. Then her emerald green eyes started intently into his ocean blue eyes for a bit, but it wavered and she was back in reality, after zoning out.

"Anyways, your supposed to help me on this mission for some reason" Sakura said, a bit offended. She was very capable of handling her self, ever since her training with Tsunade. She didn't need her clown here with her. Catching her own breath, she then reworded what she just said in her head. She didn't really thing that Naruto was her clown. But disregarded it as Naruto's bad influence.

"Really?" he asked surprised, his own blue eyes looking up from the ramen stand, his favorite place, Ichiraku Ramen. Most of his memories of eating anything was basically hear, he even had his own spot for him, and sometimes his friends when they came along. "So what do we do now?"

"Well the mission doesn't start until tomorrow, so lets stock up on a few things because it seems this is going to be at least 12 hours time," she lectured to her blond friend, who seemed to attack his ramen once again. Clenching her fist, she let out a frenzied scream as her fist came in contact with the side of his head.

Flying out of seat, he hit the floor, hard. Getting up again with a large bruise on the side of his head, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR SAKURA-CHAN!" He yelled with abandon. "You weren't listening to me," she had a matter-of-factly look on her face. "Yes I was, I heard you I was still hungry though," he replied, without looking at her face.

"Umhmm, ok then, what did I say?" she asked with her tone rising. "Mission… tomorrow… stock up… 12 hours," he said between mutters, and incoherent words. "Ok so you were listening" her voice softening a bit, regretting that she had just punched her friend for no reason. Glancing over he saw what effect he had on her, and instantly returned to his happy go lucky face.

Making sure he had a noodle on his cheek somewhere, he looked over to Sakura and simply said "It's ok Sakura-chan," as she looked up to meet his eyes, then looked over to the strand of noodle on his cheek. Her mouth, slightly starting to define into a smile. "What do I have something on my face?" Naruto asked, acting oblivious. "Naruto, you know you did that on purpose," she gasped now as she started to chuckle a bit.

"Do what?" he pushed it even further, causing her to start tearing from her small bouts of laughter. "Ok! Stop now before I stop breathing" tears of laughter falling freely down her eyes, "Good I thought you were gone for good this time," saying it with a bit of a happy tone in it, as he stuck out his tongue, and her returning her own tongue.

It may have sounded cliché, even silly. But whenever she was happy, he was happy, and he did all he could to give her that happiness she deserved. Leaving his money, and tip down he and Sakura got up and started walking down the street to the nearest stand that sold Shurikens as he was running low.

She could only guess why this mission was an A class mission. It should be a D or C class, nothing too serious. Shrugging off her doubts, she saw that Naruto had already walked far ahead of her, and raced to catch up. Both of them oblivious to the chaos that ensured the next morning.

-End Chapter 1-

Buwahahaha, I am evil, so very evil! I decided to keep this to 2000 words or so a chapter, it seemed best as I get messed up very bad with anything over 5000, and I needed a cliff-hanger. So you can expect more if you get good reviews. Also as to a few of the ideas that I got this from, was a digimon fanfic that was never completed, and to Naruto's acting I got from Harry Potter and Digimon fan fiction. Thank you to the first reviewer to see my problem. Your right you do the Hiemlich Manuever not CPR.

No I didn't plagerize, but I did base my ideas off them a bit. So hang in until chapter 2!