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I JUST HAD TO DO THIS! Ever since Kagura died, I've wanted to do this SO BAD. So here it is.

Sesshoumaru sniffed delicately, a myriad of flavors and messages settling onto his taste buds. He could sense Rin moving about behind him, her soft childish humming wafting to his sensitive ears. Ah-Un grunted deeply, its thick reptilian legs thumping the ground as it walked a little behind Rin. Sesshoumaru's ears picked up the harried steps of Jaken not a few steps behind him, finding it mildly annoying that Jaken was so close.

The wind picked up heavily as it blew through the field, seeming to skirt by Sesshoumaru and bend the grasses and flowers to its will.

He sniffed yet again.

He could taste Kagura on the wind. It had been like that since her demise not that long ago.

She had smiled.

The breeze blew through again, causing an outburst from Jaken.

"My Lord! The wind has been ridiculous as of late. Do you suppose a storm is brewing?"

Sesshoumaru stopped walking, hearing Rin laugh as the wind picked up once more and blew without a care through the field.


This Sesshoumaru didn't allow his heart to feel. Kagura had meant nothing to him.

The wind knew it was a boldfaced lie and blew through him, his clothes billowing as a coil of air slammed into him. His undergarments were pushed aside as the wind felt its way over his skin before bursting out of his clothing.

This Sesshoumaru knew.

"Kagura. You might be the free wind but that does not permit you to feel this Sesshoumaru up."

The wind died down, a few playful breezes tousled his hair before blowing regularly.

Jaken stared at Sesshoumaru. He knew his master had said something but it had been snatched in the wind. Now that the breeze was gone, Jaken wanted to know what his master had spoken. Before he could inquire, however, Sesshoumaru continued walking as though he had said nothing at all.

An imperious feeling filled Jaken.

"Come, you! Sesshoumaru-sama is leaving!" Jaken yelled behind him, only to find Rin and Ah-Un missing. Jerking to his front, Jaken saw Rin walking steadily behind Sesshoumaru, her humming carried away by the small breeze that carried itself through the field.

As Jaken ran to catch up, yelling out his pleas, Sesshoumaru closed his eyes as a tiny wind blew across his lips.

A breeze of a kiss never given.